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Babylift Operation, Evacuation of orphans from South Vietnam, 1972
Back Porch Tropospheric scatter communications system installed in Vietnam and linked with U.S. forces in Thailand.
Back Road Operation, 27 B-52F strike on Laos, 02/27/1966
Bald Eagle USAF counterpart to CIA's Aquatone; big-wing B-57 Canberra, became RB-57D
Ball Buoy The AN/SSQ-51/52-XN1 sonobuoy developed by Sanders for the Navy.
Baltic Candy OpOrd, see Burning Candy
Baltic Challenge Exercise, joint air/land/sea, NATO and PFP, annual, BC `98: Lithuania, 07/09/1998-07/19/1998
Balikatan 2000 Exercise, joint with Philippines, including HH-60G from 33rd RQS and MC-130H from 353rd SOG, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, C-130s from 36th AS, Yokota AB, Japan, etc.
"Balikatan" is Philippino for "shouldering the load together", Phase I: 01/31/2000 - 02/06/2000, Phase II: 02/21/2000 - 03/13+/2000)
Bamboo Tree An Air Force communications/direction project (Air Access Berlin) involving the AN/GPA-98 Course Directing Radar Set; the AN/GRC-115 Radio Set; the AN/MPQ-T2 Bomb Scoring Range-Radar Trainer, the MPQ-41, and the ARQ-23.
Bare Base An Air Force Systems Command program to equip and logistically support the moving of a tactical unit from its home air base to a bare base site on short notice and function under combat conditions within hours of arrival. The concept calls for a complete self-contained package able to set up and support wartime tactical aircraft missions for up to six months without equipment replacement other than war consumables, spares and aircraft.
Barrel Roll OpOrd for daylight attack missions over Laos, 03/03/1965-1970+
Battle King Cannon Launched Guided Projectile (CLGP) loading and handling tests.
Beach Comber A version of the Assault Breaker laser-guided missile.
Beach Jumper A project funded under the heading "Navy Cover and Deception Program" in the FY75 Navy RDT&E budget. Related is the STADD program.
Beartrap USN, classified anti-submarine aircraft program
Bernie USAF, classified intellgence program
Best Ball Operation [...]
Best Hit The Allied Forces Southern Europe Fighter Weapons Meet held in July 1971 at Eskisehir near Ankara which brought together teams of Air Force pilots from Italy, Turkey and Greece.
Beverly Morning PACAF (?) Exercise, monthly (?), joint, mobility, 98-05: at Kadena AB, 05/1998
Big Bear A classified Elint program, probably run by the Air Force, involving Sylvania and using spectrum analysis.
Big Belly Conversion program to enlarge conventional bomb load of B-52Ds, 12/1965-
Big Bill An Army Missile Command effort to employ a multiple warhead on an anti-tank weapon using optical guidance or pilot control.
Big Bird The first of the reconnaissance satellites designed to perform both the search-and-find and close-look functions that previously required the use of separate spacecraft.
Big Crow NKC-135A/E '55-3132', Airborne Electronic Warfare Laboratory, used for ECM testing, 1973+
Big Daddy NKC-135A '55-3134' (might be nick name), participated in "Starfish" nuclear tests, 1962
Big Ear Army Missile Command awarded Zenith Radio Corp./Menlo Park, CA a contract in December 1970 for rehabilitation of the BIG EAR system.
Big Eye BLU-80/B, A joint Navy-Air Force program to develop a free-fall binary chemical dispenser.
Big Four 'Mod 1000', B-52A/C/D/E/F/G/H modification program for low-altitude operations, 1959-1963
Big Lamps A Navy program to modify 11 SH-3G aircraft into an SH-3H configuration. This helicopter would supplement the smaller HH-2D light airborne multi-purpose system (LAMPS).
Big Lift [...]
