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Ranch Hand Operation, spraying of more than 18 million gallons of 'Agent Orange' and other herbicides from UC-123s over South-Vietnam, 1962-1971
Rapid Road Project, [...]
Rapid Roger An Air Force field test exercise to increase the number of F-4C aircraft sorties in Vietnam.
Razor Sharp ?
Reach Back Communications System for sending U-2S Intelligence Data from an OL to Beale AFB, CA, to Fort Meade, MD, and back to theater commanders "in 10 minutes or less"
Readiness Challenge 'Excercise', biennial Air Force Civil Engineer, Services and Chaplain Service combat and contingency skills competition (RC VII: at Tyndall AFB, FL, 04/29/2000 - 05/05/2000, cancelled 1999)
Ready Eagle An Air Force operation in which a combat flying unit overseas converted to a new aircraft without standing down operationally. Three squadrons of F-15s plus aircrews and maintenance personnel were delivered to Bitburg Air Base, Germany.
Realign Project, [...]
Recce Strike Project, NKC-135A, [...]
Red Baron Air Force study of air-to-air combat, using an XQM-103 RPV.
Red Cloud A classified Army Electronics Command electronic warfare receiving system.
Red E A classified program of the Naval Sea Systems Command. AACI Inc. is performing technical and management service assistance.
Red Flag Excercise, ACC (was TAC), Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground, also against Aggressors, multiple every year, several days/weeks, Nellis AFB, NV
Red Max Alpha A three-day Air Force exercise designed to evaluate F-16 aircrews, aircraft, support personnel, and flying and maintenance operations in a wartime environment.
Red Mill Name given project under which Raytheon developed the forward-scatter and surveillance system for the USAF 440L Over-The-Horizon Radar.
Red Sparrow The Naval Air Engineering Center/Philadelphia awarded a contract to Vitro Corp. of America/ Silver Spring, MD, in 1971 for technical and analytical support for the RED SPARROW depot maintenance and test program. Under it the Navy selects a group of Sparrow missiles and follows the group from manufacturer through the various stages of production, inventory and usage, checking on test procedures used to uncover deficiencies in the weapon.
Red Train An Army project under the Army Communications-Electronics Command.
Retract Elm USN tactical RDT&E program
Retract Juniper USN tactical RDT&E program
Retract Maple USN tactical RDT&E program
Retract Silver Classified Navy program.
Rhyolite ELINT satellite, renamed to Aquacade
Rhythm Dancer A coordination action plan, cancelled.
RIMPAC Excercise, biannual, joint maritime, RIMPAC 2000: 50+ ships, 200+ aircraft from USAF/USN, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Korea, UK
Ring Tail An Air Force fragmentation bomblet designated BLU-49/B.
Ritzy Pix A USAF film clip program.
Rivet Ace Update of B-52G/Hs (ECP2519), aka Phase VI ECM Defensive Avionics System, including: AN/ALR-20A, AAN/ALQ-46(V), AN/ALQ-117, AN/ALQ-122, AN/ALQ-153, AN/ALT-28, AN/ALT-16, AN/ALT-32H, AN/ALT-32T, 12 AN/ALE-20, and 8 AN/ALE-24; possibly also AN/ALQ-127, QRC-496, QRC-515; 1971-1980+
Rivet Alike Standardized wiring of F/RF aircraft.
Rivet Amber was Lisa Ann, 1 RC-135E '62-4137', 01/1967-06/05/1969 (disappeared), modified under Big Safari
Rivet Ball was Wanda Belle, 1 RC-135S '59-1491', 01/1967-03/10/1969 (w/o after crash), modified under Big Safari
Rivet Bat Updating of analogue ECM systems on strike/non-strike aircraft; AN/ALR-46
Rivet Blast Emergency Southeast Asia communications and electronics meteorological requirements for the 7th Air Force, cancelled.
Rivet Brass was Office Boy, 3 RC-135D, '60-0356' 'Rivet Brass 2', '60-0357' 'Rivet Brass 1', '60-0362' 'Rivet Brass 3', 01/1967-1976, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Bright An Air Force corrosion prevention and control program, cancelled.
Rivet Bush II Modification of a DC-130E aircraft.
Rivet Card (see Rivet Cord)
Rivet Charge A program to improve the operational availability of the Univac 1050-11 base supply computer.
