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Cache Marker A classified DARPA project.
Caftan Black A research and development program of the Army. Under the program, Lockheed is investigation sources of unintentional radiation.
Cameo Echo II An Army Missile Command program with HRH-Singer as prime.
Cameo Echo III A telemetry study by HRB-Singer for the Army.
Cannon Ball II An atmospheric density measurement satellite developed by the. Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories. It is a cast brass sphere 26 inches in diameter and weighing 800 lbs.
Capstone Conference, reoccurring, Air Force leaders, Eglin, AFB, FL
Captain Cook I & II Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Captive Lightning Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Cast Fire A stabilized laser designator for the Rockwell OV-10 aircraft. The system allows a forward air control pilot to covertly designate a target for attack.
Cast Glance An over-the-horizon detection system project sponsored by the Naval Sea Systems Command.
Cast Glance Conflict? Optical tracking and collection system on WC-135B (see also Star Cast)
Cast Light Martin Marietta received a contract for this Navy program. It is classified, but is possibly a laser designation device.
Cat Eye Part of the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
Cavalry Classified intellgence program
Cefar Yonder A communications intelligence program for the Army Security Agency. The classified program is a balloon-borne configuration of communications intercept receivers and jammers.
Cefire Tiger An Army Electronic Counter Measures Program contracted to GTE Sylvania. It is an airborne multichannel communications jammer directed against hostile radio relay links in the VHF and UHF ranges. It will get data from ground portions of the LeFox Grey system.
Cefrim Leader Ground Calibration Processing System for light Army aircraft; encompassing DFL mission analysis and processing system and ancillary data for the AN/ARD-22, Airborne Direction Finding System. An Army effort assigned to ESL/Sunnyvale, CA. Crazy Dog follow-on program. Detection/Location gear integrated with ECM and INS. Associated with OV-1 and RU-21
Cefirm Lion As Cefirm Leader, but with different frequency coverage
Cefirm Scavenger Communications codebraking system fitted to RU-21
Cefly Lancer Direction Finding/locator gear associated with RU-21
Centennial USAF, classified intellgence program, possibly a surveillance satellite
Central Enterprise Exercise, NATO, Europe, 06/1998
Certain Rampart special project under the Army Communications Command.
Chaff Muffin A CHAFF program conducted by the Office of Naval Research. Hycor, Inc. is the contractor.
Chalet Geosynchronous SIGINT satellite in a series earlier called Canyon, subsequently Vortex and Mercury.
Chalk Coral USN, tactical RDT&E program
Chalk Eagle USN, tactical RDT&E program
Channel Finder AN/WQN-1 mine hunting sonar.
Charger Blue An EW program aimed at providing expanded frequency coverage and density for ECM equipment to meet Warsaw Pact threats.
Check Mate Operation, [...]
Chicken Little A mortar developed by the Army.
Chinese Model A complete four-station ACCUFIX chain.
Chrome Dome Airborne Alert flights of B-52s from base out to a point from which the nuclear mission would not be executed without valid message from National Command Authority.
Church Opal A Navy exercise from the Office of Naval Research involving long range acoustic propagation.
Church Plate A Navy program to develop an airborne system able to gather information on distant targets and relay to launch platforms.
Church Stroke A Naval exercise in conjunction with Long Range Acoustic Propagation Project (LRAPP).
Church Stroke II A sensor performance data reduction and analysis study for Naval Electronic Systems Command, involving University of Texas at Austin, Applied Research Laboratories.
Church Stroke III Follow-on exercise to CHURCH STROKE.
Circuit Gold A Naval program. Hydrotronics received a contract for engineering support in mid-1975.
Clarinet Anchor A new name for the SEA ANCHOR program. It is classified. See also CLARINET RAMROD.
Clarinet Bullseye A shore-based high frequency direction finding system that locates and classifies enemy ships.
Clarinet Harpy A classified Navy communications project.
Clarinet Miracle A Navy high priority program to develop a new HF Communications system for communication with submarines worldwide. The new system, said to be under development by GTE Sylvania, will be such that transmission will not be dampened or disrupted by solar radiation.
Clarinet Omen Tests conducted by the Navy for safe submarine communications with satellites, including the LES-8/9 pair.
Clarinet Pilgrim A Navy shore-to-ship communications project involving modification of Lockheed EC-130G/Q aircraft.
Clarinet Plato A naval communications security program, intended to provide a secure voice capability which is flexible, reliable, and has superior maintainability.
Clarinet Ramrod A high classified Naval Electronics Command project formerly known as BOWLINE. It is related to CLARINET ANCHOR, the new name for SEA ANCHOR.
Clarinet Socrates A classified naval communications security system.
Clarinet Vallor A naval communications security system capable of securing all Navy record communications on a given platform.
Classic Ascot A Navy program under the Naval Electronics Systems Command.
Classic Bullseye USN, Surveillance or C3I project ?
Classic Caliper A Naval Electronic Systems Command project involving Sperry Rand/Reston, VA, and being integrated with CLASSIC HARVESTER equipments into a CLASSIC OUTBOARD system.
Classic Coyote a land-mobile, self-contained, signal receiving, processing and analysis system for signal security operations in the very low frequency-to-millimeter range. Naval Electronic Systems Command is the cognizant agency.
Classic Fox a security assessment system for monitoring, managing and analyzing Navy signals. GTE Sylvania is developing it for Naval Electronics Systems Command.
Classic Harvester A shipboard signal acquisition and intelligence processing system, part of the Navy's overall CLASSIC OUTBOARD System for intelligence data processing aboard ships. CLASSIC HARVESTER is being integrated with CLASSIC CALIPER into CLASSIC OUTBOARD.
Classic Nomad A Navy program under the Naval Electronics Systems Command.
