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Daguet Operation, [...]
Dancing Dolls Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency project, also known as NIGHT LIFE, which developed Low Light Level TV systems with a laser illuminator as part of the Army's overall night reconnaissance and surveillance program.
Dark Eagle A DARPA project to provide support for operational units in finding targets at night.
Dart ?
Decisive Edge Operation, Bosnia, including F-15Es of 494th FS, 1995
Deck Roof A project of the National Security Agency executed by Honeywell Aerospace, involving automated technical control using computerized monitoring of communication networks for fault
Deep Dish Naval Ordnance Lab project including unmanned, deep-sea diving assemblies capable of taking tons of equipment to the bottom of the sea and returning after a pre-set time with recorded data.
Deep Dunk A surface signal processing computer for use by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.
Deep Freeze A Naval operation in Antarctica.
Deep Furrow Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Deep Hole An Air Force project to measure earth strain readjustment. ADL is one contractor.
Deep Jeep A two-man oceanographic research vehicle built by the Naval Ordnance Test Station which can operate at depths of 2,000 feet for four to six hours. Operated by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.
Deep Julie A program conducted by the Naval Ordnance Laboratory/White Oak. Operations Research Inc. performed analysis studies.
Deep Look A submarine/surface ship self-protection system using laser technology to extend range and reliability of underwater laser ranging.
Deep Ocean NASA/Goddard procured four DEEP OCEAN radio frequency recovery buoys from Benthos/ North Falmouth, MA in December 1970.
Deep Quest Lockheed-built submarine for oceanographic research and search and rescue operations. Capable of operating at 8,000 ft. for 48 hours; four-man crew.
Deep View A Navy project tested at the Southwest Research Institute consisting of a six foot-long steel cylinder with glass hemispheres at each end. Due to the way the hemispheres bend light, almost a 360-degree view is possible from either end.
Deep Well Component of EP-3E Aries program
Deliberate Guard Operation, air component of Joint Guard, 1997-1998
Deny Flight Operation, enforcement of no-fly zone over Bosnia, 199.-1997, to Joint Guard/Deliberate Guard
Desert Fox Operation, B-52 strikes against Iraq, 1990s
Desert Shield Operation, deployment of troops to Middle East, 08/1990
Desert Storm Operation, attack against Iraq to free Kuwait, 1990/1991
Desert Strike Excercise, joint Army, USAF, 05/1964
Desert Thunder Operation, planned against Iraq, but not executed, 03/1998
Determined Falcon Operation, (Excercise), part of Joint Guard/Deliberate Guard, airpower projection to stop violence in Kosovo region of Yugoslavia, over Albania and FYROM, 15+ miles from border, 06/15/1998 (comprising 68 fighter and 17 tanker and reconnaissance aircraft from 13 NATO contries, launching from 15 airbases in 6 countries - United Kingdom, Germany, France, Holland, Italy and Greece)
Diablo Hawk A 1978 underground test by the Defense Nuclear Agency to include hardness evaluations of some major weapons systems and many technology experiments relating to System Generated Electromagnetic Pulse effects and EMP.
Dial Pack Program for a series of blast and shock experiments conducted by scientific teams from the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.
Diamond Dust A DARPA project which dealt with nuclear explosions underground.
Diamond Ore A major research program to provide the Army with accurate data on cratering prediction methods when using high explosives.
Diamond Sculls FY 1973 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
Dice Game [...]
Dice Throw A high explosive field test program to simulate the effects of nuclear weapons on a large array of experimental test items.
Dido Queen FY 1973 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
Die Tool FY 1974 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
Dinar NSA, classified SIGINT program
Dining Car A classified experimental system being developed by Lockheed Missiles & Space Company for the Defense Nuclear Agency.
"Disco Light" IR jammer for AH-64, probably just nick name
Distant Frontier Excercise, Alaska, 06/1998
Distant Plain High explosive test series, non-nuclear, conducted in 1966/67 under a joint U.S./Canada/U.K. program of blast and shock experiments. A related series of tests included DISK SAILS (surface/subsurface) and DISTANT WATER (underwater).
Distant Runner A White Sands Missile Range project to test the ability of third-generation aircraft shelters to withstand attack by missiles and other explosive weapons.
Dive Under A joint Navy/DNA program to develop and construct a large shock platform for simulation of nuclear weaponry on ships. It is a follow-on to Sailor Hat.
Dixie Cup A Ford Aerospace & Communications development of a ballistic missile penetration aid in the form of a metallic re-entry vehicle-shaped decoy that would radiate electronic jamming signals before the ICBM enters the earth's atmosphere. Development conducted under the Air Force's Advanced Ballistic Re-entry Systems program.
Dolly Varden A type of submarine dome.
Dominic [...]
Dominic You [...]
Doris Beartrap A modular acoustic processing system. A Naval Air Development Center project involving Interstate Electronics/Anaheim.
Double Alpha The system (AN/ALQ-141) is a towed body to perform surveillance and/or sweep missions against known new concept enemy mine mechanisms that pose a significant threat to FBM-type submarines.
Double Eagle See IGLOO WHITE.
Double Steal Command and control system for security service aircraft and part of the Air Force's 483L Digital Communications System.
Dover Devil A heavy general-purpose machine gun being developed by the US Army Research and Development Command to replace the 1917-vintage .50 caliber Browning as an anti-personnel, anti-light armor and anti-aircraft infantry weapon.
Dragon Team 4-80 An Army-Air Force exercise to demonstrate the strategic potential of the Rapid Deployment Force by airlifting 2,374 paratroopers from Pope AFB, NC, and dropping them in a single pass at Eglin AFB, FL.
Draw ?
Drip Operation, [...]
Druid Grove A classified Army program involving evaluation of foreign components, in the FY75 RDT&E budget.
Duck Hook part of Combat Spear, OpOrd for special oprations C-123, 1965-1972
Duel Blade An early name for the Vietnam "electronic fence" which evolved into the Automated Battlefield concept involving battlefield surveillance sensors and associated munitions. It was the Army portion of the remote sensor network. Other related programs are PRACTICE NINE, IGLOO WHITE and DOUBLE EAGLE.
Dust Hardness A modification improvement to Minuteman III approved for service use in 1972.

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