Rivet Clamp part of Combat Talon, 17 Skyhook C-130E-I, later 14 plus 1 additional to MC-130E-C (inofficial also C-130H(CT), EC-130E, HC-130E), '64-0508', '64-0523', '64-0547', '64-0551', '64-0555', '64-0558', '64-0559', '64-0561', '64-0562', '64-0563', '64-0566', '64-0567', '64-0568', special operations aircraft with Fulton STARS, 1970-1976, to Combat Talon I
Rivet Cloud A logistics program supporting emergency Southeast Asia communication electronics meteorological data, cancelled.
Rivet Cold A jet engine management study task group, cancelled.
Rivet Cord 6 RC-135M '64-4131', '64-4132', '64-4134', '64-4135', '64-4138', '64-4139', 1967-1980, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Crown Recovery of Military Assistance Program/ U.K. GCA equipment, cancelled.
Rivet Dandy 1 RC-135T '55-3121', 05/1971-07/1973, 1 KC-135R '58-0126', 07/1973-01/1976
Rivet Digger 3 NC-135A '60-0369', '60-0370', '60-0371', quick-response airborne diagnostic airplanes to verify NTBT, 1964-1970s, converted by GD under Big Safari
Rivet Digit An organic maintenance capability for a Univac 1050 II computer in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Rivet Doctor A special mission of the Tactical Air Command involving C-130E aircraft.
Rivet Duke A special purpose C-130E program.
Rivet Eagle A special modification to RF-4C Pacific Air Force aircraft.
Rivet Fire 12+ EC-130H(CC) Compass Call, modifications for C3CM
Rivet Flare A C-97 training aircraft for the Pacific Air Command.
Rivet Giant A special mission C-97 Pacific Air Force aircraft.
Rivet Grip A maintenance management concepts and procedures review, cancelled.
Rivet Guide A total maintenance concept study.
Rivet Gun Air Force program for the repair and return of battle-damaged aircraft to the active inventory.
Rivet Gym A modification to the C-121 aircraft.
Rivet Gyro A team of Air Force technicians working to find solutions to the problems of high cost and low reliability of aircraft inertial navigation systems. Specifically involved a modification to the F-4D/E AN/ASN-63 inertial navigation system.
Rivet Gyro II An improvement to the F-111 AN/AJQ-20A inertial navigation set.
Rivet Hammer A report of ground CEM equipment status.
Rivet Haste An Air Force project designed to improve the air-to-air capability of the F-4D and F-4E. The program was cancelled but new reports link the Air Force and Hazeltine/Greenlawn, NY to further avionics activity.
Rivet Hawk An Air Force modification program related to the LGM-30 (and/or LGM-25) USGS (Universal Space Guidance System).
Rivet Hook A C-123 modification program.
Rivet Jaws also Cobra Jaws/Busted Jaw/Rivet Jaw, 1 KC-135T '55-3121', 03/1969-05/1971, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Joint Collection of radiation & communications intelligence; RC-135V; QRC-259 AEELS (Automatic Elint Emitter Location System)
Rivet Joint (I) RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari; includes QRC-259 AEELS (Automatic Elint Emitter Location System)
Rivet Joint II RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Joint III RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Joint III+ RC-135V, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Joint IV RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Joint V RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Joint VI/6C RC-135V, 1974+, and RC-135W, 1980+, modified under Big Safari
Rivet King An Air Force project to modify Boeing VC-135B transports.
Rivet Lock A special 7th Air Force mission involving the RB-57E aircraft, cancelled.
Rivet Measure Airborne gravity measurement system of the Air Force.
Rivet Mile Minuteman Integrated Life Extension
Rivet Mill An H-34 helicopter conversion program, cancelled.
Rivet Mold A DH-3C modification program, cancelled.
Rivet Pacer/Racer Improvement of ECM systems & engines in RB-66B/E
Rivet Picture TV display used by the Air Force F-4D aircraft firing the Walleye, cancelled.
Rivet Plank A B-52D/F wing structural modification, cancelled.
Rivet Quick 2 KC-135R (I) (or RC-135M?) '58-0126', '59-1514', 06/1969-1973, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Racer Improved ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) equipment and engines for the RB-66 aircraft, cancelled.
Rivet Rally An Air Force project designed to centralize base-level maintenance organizations in the Air Force.