Big Look Designation of Navy EC-121 aircraft used to monitor North Vietnamese surface-to-air missile activity. An upgrading program, known as Big Look Improvement Program (BLIP), was also undertaken. Under BLIP, the RP-3D aircraft were to be fitted with an electromagnetic intelligence-gathering capability.
Big Look Component of EP-3E Aries program
Big Mother An Air Force Quick Reaction Capability program (QRC-362) for a stand-off jammer known as SPASM, to be used on EC-130 aircraft. Known officially as the Land-based Multi-purpose Naval Aircraft (LMNA).
Big Rally A crash program which furnished troposcatter communications links from northern Italy into the Turkish tropo system as part of the 486L Mediterranean Communications (MEDCOM) system.
Big Safari Conversion program for rapid fielding of various specially modified C-130, C-135, RPVs, and other aircraft, 1950s-today
Big Squirt A broadcast station operated by Voice of America just below the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Vietnam and built by Page Communications.
Big Stick A new Navy bomb-carrying canister for use on A-4, A-6 and A-7 attack aircraft.
Big Team Conversion program for rapid fielding of specially modified C-135 and other aircraft, 1967+
Bird Buffer Air Force computers at the Satellite Test Center at Sunnyvale, CA.
Black Beauty Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Black Cat Infrared horizon sensor system for satellites developed by General Electric for the Air Force.
Black Colt smaller version of Black Horse TAV
Black Crow Equipment to detect the ignition systems of piston engines. Fitted to AC-130 gunships
Black Dome A classified program conducted by Sylvania for the Army's Electronics Command.
Black Eye An Air Force Space and Missile Systems Organization study of techniques for disabling sensors aboard hostile satellites. Use of optical masers considered.
Black Fly A sailwing RPV (remotely piloted vehicle) developed by Fairchild Industries for flight tests under DARPA's RPV evaluation program.
Black Fox An emergency airborne communications system for long-range link between defense centers through a 14,000-foot wire antenna trailed behind an EC-135 aircraft. Originally developed by Sylvania, Collins now manufactures the antenna as part of the Westinghouse-produced AN/ARC-96 Low Frequency Airborne Radio Set which is incorporated into the Air Force's overall 487M Special Purpose Communications Program (SPCP).
Black Furry III The third joint-service exercise to test the U.S. Southern Command's ability to defend the Panama Canal.
Black Hawk Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Black Hawk Supposedly cryptographic equipment for which Honeywell received contract from Army; classified. May be tied in with RED EAGLE and RED FOX.
Black Hole A Hughes-developed infra-red suppression system originally developed for the YAH-64 helicopter and now scheduled for use in the Navy’s Bell AH-1J and AH-1T twin engine helicopters.
Black Horse USAF study for HC-fueled air-refuelable TAV
Black Jack An air-to-surface version of the air-to-air Genie rocket which, after testing, was cancelled by the Air Force.
Black Knight Program to build (the first six Group A) RB-57D-1 ('53-3977' - '53-3982'), 1954-1956
Black Light ARPA, classified RDT&E program
Black Spot Conversion of two C-123K ('54-691' and '54-698') to NC-123K (AC-123K) night interdiction / reconnaissance missions
Black Star Joint Chiefs of Staff coordinated exercise.
Black Velvet U-2/TR-1 special radar absorbing, black paint
Blind Bat OpOrd for C-130A '56-0477', '56-0533', plus otheres, flying flareship missions over Laos, 1965-1970+
Blow Hole Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency effort connected with target location and identification.
Blue Air An Army Missile R&D Command analysis subroutine involving TRW.
Blue Ax A 10-day Marine Corps training exercise conducted at Camp Lejeune, NC in January, 1972.
Blue Band First conversion program to fix B-52B/C/D fuel leaks, see also Hard Shell and Quickclip, 09/1957
Blue Baron An independent Navy evaluation of the joint Air Force/Navy AIMVAL/ACEVAL tests which evaluate the merits of competing air-to-air missile concepts.