Classic Outboard A ship-based project aimed at outfitting 24 missile frigates (two per carrier) with the ability to pinpoint enemy forces for better protection of carriers. Now being integrated with Classic Caliper and Classic Harvester, it will provide broad area ocean surface surveillance capability. A similar land-based system is known as BULLEYE.
Classic Outrigger USN, Surveillance or C3I project ?
Classic Saltbush A naval cryptologic program, funded in the FY75 Navy RDT&E budget. Classified.
Classic Wizard A Naval communications program with a master station on the island of Guam. Another facility will be on Adak Island, Alaska. (related to Surveillance/SIGINT satellite, launched 04/1976 ?)
Clear Sky A classified program administered by the Air Force Technical Applications Center. Rand Corp. has been a contractor.
Clipper OpOrd for SR-71A flights near/over Cuba, flown from Beale AFB, was Giant Plate
Clipper Bow A Navy project for an ocean surveillance satellite capable of monitoring foreign sea traffic using active radar and electronic intelligence sensors. The U.S. planned to launch two satellites under this program in 1983 and 1984, but high costs prompted a halt in funding in FY80.
Close Look An Air Force reconnaissance satellite built by Lockheed.
Cloud Cover The Army Electronics Command awarded a contract to Sylvania/Mountain View, CA, in 1971 for a one-year research and development application.
Cloud Puff IV An Air Force study of cloud physics.
Close Look ?
Cluster Buster US Navy project to analyze a Soviet naval device (details unavailable).
Cluster Condor A classified Naval intelligence project, pod-mounted on tactical aircraft.
Cluster Fobia Joint US Navy/NSA/CIA exploitation of a Soviet naval communications signal.
Cluster Girl A classified Naval intelligence program initiated in FY77.
Cluster Hamlock The concept of scatter jamming receivers associated with rangefinders and target designators by directing energy towards the victim receiver laser beams.
Cluster Hemlock A Navy optical collection and classification system which observes, records and classifies man-made signals from the visual through the infrared range, including laser signals. Deployed in the Mediterranean, it is produced by Martin-Marietta.
Cluster Pain US Navy/NSA project to analyze indications of a nonacoustic submarine sensor on Soviet antisubmarine aircraft.
Cluster Ray US Navy exploitation of a recovered Soviet sonobuoy.
Cluster Spike A classified Naval program concerned with naval assessment of the threat posed by electro-optical and anti-ship cruise missile capabilities in the Soviet field.
Cluster Yard A classified sensor collection system.
Cobra Ace Effort initiated in 1971 utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
Cobra Amber Adaptation of radar to collect re-entry data in support of ABM programme(s)
Cobra Ball (I) Optical system for re-entry research; follow-on to Rivet Ball, 1 RC-135S '61-2663' Cobra Ball Minimum, then Cobra Ball I, 10/1969-1989+, modified under Big Safari
Cobra Ball II 1 RC-135S '61-2664', 1970-03/15/1981 (crash), modified under Big Safari; replaced by RC-135S '61-4128', 1995-?
Cobra Ball III 1 RC-135S '61-2662', 11/02/1983-1988+, modified under Big Safari
Cobra Bite Measurement of unintentional electromagnetic readiation
Cobra Brass Satellite-based detection of nuclear weapons/explosions/radioactive material [...]
Cobra Charm Special collective effort utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
Cobra Dane Land-based phased array radar for TELINT and missile test surveillance; System 633L AN/FPS-108 at Shemya AFB; replaced AN/FPS-17, AN/FPS-80
Cobra Dice Special collective effort utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
Cobra Edge Special collective effort utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
Cobra Eye OAMP - Optical Aircraft Measurement Program; RC-135X '61-4128', for midcourse optical identification and discrimination of ballistic missile re-entry vehicles, 08/1989-02/22/1993, modified under Big Safari; also US Army Boeing 767 with AOA - Airborne Optical Adjunct
Cobra Fang An aerospace data facility (possibly the one at Buckley AFB)
Cobra Foam Also referred to as the Technical Sensor Program; an Air Force effort to improve the acquisition of technical intelligence, one aspect of which treats sensor development.
Cobra Gemini Dual-band (S-band and X-band) land-/sea-based radar; AGM 23, T-AGOS??
Cobra Gold Exercise, annually, joined combined US and Thailand, and Singapore (in 2000), observers (in 2000): Philippines, Australia, Malaysia; CG 2000 (19th): 05/09/2000 - 05/23/2000
Cobra Guard An airborne electromagnetic intelligence platform.
Cobra Hood Early-warning & electronic reconnaissance system: EC-47N/P
Cobra Jade UHF radar, 84' antenna; installed in Thailand
Cobra Jaw Fine grain measurements.
Cobra Jaws also Rivet Jaws/Rivet Jaw/Busted Jaw, 1 KC-135T '55-3121', 03/1969-05/1971, modified under Big Safari
Cobra Jean The use of advanced range instrumentation ships for intelligence missions.
Cobra Joe Radar used in the Far East for an unspecified mission.
Cobra Judy Ship-based radar system for TELINT and missile test surveillance (impact area surveillance); AN/SPQ-11 on board 'USNS Observation Island', stationary in middle of the Pacific
Cobra Key A radio calibration program initiated in 1974, but later cancelled.
Cobra Mist Earlier known as Sentinel Mist, the AN/FPS-95 high powered, ground-based, long-range radar. Back-scatter over-the-horizon radar; System 441L at Orofrdness, UK
Cobra Mule An Air Force program to evaluate equipment for intelligence potential.
Cobra Nook Special collective effort utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
Cobra Pitt Communications equipment support of project DIAOLS from 16 Nov 1970 to 15 Feb 1971. Program cancelled.
Cobra Run Special equipment Phase I of a program that was to be effective in 1973, but was cancelled.