Rivet Rambler Update of B-52Ds (and B-52Gs), aka Phase V ECM fit, including: AN/ALR-18, AN/ALR-20, AN/ALT-6B OR AN/ALT-22, 2 AN/ALT-16, 2 AN/ALT-32H, AN/ALT-32L, AN/APR-25, 6 AN/ALE-20, 8 AN/ALE-24, some B-52Gs also with AN/ALE-25 or with AN/ALQ-119(V), 1967-1969
Rivet Rap A modification of RB-57F for NASA.
Rivet Ready Improvements in munitions loading management.
Rivet Redskin Improved side-looking radar for RF-4C reconnaissance aircraft.
Rivet Rider 4 EC-130E(RR) '63-7773', '63-7783', '63-7869', '63-9817', psyops, all to WWCTV, C3CM aircraft
Rivet Save Reduction of manpower in ICBM launch control facilities
Rivet Stand was Speed Light, also Garlic Salt and Briar Patch, 3 KC-135A '55-3121', '59-1465', '59-1514', all 1967 to KC-135R (I), 1964-12/1969, modified under Big Safari
Rivet Star Combat reporting posts for India, cancelled.
Rivet Start A program to improve reliability test methods.
Rivet Stem Special mission C-97 USAFE aircraft.
Rivet Stock Special mission C-97 USAFE aircraft.
Rivet Swap Part of Combat Talon, 2 NC-130E, redesignated MC-130E-S '64-0571', '64-0572', special operations aircraft for ELINT missions
Rivet Switch Ground communications improvements, using AN/GRC-168, CU-2274/GR, O-1701/GR
Rivet Tide A special mission C-130B program.
Rivet Top EC-121; automatic relay of unattended ground sensors
Rivet Trim ECM equipment for AC-130(?)
Rivet Victor (I) 11+ C-130A-II, COMINT/ELINT, 1957-1973, modified under Big Safari ?
Rivet Victor II 13+ C-130B-II, COMINT/ELINT, to RC-130B, 1959-1981, modified under Big Safari ?
Rivet Wagon Modification of twelve C-130 aircraft with an airborne warning capability, cancelled.
Rivet Yank was Rivet Yard I, part of Combat Talon, 4 MC-130E-Y '62-1843', '63-7785', '64-0564', '64-0565', special operations aircraft, 10/1972-today
Rivet Yard (I) was Thin Slice, part of Combat Talon, 4 C-130E-CT '62-1843', '63-7785', '64-0564', '64-0565', special operations aircraft, 1966-10/1972, to Rivet Yank
Rivet Yard II ?
Road Runner An Army laser system designed to destroy night vision devices and other sensors.
Rolling Thunder Operation/Campaign, bombing attacks on North Vietnamese targets, started: 03/02/1965, limited to southern North Vietnam: 04/01/1968, halted: 11/01/1968; Losses: 531 aircraft destroyed, 547 airmen KIA, POW, or MIA
Roman Shield New name of PROJECT DRAWSTRING real time intelligence relay system. Roman Shield will use large scale computer centers to analyze direction-finding signals tracking aircraft, missiles, and ships around the world. Two or more direction finding fixes off electronic signals emitted from the vehicles will be calculated to pinpoint the location in real time.
Rough & Ready 2000 Excercise, PfP, Joint Disaster Relief, USA (CA ANG and CA ARNG), Ukraine (military and civilian emergency response teams), 05/2000 obervers from: Greece, Japan, Belarus, India, Russia), in Kharkov, Ukraine
Round Up Operation, [...]
Roving Bear Identified as a search lock receiver under development for the Army by Sylvania.
Roving Sands Excercise, Joint-Service, (Theater) Air (and Missile) Defense (2000: 06/13-23/2000: at JTF HQ, Suffolk, VA, Ft. Bliss, TX, Nellis AFB, NV, NAS Norfolk VA, AEGIS TRC Dahlgren, VA; participants: USAF 8th AF, US Army, USMC, USN, RAF, RCAF RNethAF, Luftwaffe, observers from Turkey
Royal Knight One of a series of regularly-scheduled NATO training exercises designed to test the readiness and effectiveness of the NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic to provide support to the Allied Command Europe.
Ruralist [...]
Rusty Bolt A project under the Naval Research Laboratory.

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