Blue Bird RC-135C, ELINT
Blue Book Air Force Office of Scientific Research project, now completed, to analyze phenomena associated with Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings and to make recommendations on methods of investigation and evaluating UFO reports.
Blue Eagle EC-135J, ABNCP
Blue Fish A classified project of the Army Mobility Equipment R&D Command.
Blue Flag Exercise, simulated, theater-wide operations, for leader ship, annual (?), first 1976, 04/2000: Barksdale AFB, LA, 8th AF
Blue Force A Navy program under the Naval Electronic Systems Command.
Blue Fox Modification of the AN/FPS-80 tracking radar to the AN/FPS-80(M) configuration. Shemya, AK, 1964.
Blue Gill [...]
Blue Green Joint US/UK weapon developments.
Blue Knight Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Blue Mail A classified Navy program dealing with CONUS defense. The effort entails studies of ASW against missile-carrying submarines; characteristics of the Soviet YANKEE-class submarine, and SS-N-6 and SS-NX-5 missiles; as well as possible NAVAIR concept formulation.
Blue Nine Project which produced the AN/FPS-79 Tracking Radar Set built by General Electric, used with the 466L Electromagnetic Intelligence System (ELINT); Air Force.
Blue Pearl A modernized version of the AN/FPS-80 Tracking Radar Set built by General Electric for the Air Force.
Blue Sky OpOrd for voice-intercept missions over Laos by SC-47s (?), 1 lost 03/23/1961 over Laos
Blue Spike A Naval detector system, details classified.
Blue Spot A Westinghouse experimental sensor payload for the Lockheed mini-RPV called “Skyeye.” The payload will supply TV camera surveillance, line-of-sight, laser target designator and range finder.
Blue Springs AQM-34 drone operations of 4028th RS/4080th SRW in Vietnam, Ryan 147 reconnaissance RPVs
Blue Straw See Blue Eagle.
Bluff Blinker The Naval Regional Procurement Office, Los Angeles, awarded a contract to Tasker Industries for work on this project.
Bob Cat A guided 500-pound bomb in development at Naval Ordnance Laboratory, Corona.
Bold Eagle An Army Security Agency project. Also involves Air Force Electronic Systems Division.
Bold Shot A Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise.
Bold Venture CTF, seems to control 'Exercise New Horizons 2000'
Bonus Deal A Strategic Air Command project to identify directed bombing.
Bosphorus Express Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise. BRAVE CREW 74 - A joint Army/Air Force training exercise conducted at Fort Hood, Texas in June 1974.
Briar Patch CIA-sponsord sub-version of Rivet Stand, KC-135A / KC-135R (I) '55-3121', '59-1465', modified for ELINT missions, 1967/1969 ?, modified under Big Safari
Brick Bat A top priority that gives defense contractors precedence over other commercial companies in obtaining critical materials.
Bright Light A Navy operation to rescue American prisoners of war in Vietnam.
Bright Star Exercise, joint with 11 nations, including Jordan, and 26 observers, 10/1999
Brilliant Buzzard suspected 2STO launcher/XB-70 like aircraft, maybe aka Blue Eyes
Brilliant Eyes SDIO, Space-based Laser/Recon
Brillant Pebbles SDIO, Space-based Laser/Recon
Brim Fire A Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise.
Bubble Dancer OpOrd for U-2, world-wide U-2 weather sampling operations
Bubble Foam A Strategic Air Command track from Rock Springs, Wyoming to O'Neill, Nebraska.
Bubble Game A Strategic Air Command refueling Area 1.
Bubble Inn A Strategic Air Command post strike refueling area 1.
Bubble Over A Strategic Air Command project effective in the early 1970s.
Bubble Soap A Strategic Air Command Far East Route initiated in May 1967.
Bubbly Light A Strategic Air Command track from Seattle, Washington to McCall, Idaho.
Buck Arena A Strategic Air Command track from St. Louis/to Lafayette, IN.