Cobra Shoe An over-the-horizon backscatter radar in the Mediterranean used to monitor Soviet missile launches. The program was a modification and addition to an unspecified Mid-East radar.
Cobra Spot Signal intelligence equipment. The program was development training of Cambodian personnel and has been cancelled. Program was also an effort to utilize uncleared service support personnel.
Cobra Stone A classified intelligence program of the mid 1970's.
Cobra Strike A mobile re-entry data collection system in support of DOD requirements, but cancelled.
Cobra Surf A proposed long-range surveillance radar for use by the Air Force in the Pacific area.
Cobra Swamp An Air Force intelligence support program to the Aeronautical Systems Division electronic warfare effort. Program cancelled.
Cobra Talon An Air Force ballistic missile-tracking radar system, also known as the AN/GPS-10. It is a ground-based radar in the Pacific Ocean area that would help detect and track Soviet space missions aimed at US satellites.
Cobra Time The collection of technical electronic intelligence by airborne Air Force platforms. Program cancelled.
Cobra Tow The AH-1G attack helicopter equipped with the TOW missile system.
Cobra Tune Collection of technical electronic intelligence from airborne platforms
Cobra Walk Special equipment Phase II. Program cancelled.
Coin Assist Designates travel of wives of Air Force personnel missing in action or prisoners of war.
Coin Urgent Designated ferry crews returning to the Continental U.S. cancelled.
Cold Ascent A test of pressure altitude sensors for weather reconnaissance aircraft.
Cold Ash Atmospheric sampling operations conducted by the Air Force for the Energy Research & Development Administration.
Cold Banner An airlift mission in support of the Military Airlift Command Annex Bravo program.
Cold Bare Program to familiarize weather personnel in tactical weapons system operations, cancelled.
Cold Basket A reconnaissance program in support of headquarters USAF.
Cold Blast An Air Force test to provide warm fog dissipation support, cancelled.
Cold Boom Military Airlift Command C-5 long-range operational mission.
Cold Bounce Military Airlift Command turbulence program at the Air Force Avionics Lab, cancelled.
Cold Brief Military Airlift Command turbulence program of MAC commanders and subordinate units.
Cold Burn A Military Airlift Command program of meteoroid debris sampling support for Smithsonian Institute.
Cold Can Use of Air Force RB-57 aircraft in support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Cold Cape Reconnaissance support for the Air Force Eastern Test Range.
Cold Car Military Airlift Command support program, cancelled.
Cold Carrier A Military Airlift Command joint emergency airlift transportation program.
Cold Cat Used by the Royal Air Force of USAF Air Weather Service high altitude reconnaissance aircraft.
Cold Ceck Alaskan ice and fog suppression program.
Cold Change A Military Airlift Command Commanders conference, Oct 1972.
Cold Charge A Military Airlift Command Commanders conference 1971.
Cold Chuck A Military Airlift Command southern hemisphere reconnaissance for HQ USAF (OpOrd for RB-57F)
Cold Clear A worldwide airborne supercooled fog dispersal program.
Cold Climatic Air Force support to the Department of Transportation Climatic Impact Assessment program, cancelled.
Cold Coast Military Airlift Command east coast winter storm watch.
Cold Cone Air Force use of the RB-57F aircraft to test an aerosol sampling unit.
Cold Cover An audio visual record of USAF participation in a Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise.
Cold Cross Scout and Pathfinder missions flown in support of the Tactical Air Command.
Cold Crow A Military Airlift Command trial test of consolidation units in Europe.
Cold Currey Military Airlift Command special weather reconnaissance.
Cold Diet A Military Airlift Command program of 1970.
Cold Dome Military Airlift Command domestic reconnaissance project for HQ USAF (OpOrd for RB-57F).
Cold Draft Warm fog dispersal by helicopter at March AFB, cancelled.
Cold Duck Readiness inspections conducted by a Military Airlift Command inspector, cancelled.
Cold Eagle Military Airlift Command identification of officers to occupy key positions.
Cold Eye Weather Service reconnaissance of tropical cyclone disturbances worldwide.
Cold Fact The recovery of meteorological and geophysical data for climatological use.
Cold Falcon Field trips of Air Force Academy cadets.
Cold Fire 74 A medium-scale air exercise sponsored by Allied Forces Central Europe in 1974. Purpose was to evaluate various aspects of the mission of tactical air forces assigned to the Central Region with limited participation by land forces.
Cold Fish Military Airlift Command water sampling program.
Cold Flag Casualty assistance to families of personnel now missing in action.
Cold Flake Military Airlift Command support to ground based fog dispersal, cancelled.
Cold Flare Joint FAA/NASA/Air Force project to study radiation effects of solar flare activity on crew and passengers of future supersonic transports. Tests conducted with RB-57F aircraft in flights from Eielson AFB, Alaska.
Cold Flex Flexible reconnaissance missions for Air Force Global weather experiments.
Cold Floor A Military Airlift Command program.
Cold Flow An ERDA foil calibration check, cancelled.
Cold Guard A Military Airlift Command joint conference in 1973.
Cold Harvest Military Airlift Command commanders conference in 1974.
Cold Hunt Missions in support of the ALOC project
Cold Iran Ferrying Air Weather Service aircraft to and from Iran, cancelled.
Cold Iron Generators, boilers and transformers in direct support of ships.
Cold Juice Military Airlift Command C-5 aircraft refueling demonstration and training operational missions.
Cold Lift Military Airlift Command logistics support for C-5 and C-141 aircraft, cancelled.
Cold Look Military Airlift Command program to designate a specific training area each month, cancelled.
Cold Map Military Airlift Command airlift augmentation in the Pacific Command.
Cold Met Weather reconnaissance support of the Air Force Global Weather Center.
Cold Miss Military Airlift Command aerial recovery and return of space capsules.
