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Mad Bomber An Army weapons system used on helicopters that dumps mortar shells and fragmentation bombs on enemy positions by tilting a trough.
Mad Dash A signal collection effort and data link study by Naval Air Systems Command, involving Engineering Research Associates/Arlington, VA.
Project Magnet Program associated with NK-121K electronic warfare test aircraft
Magnum ELINT satellite
Magnus Rotor A basic research project sponsored by the Army Research Office/Durham, NC.
Main Event A joint Army, Navy, Air Force test to determine by simulation the effects of nuclear blast on weapons, materials, ground shock and buildings.
Manta Operation, [...]
Maple Flag Exercise, multi-national, annual, located at Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, north of Edmondton, Canada, lasts six weeks (1997-1999 ?, 2000: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, 05/15(?)/2000 - 06/2000)
March Hare Training and logistics portions of Iran's Ibex ground-based electronic intelligence system.
Market Time Operation, US Navy anti-infiltration patrols, Vietnam
Maroon Shield An RCA/National Security Agency intelligence data network, once called "Drawstring." Some data would be relayed via satellite, but regular ground terminals and the Defense Satellite Communication System network would also be used.
Maroon Spur A highly classified Army electronics program. Harris/Melbourne, FL received a $3 million FY76 contract.
Med Flag Exercise, medical, annual ?, MF 2000 in Garoua, Cameroon
Mediterranean Candy OpOrd, see Burning Candy
Merla [...]
Meridian USAF, classified strategic nuclear RDT&E program
Meteor Burst [...]
Middle Gust An Air Force test conducted at Crowley, CO involving a simulated nuclear overblast of a Minuteman silo.
Mighty Express Operation, SAC KC-135s supporing B-52s, 01/1991-05/1991
Mill Race A Defense Nuclear Agency test. It will subject the Multiple Launch Rocket System, the M-1 tank and the Patriot and Pershing missiles to an airblast simulating a one-kiloton nuclear explosion.
Mill Run A Defense Supply Agency program set up to stockpile TTL (transistor-transistor logic) circuits for future military and other government programs.
Millennium Challenge Experiment, MC 2000, JFCOM, various sites, Summer 2000
Mine Throw A series of tests conducted by the Defense Nuclear Agency using small conventional charges to simulate the blast effects of nuclear weapons.
Miners Iron A Defense Nuclear Agency underground test which was scheduled for March 1980, with experiments on hardened structures and command, control and communications components to be fielded in this test.
Ming Blade FY 1974 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
Minute Steak A series of classified nuclear tests conducted by the Army.
Misers Bluff Defense Nuclear Agency tests to determine the near simultaneous blast effects on the MX buried trench and multiple aim point basing concepts.
Miss Nancy FY 1973 Department of Defense underground nuclear weapons effects test.
Misty North A research and development program for which Perkin-Elmer/South Wilton, CT, and Lockheed received awards from Space and Missile Systems Organization and Defense Nuclear Agency.
Mobile Baker Operation, [...]
Moby Dick Free-floating balloons fitted with high-altitude optical cameras, 1947
Moon Bounce A Navy ship-to-shore communication system utilizing a moon relay.
Moon Dust Coordination of information on decay and deorbit of space debris; included recovery of surviving debris
Muscle Shoals One of the original "automated battlefield" concepts used in Southeast Asia. The tri-service effort relied on combined ground and air activity, sensors and emplaced anti-personnel weapons to detect and combat enemy infiltration. (See Igloo White).
Muscle Trunk An Army Electronics Command in support of the DSCS II upgrade.
Music Blue OpOrd for RC-135S Nancy Rae, RC-135E Lisa Ann, and RC-135S Wanda Belle / Rivet Ball missions, 1963-1967+
Musketeer Gwen A Naval Air Development Center program, involving Westinghouse and Scope Electronics.
Mystic Link A secure, jam resistant Digital Information Distribution System for use in a tactical combat environment (Air Force).
Mystic Mission An exercise by 30 US companies to demonstrate to NATO representatives the troop detection and Loran position fixing equipment that was being used in Southeast Asia.
Mystic Star An Air Force high frequency air/ground communications system at various U.S. and overseas locations.

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