Buck Plate A BMEWS monitor route compulsory reporting point within the Strategic Air Command.
Bucket Seat A Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Bucking Bull A post strike refueling area within the Strategic Air Command.
Buff Strike 2000 'Joint Training Iinitiative', for B-52s (2nd BW, 5th BW, and 917th WG) as well as E-3s, E-8s, and RC-135s
Buffalo Horn A Strategic Air Command disaster to base and higher headquarters signal initiated in August 1967.
Buffalo Hunter OpOrd (?) for AQM-34L/M low-altitude RPVs, 1969-1975
Bug Bomb A Strategic Air Command Spanish Atlantic Refueling Track.
Bug Nest A Strategic Air Command snow time refueling area.
Bug Spray A Strategic Air Command project initiated in May 1967.
Buggs Out A Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of ECM equipment on T-29 aircraft.
Buggy Fox Strategic Air Command refueling area No. 12.
Buggy Ride A Strategic Air Command alert force launch from a single base.
Bugle Call An Air Force radio in support of the Strategic Air Command.
Bugle Note Emergency operations of B52 aircraft in Southeast Asia.
Bugle Rag Strategic Air Command reconnaissance photos from U-2 aircraft for updating RBS site chart production.
Bugle Song Strategic Air Command air refueling Area 7.
Bugle Tone A Strategic Air Command south route compulsory reporting point.
Bugle Trim Strategic Air Command refueling track on the Southeast Asia route.
Bulk Load A Strategic Air Command and Air Force refueling track.
Bull Creek Strategic Air Command Logistic Survey and Support Activities.
Bull Market A Strategic Air Command Civil Engineer Conference.
Bull Pasture A Strategic Air Command refueling Area 17.
Bullet Blitz The operational test and evaluation of the SRAM missile.
Bullet Case Strategic Air Command air refueling Area 8.
Bullet Pass A Strategic Air Command operational test & evaluation of B-52 fire control system.
Bullet Shot (I) Deployment of 29 B-52s to Andersen AFB, and 10 KC-135s to Kadena AB, 02/08/1972
Bullet Shot II Deployment of 6 more KC-135s (and 3 more under Bullet Shot II Extension) to SEA, 04/1972
Bullet Shot III Deployment of 3 KC-135 to Kadena AB and 7 to U-Tapao RTNAB, mid of 04/1972
Bullet Shot IV Deployment of 2 KC-135 to Kadena AB, end of 05/1972
Bumper Margin Strategic Air Command refueling Area 15.
Bumpy Road A Strategic Air Command snow time refueling Area 2.
Bumpy Trail A Strategic Air Command refueling track in Southeast Asia.
Bundle West A Strategic Air Command post strike refueling Area 3.
Bunk Bed A Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Bunk Store A Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Burning Bright A Strategic Air Command commanders report to the command post.
Burning Candy SAC OpOrd for RC-135C, RC-135D Rivet Brass, RC-135M Rivet Cord, and RC-135T Rivet Dandy missions, 1967-1971+;
including: Arctic Candy, Baltic Candy, Cuban Candy and Mediterranean Candy
Burning Cord SAC OpOrd for RC-135M Rivet Cord missions, 1974+
Burning Glass A Strategic Air Command operation initiated in April 1969.
Burning Hand SAC OpOrd for C-130 overfly missions of USSR
Burning Light SAC OpOrd for KC-135R (I) Rivet Stand/Rivet Quick and KC-135T Cobra Jaws/Rivet Jaw missions, 1967-1969+
Burning Match The Strategic Air Command 1st refueling track on the Southeast Asia Pacific orbit route.
Burning Pipe also Burning Candy, SAC OpOrd for RC-135C, 1967+, modified under Big Team
Burning Star SAC OpOrd for RC-135E Rivet Amber and RC-135S Cobra Ball missions, 1967-1969+
Burning Vision SAC OpOrd for RC-135X Cobra Eye missions, 1989+
Burning Wind SAC OpOrd for RC-135V and RC-135W Rivet Joint missions, 1974-1980+
Burnt Ashes A Strategic Air Command Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program for use on RC-135C aircraft.