Cold Mix Military Airlift Command flight evaluation of C-141 combat tactics, cancelled.
Cold Mountain Military Airlift Command commanders conference in 1973.
Cold Nightingale Training of Air Force C-9 aircraft crews, cancelled.
Cold Orbit Military Airlift Command weather reconnaissance mission support plan, cancelled.
Cold Order Maintenance and enforcement of an order on Military Airlift Command bases.
Cold Pack Rotations of Military Airlift Command tactical airlift forces to the Pacific.
Cold Pall Air Weather Service support of air pollution studies, cancelled.
Cold Pass Readiness exercises within the Military Airlift Command, cancelled.
Cold Port A Military Airlift Command airlift operation, cancelled.
Cold Probe Military Airlift Command special project support effective 1973.
Cold Quake Air Force Weather Service project using two aircraft equipped with Atmospheric Turbulence Measuring Set (ATMS) to determine whether rough air can be measured.
Cold Rain Rainfall augmentation in South Central Texas.
Cold Range A study of the Eastern Test Range.
Cold Rap NASA earth resources study
Cold Ray Energy Research & Development Administration cosmic ray test program, cancelled.
Cold Risk Military Airlift Command personal accident prevention message.
Cold Rush Military Airlift Command procedures for airlift of priority photo materials.
Cold Sack Military Airlift Command weather reconnaissance support of PACCS for Strategic Air Command, cancelled.
Cold Saddle An order to activate contingency support staffs, cancelled.
Cold Sand Meteorological satellite data over White Sands Missile Range, cancelled.
Cold Scarf Military Airlift Command support in the Civil Reserve Air Fleet program.
Cold Sight An Air Weather Service cold fog contingency operations in Europe.
Cold Signal Military Airlift Command airborne Electronic Countermeasures training mission.
Cold Silver Military Airlift Command airlift of vice presidential support requirements.
Cold Smoke An Air Force armament ordnance development, funded in FY75 budget. Classified.
Cold Spade Military Airlift Command standby force in support of Air Force accident teams.
Cold Speck Military Airlift Command special reconnaissance for HQ USAF (OpOrd for RB-57F).
Cold Splash Air Weather Service support for ballistic missile launches.
Cold Standards Implementation of Air Force regulation 30-1.
Cold Surf Military commanders conference in 1972.
Cold Surge Military Airlift Command C-5 aircraft ad hoc fact finding and assistance team, cancelled.
Cold Surprise A practice or evaluation using Military Airlift Command OPLAN Number 939, cancelled.
Cold Swan An Air Force mobility support plan.
Cold Talk An expeditious communications check within the Military Airlift Command.
Cold Toy Military Airlift Command support of the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory High Altitude project by the 58 WEA reconnaissance squadron.
Cold Track Continental United States background missions by the Air Force.
Cold Train Support of OPORD 32-71, cancelled.
Cold Trap Experimental reconnaissance support for the terminal radiation program.
Cold Turn Military Airlift Command notification and recall procedures.
Cold View A review of selected Military Airlift Command bases, cancelled.
Cold Vip Military Airlift Command vehicle improvement program, cancelled.
Cold Wall NASA heat-transfer experiments with YF-12A '60-6935'
Cold Wand Testing of ground-based supercooled fog dispersal system, cancelled.
Cold Wave Flight support by Air Force RF-57F aircraft for Avionics Laboratory sensor tests.
Cold Winter Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Cold Wrench An Air Force mobility support program.
College Accolade Air Force OPLAN 7-70, cancelled.
College Bingo Aerospace Defense Command tests of defense support equipment, cancelled.
College Blast Aerospace Defense Command CQM-10A drone program.
College Blue Aerospace Defense Command emergency manning of Canadian DEW line facilities.
College Boat Aerospace Defense Command assembly of battle staff members.
College Bye Aerospace Defense Command ceremonial flyby.
College Cadence Aerospace Defense Command F-106 worldwide deployment, cancelled.
College Capitol Recall of Aerospace Defense Command personnel to Chidlan Building, cancelled.
College Check Headquarters 14th Aerospace Force standard evaluation check, cancelled.
College Chef Development of fund for dining facilities in aircrew buildings, cancelled.
College Coed Continuation of SDS operation by the Aerospace Defense Command.
College Coffee Assembly of 14 aerospace force command post staff.
College Convert Air National Guard transition to the Aerospace Defense Command, cancelled.
College Dart Advanced aerial combat tactics in the Aerospace Defense Command training plan.
College Dropout Aerospace Defense Command operational plan 41-65.
College Eye Modification program retrofitting Lockheed C-121 Super Constellation transports to EC-121R configuration for role as airborne weapons command and control posts. Some 40 aircraft were modified.
College Faker Aerospace Defense Command training deployment and redeployment of EB-57 aircraft.
College Finals Aerospace Defense Command fault detection tester interface program.
College Flash Radar handoff procedures.
College Girls Air Force high level intercept activity against U-2 aircraft.
College Gold Aerospace Defense Command firing of denuclearized warheads.
College Goof Aerospace Defense Command procedures for identifying messages.
College Hill Recall of Aerospace Defense Command personnel, cancelled.
College Hunting Implementation of Aerospace Defense Command OPLAN 32-66, cancelled.
College Ice Aerospace Defense Command program associated with the Cobra Dane communications system.
College Jump Aerospace Defense Command test of defense support equipment squadron communications, cancelled.
College Key II An evaluation of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS).
College Launcher Aerospace Defense Command operations plan 13-67.
College Maiden Addition of strip chart recorders to 3 channels of the AN/FPS-17(XW-3) Detection Radar. Shemya, AK, 1964
College Men Aerospace Defense Command support of continental air defense operations plan FAMILY MAN, cancelled.
College Reality Aerospace Defense Command atmospheric defense study Post-1977, cancelled.