Burnt Boot A Strategic Air Command refueling area 03.
Burnt Potato The Strategic Air Command north route first refueling track.
Burp Gun A Strategic Air Command refueling track over western New York.
Burr Oak A Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Bus Step Strategic Air Command refueling Area 2.
Bus Token Canadian high altitude air refueling Area 1 within the Strategic Air Command.
Bush Blaze The Strategic Air Command north route second refueling track.
Bush Hog The Strategic Air Command second Air Force refueling track.
Business Account A Strategic Air Command track from Battle Mountain, NV to Boysen Reservoir, WY.
Business Agency Strategic Air Command activities of Torrejon Tanker task force.
Business Brain Strategic Air Command nonscheduled flights of T-39 aircraft.
Business Effort Joint Strategic Air Command, Tactical Air Command aircraft briefings.
Business Empire II Strategic Air Command scheduled flights of T-29 and C-131 aircraft.
Business Leader Strategic Air Command combat training launch for instruction of operational base launch.
Business Move Strategic Air Command major air commands refueling for world wide movements.
Bust Out Strategic Air Command launch of PC Force reconnaissance aircraft and supporting tankers.
Busted Jaw also Cobra Jaws/Rivet Jaws/Rivet Jaw, KC-135T '55-3121', 03/1969-05/1971, modified under Big Safari
Busy Alley A Strategic Air Command contingency deployment air refueling Area 2.
Busy Beaver A Strategic Air Command manual (2005).
Busy Bikini A Strategic Air Command track from Great Falls, MT to Minot, ND.
Busy Blade The implementation of a Strategic Air Command security option operational plan.
Busy Broom A Strategic Air Command program to eliminate and reduce excess supplies and equipment at base level.
Busy Day Cryptographic equipment built for the National Security Agency by National Cash Register.
Busy Doorbell Air Force inspection and survey procedures.
Busy Driver Emergency military assumption of responsibilities.
Busy Figure Strategic Air Command B-52 range degradation flight operations directive.
Busy Gate Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Guitar Strategic Air Command direct operational testing of a classified nature.
Busy Jeweler A Strategic Air Command visit of a VIP in February 1971.
Busy Jockey A Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Keyboard Strategic Air Command Post reporting exercise.
Busy Lawyer U-2 reception plan for VIPs
Busy League Strategic Air Command bomber contingency training mission.
Busy Luggage Strategic Air Command Air Force weapons drop test program, 1969.
Busy Marble Joint test of AEC (now ERDA) and DOD Strategic Air Command reentry vehicles.
Busy Medic Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Memory Strategic Air Command unit level standard evaluation training program.
Busy Merger Represents Air Force support to the Strategic Air Command in mute missions.
Busy Mister Strategic Air Command snow time refueling Area 3.
Busy Model Strategic Air Command rehabilitation improvement of the 99BW alert facility.
Busy Monday Strategic Air Command Category II testing of the 487L communications system.
Busy Mother Strategic Air Command air refueling area.
Busy Motor Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Motorboat Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Movement Strategic Air Command airlift movement of assembled MK 11 reentry vehicles.
Busy Notice Strategic Air Command Fifteenth Air Force Division Wing Base Commanders Conference.
Busy Observer The name given to sea surveillance training and operations, using B-52's, to find and photograph vessels at sea.
Busy Operator Strategic Air Command predeployment training.
Busy Painter Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Palace Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Paradise Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Partner Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Party Strategic Air Command program to identify messages requiring the crew to unlock the aircraft.
Busy Patron Operation of Strategic Air Command maintenance school.
Busy Pelican A program to update navigation and plotting systems of Lockheed DC-130 drone launch and control aircraft for BGM-34C, COMBAT ANGEL, COMBAT DAWN, and BUFFALO HUNTER programs.