College Red Unauthorized landing of Communist aircraft. Aerospace Defense Command operations plan 66-XX.
College Rudder Aerospace Defense Command program 55-13. No other details known.
College Safe A satellite operations plan effective in April 1971.
College Saxon Operations and procedures program within the Aerospace Defense Command, cancelled.
College Scan Aerospace Force SPACETRACK and MEWS (Modular Electronic Warfare Simulator) weapons system standardization and evaluation, cancelled.
College Scat Support of EC-121 aircraft to Aerospace Defense Command Operations Plan 5-XX.
College Scooter Aerospace Defense Command Operations Plan 3318.
College Scrod Aerospace Defense Command launch evaluation of the CIM-10B Coffin-Launched Aerial-Intercept Missile.
College Shape Space object identification capability of SPACETRACK System.
College Sport Aerospace Force SPACETRACK System Support test.
College Stack Recall of forces.
College Step USAF and Aerospace Defense Command Continental Air Defense Operations Plan 3010.
College Stomp Aerospace Defense Command special tasking optical monitoring project.
College Stop Aerospace Defense Command concept of operations for the B-57D aircraft.
College Study Aerospace Defense Command assembly of support staff members.
College Tang Texas Air National Guard wartime mission plan from the Aerospace Defense Command, cancelled.
College Tap Aerospace Defense Command augmentation forces.
College Team Assembly of personnel for 24 hours a day operation within the Aerospace Defense Command.
College Tiger An Aerospace Defense Command program involving the SPACETRACK System.
College Tonic Aerospace Defense Command Augmentation Forces, cancelled.
College Track Exchange of data between various sensors used in object detection.
College Watch Radar handoff procedures.
Combat Affair Testing and evaluation of the Air Force 0-2 aircraft used for Forward Air Controller missions.
Combat Alarm A HQ USAF sponsored operational project, cancelled.
Combat Alley Targets in Vietnam.
Combat Angel Chaff-seeding, ordnance delivery by drone, 1967+; AQM-34G/H/J/Q/R; controlled by DC-130A using AN/APW-23, AN/UYK-15; AN/ALE-2/-38;
later AQM-34V, updated AQM-34H/J and new-built AQM-34V, used for ECM, 1974+
Combat Apple also Burning Candy, PACAF OpOrd for RC-135M Rivet Cord missions, 1967+
Combat Arena A chronological and historical data base on air operations over North Vietnam and Laos.
Combat Arrow USAFE OpOrd (unit code name) for Combat Talon C-130Es
Combat Atlas Loading investigation of the F-4E aircraft, cancelled.
Combat Ban Testing and evaluation of the Air Force A-7D aircraft, cancelled.
Combat Beef Build-up of a strategical reserve in the USA for TAC units in Vietnam (also Beef Broth)
Combat Bonus Test activities associated with AF exploitation programs, cancelled.
Combat Brake Communications support for USAF operations plan 10-68.
Combat Bronco Six-month combat evaluation of the Rockwell OV-10A Bronco in Vietnam, beginning 08/1968
Combat Bug An Air Force drone operation. Litton provided classified "Equipment R" to the program which was used in Southeast Asia, under assignment to Strategic Air Command.
Combat Bullseye F-111A radar bombing tests, 1967+
Combat Burke Operational test and evaluation of a dummy acoustical seismic intrusion detector.
Combat Catch Special Air Force reconnaissance program.
Combat Chief Air Force reconnaissance program, cancelled.
Combat Cider Circuits for anti-ballistic missile communications netting.
Combat Comet Operational test of the F-4 weapon system against BOMARC drones, cancelled.
Combat Computer Combat operational model of a computer, cancelled.
Combat Cricket Testing and evaluation of the Air Force OV-10 aircraft.
Combat Cross Air Force electronic warfare support project.
Combat Cup Operations relating to Annex B HQ USAF operational plan 1068.
Combat Dawn OpOrd for Compass Bin AQM-34Q (Ryan 147TE) and AQM-34R (Ryan 147TF) medium-altitude SIGINT RPVs, from Korea, 1970-1975; ground segment AN/FSQ-86; gear also studied as a U-2 payload
Combat Dome Test of the Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System (LAPES).
Combat Eagle Early evaluation of AGM-62 Walleye use aboard Air Force F-4D aircraft.
Combat Echo Weapons systems evaluation program for air-to-air missile firings.
Combat Edge Command Post procedural exercise.
Combat Egress Personnel evaluation tests of Air Force passenger carrying aircraft.
Combat Falcon Reconnaissance program assigned to Tactical Air Command, cancelled.
Combat Flame A program change request to place three Air Force C-97G aircraft into Program Element 2 of the budget, cancelled.
Combat Fox PACAF OpOrd for tactical aircraft deployments to SEA (?) during Operation Port Bow, 1968+
Combat Grande USAF Electronic Systems Div. program (also known as 451D) to upgrade the Spanish air defense system.
Combat Guard Deployment and evaluation of the AC-119G aircraft by the Air Force.
Combat Halo High altitude sampling for ERDA division of Biology and Medicine, cancelled.
Combat Harvest Test of the Heavy Lift Helicopter (HLH) concept for spacecraft capsule recovery.
Combat Hornet Air Force AC-119G and AC-119K gunship aircraft used in Vietnam.
Combat Hunter Tests of the Hughes AGM-65A Maverick missile at Fort Riley to evaluate how the television-guided, high performance air-to-surface missile would perform against large numbers of fast-moving tanks laying down a smoke screen, cancelled.
Combat Ink Operational test of a pre-production model detector, cancelled.
Combat Keel Special application of the AN/MSQ-77 radar bombing control system (see COMBAT PINPOINT, COMBAT SKYSPOT).
Combat Kid Air Force test of chemical-agents, cancelled.