Busy Performer Strategic Air Command B-52G and H aircraft maximum range low level test mission.
Busy Pipeline Strategic Air Command direction for RC-135C aircraft special activity.
Busy Pistol Strategic Air Command refueling track enroute to the Thule orbit.
Busy Pitcher Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Player A Strategic Air Command evaluation exercise.
Busy Poker Strategic Air Command orbit area for the clear BMEWS monitor mission.
Busy Police Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Busy Prairie Strategic Air Command Rapid Deployment Force exercise to Whiteman AFB, Missouri
Busy Rally Strategic Air Command U-2 tactical Squadron commanders seminar.
Busy Rascal Strategic Air Command prevention of unauthorized aircraft operation.
Busy Recorder Strategic Air Command evaluation and portrayal of data for Third Air Division Commander.
Busy Relay A Strategic Air Command program initiated in July 1967.
Busy Reporter Strategic Air Command launch of an ABRES A-3 missile.
Busy Road Strategic Air Command Operational Readiness Inspection; the Busy Road name was followed by an alphabetic letter (e.g. Busy Road Juliet); the letter identified a wing, that wing's War Support Plan, and other units tasked to support the ORI.
Busy Robot Strategic Air Command model 154 operational test and evaluation exercise.
Busy Rooster Strategic Air Command air refueling area.
Busy Saloon Strategic Air Command refueling Area 16.
Busy Sentry Strategic Air Command exercise for intercontinental ballistic missile units.
Busy Shop Strategic Air Command bomber tanker mission.
Busy Skyspot Strategic Air Command operation initiated in November 1967.
Busy Slate Air Force conference, August 1969.
Busy Speedway Strategic Air Command Second Air Force division bomber stream express profile evaluation mission.
Busy Spotlight Strategic Air Command side looking radar project initiated in May 1968.
Busy Stranger Strategic Air Command air division bomber stream diversified profile missions.
Busy Street Strategic Air Command program initiated July, 1967.
Busy Survey II Strategic Air Command Strategic Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) 4D missile training assistance program. SIOP is an Air Force plan related to targeting for Minuteman.
Busy Talent A Strategic Air Command maintenance officer recognition and career enrichment program.
Busy Tavern A Strategic Air Command air refueling area.
Busy Teacher A Strategic Air Command program to test the Second Air Force Division battle staff planning team.
Busy Tenpins The launch from the Space Launch Center of a Thor Agena rocket.
Busy Touch A Strategic Air Command refueling track on the Far East-West route.
Busy Tourist A Strategic Air Command weapons storage area.
Busy Tuesday Strategic Air Command support of B-52 aircraft requirements study.
Busy Typhoon Strategic Air Command generation of reaction forces and request for assistance.
Busy Unit Strategic Air Command program to defray supply deficits.
Busy Usher Strategic Air Command launch of No. 13 LF-02 missile MK-1 Minuteman II.
Busy Wizard An Air Force Strategic Air Command jet engine improvement program.
Butcher Bird An advanced anti-radiation missile (ARMY) in development for the Navy which would be a follow-on to the Shrike and ARM-1 missile. Sometimes called ARM-2 for which Texas Instruments performed guidance work.
Butte Pass Strategic Air Command hardened intersite cable system maintenance support at Malmstrom AFB, MT.
Butter Freezer Strategic Air Command refueling Area 3.
Butter Jar Strategic Air Command refueling track from Tonopah, NV to Farmington, NM.
Button Bomblet Anti-intrusion device bought by Army and Air Force.
Button Pack A sensor evaluation integration in Strategic Air Command security programs.
Button Switch Strategic Air Command north route compulsory reporting point.
Button Up Strategic Air Command security system reset procedures used during Minuteman facility wind down.
Buxom Belle Strategic Air Command refueling track.
Buy None A version of a USAF directed ORIT mission.
Buzz Spring Strategic Air Command refueling Area 09.

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