Combat King Deployment and combat evaluation of Gunship K, cancelled.
Combat Knife TAC OpOrd (unit code name) for (Combat Talon) Skyhook C-130E-Is, starting in late 1965 with the 779th Troop Carrier Squadron 'Blackbirds', at Pope AFB, NC
Combat Lady Operational test and evaluation of new munitions by the Air Force, cancelled.
Combat Lancer TAC OpOrd (deployment) of 6 F-111As from 428th TFS to Takhli RTAFB (was preceded by Harvest Reaper F-111A ECM and avioincs tests), 03/15/1968 - 11/1968; 3 lost: '66-0022' on 03/28/1968, '66-0017' on 03/30/1968, '66-0024' on 04/22/1968
Combat Life Captive life determination of air-to-air missiles, cancelled.
Combat Lightning PACAF OpOrd/modification program for KC-135A-III Radio Relay aircraft in SEA, 196x+
Combat Lion Special reconnaissance project, cancelled.
Combat Look Radar mapping: 4 x RC-130A
Combat Lot Launch on take-off dart target tow system.
Combat Martin F-105Fs, carrying QRC-128 VHF jammers to block communications between MiGs and GCI-centers
Combat Mix An Air Force study and test to obtain effectiveness data on high explosive-incendiary/ armor piercing-incendiary ammunition.
Combat Model A joint Tactical Air Command-Air Force Systems Command test of production engineered laser bomb systems.
Combat Otter Air Force procurement of three updated AN/MPQ-T2 radar trainers for operational test.
Combat Outpost Air Force operations plan 10-68, cancelled.
Combat Pacer Air Force project to increase airlift in Southeast Asia by extending daily utilization rates of C-141, C-130 and C-135 aircraft; formerly called FAST FLY.
Combat Picture A support package for Air Force One, the Presidential aircraft, at Homestead AFB, Florida.
Combat Pike An Air Force weapons system evaluation program for air-to-air (AIM) missile firings (see COMBAT SAGE).
Combat Pink RC-135U OpOrd, SIGINT missions
Combat Pinpoint Bomb delivery using F-4 aircraft and AN/MSQ-77 radar bombing control system (see COMBAT KEEL, COMBAT SKYSPOT).
Combat Pipe Testing and evaluation of the AN/ASX-1 target identification system, cancelled.
Combat Pix Photographic documentation of Southeast Asia.
Combat Pointer Air Force test of steerable jamming antennas.
Combat Poker Operational test and evaluation of combat aircraft recording data system (CARDS).
Combat Polka Operational test of the interface between the Air Force F-4D aircraft and Falcon (AIM-4D) missile.
Combat Prince HIRAN/LORAN controlled photography, cancelled.
Combat Proof Ground-controlled bombing: beacon-equipped F-4D; AN/MSQ-77 Skyspot
Combat Puzzle An open-ended test project directive related to electronic warfare, cancelled.
Combat Queen HIRAN/LORAN controlled photography, cancelled.
Combat Ram Test activities associated with F-4D aircraft radar, cancelled.
Combat Rebuff B-52 aircraft munitions testing.
Combat Recovery Air Force Traffic Control and Landing Systems (TCLS).
Combat Regent Air Force tactical airborne command and control project, cancelled.
Combat Rendezvous Demonstration of AC type gunships, cancelled.
Combat Rex Reorganization of 7499th support Group (Air Force), cancelled.
Combat Rose An Air Force report on ground electronic interference.
Combat Rotor Deployment of UH-1N helicopters to PACAF (Pacific Air Force), cancelled.
Combat Sad Search and destroy operational test and evaluation.
Combat Sage Air Force weapons systems evaluations program for air-to-air missile firings (see COMBAT PIKE).
Combat Sam part of 'Heavychain' OpOrds, PACAF OpOrd for C-130E-CT Rivet Yard special operations aircraft, 08/1966-10/1972
Combat Sar Replacement aircraft for A-1 aircraft, cancelled.
Combat Scar Development of tactics for hunter/ killer type operations, cancelled.
Combat Seer Sensor report follow-on operational tests, cancelled.
Combat Sent (nicknamed "Combat Scent") Signal collection & analysis; 3 RC-135U '63-9792' 'Combat Sent 3', '64-14857' 'Combat Sent 1', '64-14849' 'Combat Sent 2', 04/1970-1987+, modified under Big Safari
Combat Shadow TAC modification program for HC/MC-130N/P CSAR aircraft
Combat Shaker Weather modification program, cancelled.
Combat Shield An effort to provide electronic countermeasures and electronic counter-countermeasures of Air Force combat units.
Combat Sierra B-52 Gunship evaluation, cancelled.
Combat SkySat Experimental balloon-borne communications relay and sensor system; tested in 2005/06
Combat Skyspot AN/MSQ-77 radar-assisted ground-directed bombing system, introduced in SEA, 1966-; used with B-52 aircraft; see COMBAT KEEL, COMBAT PINPOINT
Combat Snake Reconnaissance operational development program, cancelled.
Combat Snap Operational test and evaluation of AIM-9J missile.
Combat Spear PACAF OpOrd (unit code name) for original Stray Goose (Det 1, 314th Troop Carrier Wing (TCW) from Pope AFB, NC to CCK AB (Taichung), Republic of China (Taiwan), using 4 (Combat Talon) Skyhook C-130E-I / MC-130E-C Rivet Clamp, to 15th Air Commando Squadron (03/1968), at Nha Trang AB, Republic of Vietnam, (starting 1966), then 15th Special Operations Squadron (11/1968), and finally 99th SOS (11/1970), absorbed into 1st SOS (12/15/1972), probably also used MC-130E-Y Rivet Yank special operations aircraft, 09/08/1966-03/31/1972
Combat Speedy Special reconnaissance project, cancelled.
Combat Star Tactical electronic warfare operational test & evaluation, cancelled.
Combat Sugar Chaff tests
Combat Swordplay Air Force program to improve all-weather bombing capability in Southeast Asia.
Combat Talk CONUS training and movement of aircraft & personnel for a physical operational unit, cancelled.
Combat Talon TAC modification program for C-130Es to special operations aircraft, including: 2 Thin Slice C-130E-CT, 4 C-130E-CT Rivet Yard I / MC-130E-Y Rivet Yank, 2 MC-130-S Rivet Swap, 18 Skyhook C-130E-I / MC-130E-C Rivet Clamp
Combat Talon I 14 MC-130E-C Mod 70 (and later Mod 90) special operations aircraft, 1976-today
Combat Talon II 24+ MC-130H(CT) special operations aircraft, 1984-today
Combat Tang A 105 mm gun.
Combat Taps Evaluation of the capability of the pod-contained TERCOM system, cancelled.
Combat Target Addition of beacons to Air Force tactical fighter aircraft radar bomb-homing system providing increased bombing accuracy to strike in Vietnam; similar to COMBAT SKYSPOT.
Combat Test Air Force study on operational testing.
Combat Thunder Evaluation of all-weather bombing capability of Air Force F-105 aircraft Thunderstick 2, cancelled.
Combat Track AFSPCOM, system for route tracking of aircraft with encrypted, real-time data transfer, using relay satellites
Combat Traction A cancelled Air Force program evaluating characteristics of aircraft on runways in crosswinds.
Combat Trap Air Force evaluation of the Army's Ml fuze extender.
Combat Tree F-4D with added pylon for ECM-pod
Combat Trident F-111A pilot training
Combat Turkey An Air Force program designed to exercise the Air Force Command Post (AFCP).
Combat Vee Aerial support to combat Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis, cancelled.
Combat View Operational test of US Army direct viewing devices.
Combat Vine Testing of the AN/APQ-99 terrain following radar, cancelled.
Combat Vulcan Infrared countermeasures for tactical aircraft
Combat Wall Operational test involving Army night vision devices.
Combat Waltz Operational test of the Air Force F-4D aircraft and the Sparrow 2 (AIM-7) missile, cancelled.
Combat Wheels Air-to-air missile firing program for Air Force fighter aircraft, cancelled.
Combat Wombat Special classified project, cancelled.
Comet Dust An Air Force special project classified.
Comet Guard Former designation of the Air Force's Integrated Satellite program.
Comet Streak An Air Force special project, classified.
Comfort Carrier Air Force support of Military Airlift Command special plan 177. Cancelled.
Comfort Craft Air Force tactical airlift training support, cancelled.
Comfort Select Selection of Air Force crews for airlift competition, cancelled.
Comfort Silver An event held by the Air Force Reserve for nationwide combined tactical airlift and tactical gunnery competition.
Comfort White Air Force staff airlift backup, cancelled.
Comft Dart Air Force air-dropped weapons and munitions effectiveness study, cancelled.
Comfy Alb Test of an automatic development model for use with AN/FLR-9.
Comfy Banner An Air Force automatic processing system.
Comfy Bee Air Force high altitude drone for electronic surveillance and photo reconnaissance missions. Either related to the AQM-34 or the early code name of the Compass Dwell program.
Comfy Blue Air Force designator for the AN/MSQ-90 data collection system, cancelled.
Comfy Box Installing COMPASS EARS type hardware at Air Force sites.
Comfy Boy Electronic Warfare topical studies reports, cancelled.
Comfy Bridle An Air Force secure communications network in Southeast Asia. (Also COMFY DISC, COMFY DOG).
Comfy Bright Air Force production report concerning electro-optical evaluations, cancelled.
Comfy Brute An Air Force engineering installation capability program.
Comfy Buggy Conduct mobile monitor and survey of communications.
Comfy Bull Self-directed deployment program within the Air Force.
Comfy Carbon Quarterly report formerly issued by the USAF Security Service which provided a single source for current electronic warfare information. The report covered changes in the threat environment, equipment parameters (friendly and hostile), equipment and tactics effectiveness, test results, interference, jamming and intrusion. Cancelled.
Comfy Card Air-transportable mobile huts with HF, VHF and UHF radio equipment.
Comfy Cart Conduct communications security survey of communications in facilities operations in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Comfy Chime M-84 Rome Air Development Center rewinder and cleaner prototype machine test.
Comfy Clock Survey of communications security in Southeast Asia air operations.
Comfy Coat AQM-34R related
Comfy Disc Secure communications network in Southeast Asia.
Comfy Dish Service test of AN/FLR-9.
Comfy Dog Secure communications network in Southeast Asia.
Comfy Dozen Air-transportable communications and maintenance hut complex for HF and UHF communications.
Comfy Dragon Operational security program (Air Force).
Comfy Dress Electronic transmission reports of interference, jamming and intrusion, cancelled.
Comfy Falp Modification of C-141 paratroop doors to include a special configuration.
Comfy Fluff Analytic reports concerning anti-ballistic missile tests and exercises in electronic warfare, cancelled.
Comfy Gator Operational program with remote controlled equipment on C-130E aircraft, cancelled.
Comfy Gin Expanded communications security coverage in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Comfy Grill Message identifier in message originated by the National Security Agency when querying the Air Force.
Comfy Harvest Real-time reporting and processing system.
Comfy Hawk Review a threat to Air Force research and development and operational test and evaluation activities.
Comfy Hop Study interference to Space Sensor equipment, cancelled.
Comfy Hound Quarterly report of electronic warfare activities, cancelled.
Comfy Jade Man-portable airborne emergency reaction system.
Comfy Keeper Air Force Security System notification of location of key personnel.
Comfy Levi part of Coronet Solo II/Volant Solo/Commando Solo, 5+ EC-130E(CL) '63-7783' (to C-130E(RR) Rivet Rider), '63-7815', '63-7816', '63-7828', '63-9816', configured for (Senior Scout' and/or Senior Hunter) ELINT/SIGINT missions
Comfy Mat Messages requiring immediate assistance and needed equipment.
Comfy Mower Air Force Security Systems secure voice network KY-8.
Comfy Music Service test of the Watkins-Johnson CEI-555 receiver, cancelled.
Comfy Pantry Movement of high priority cryptologic cargo.
Comfy Papa Direction finding exercise.
Comfy Pike Program to automate field level processing of analytical data, cancelled.
Comfy Rabbit Results of evaluation and analysis of electronic warfare activities in a specific area, cancelled.
Comfy Rifle Theater-produced electronic warfare support planning of combat elements, cancelled.
Comfy Rig Testing of go/no-go test sets at non-FLR-9 sites.
Comfy Rug Monitoring and analytical reporting of communications relating to a presidential trip, cancelled.
Comfy Saddle Air Force secure voice network KY-8.
Comfy Screen Dummy communications preparation with program testing.
Comfy Scribe Electronic warfare associated studies and scenarios, cancelled.
Comfy Silk Ground air secure voice system at the 6924th Security Squadron, cancelled.
Comfy Sleep An interim mobile electronic intelligence system, cancelled.
Comfy Smog A spectrum occupancy study.
Comfy Spook An Air Force Security System program, cancelled.
Comfy Sprout Denotes intelligence messages for the commander at Air Force Security briefings.
Comfy Steed Special research Division (Air Force) monthly summary.
Comfy Sword Studies of non-intentional radiation, cancelled.
Comfy Time Monitor of Air Force frequencies, cancelled.
Comfy Tip Weekly abstract of doctrines and publications relating to electronic warfare.
Comfy Velvet A dial switch intercom system.
Comfy Web A prototype system for upgrading data communications subgroup of the AN/FLR-9.
Comfy World Air Force actions on airborne realignment.
Command Flip Aircraft deployment plan within the Pacific Air Force.
Command Ore Pacific Air Force program, cancelled.
Commando Abandon Hand held camera program, cancelled.
Commando Above Pacific Air Force security police elements for contingencies.
Commando Agent Complete rebuilding of command NF-2 floodlights.
Commando Aid Pacific Air Force special airlift exercise, cancelled.
Commando Aim Pacific Air Force OV-10/O-2 aircraft, cancelled.
Commando Amber Special drug testing program.
Commando Banana Beddown of forces at Korat, cancelled.
Commando Band Pacific Air Force encoding program, cancelled.
Commando Bandit Pacific Air Force operations order 73-3.
Commando Baron Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Force operations plan C-113, cancelled.
Commando Basket A Pacific Air Force airspace violation, cancelled.
Commando Bat Pacific Air Force program to exploit known tactical advantages.
Commando Bearcat Pacific Air Force inspections.
Commando Blade Operations planning conference June 1974.
Commando Bolt Linked to IGLOO WHITE, this program involved high performance aircraft attacking targets detected by air-dropped sensors, cancelled.
Commando Bullet Pacific Air Force fighter weapons meeting.
Commando Bush Interim radar deployments to Korea, cancelled.
Commando Buzz AFSOC OpOrd (?) for EC-121Ss of 193rd SOS, deployed to Thailand 12/1970
Commando Cage Identification of Hawaiian Air Defense Division System air defense exercises, cancelled.
Commando Calf Identify team training exercises conducted by 326th Air Division.
Commando Camera Aerial combat strike photography.
Commando Carpet Western Pacific air traffic control improvement projects.
Commando Cave Recouping high cost local purchase equipment from the Vietnamese Navy, cancelled.
Commando Cave I Recouping high cost local purchase equipment from Thailand.
Commando Challenge Pacific Air Force conference.
Commando Chow Identification of two training missions, cancelled.
Commando Chum Pacific Air Force airlift support program.
Commando Clamp Pacific Air Force training and orientation project, cancelled.
Commando Cork Implementation of Pacific Air Force operations plan 5002.
Commando Cot Program for advertising Pacific Air Force officer job vacancies.
Commando Cousin Pacific Air Force tactical electronic warfare operation, cancelled.
Commando Cricket Air operations central upgrade.
Commando Dancer A Headquarters Pacific Air Force program, cancelled.
Commando Decoy Intra-theater weapon movements within the Pacific Air Force.
Commando Deluxe The 326th Air Division generated alert force capability test, cancelled.
Commando Dent Pacific Air Force logistic airlift support.
Commando Depth Provides Commander In Chief of Pacific Air Force information for possible command-wide action.
Commando Detour Pacific Air Force operations plan C105.
Commando Dialect Implementation of alternate Air Defense Command and Control System, cancelled.
Commando Dock The Kanto Plain communications consolidation.
Commando Domino Pacific Air Force operations plan C-107.
Commando Eagle A directive to Fifth Air Force subordinate units to conduct air defense training sorties.
Commando Echo A Pacific Air Force test of ORI implementing instructions, cancelled.
Commando Edge Taiwan air defense radar improvement program, cancelled.
Commando Elite Close air support for the US Army/Hawaii, cancelled.
Commando Ember Airlift support for Pacific Air Force operations plan C-100, cancelled.
Commando Escort Pacific Air Force commanders command control SSB radio network.
Commando Express Bare Base activation planning.
Commando Face Operations plan 5001 notification.
Commando Fade Pacific Air Force special operations in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Commando Falcon A Pacific Air Force reconnaissance program, cancelled.
Commando Famous Operations plan 5001 notification.
Commando Fasten Exercise of the 326th Air Division/ FAA emergency flush procedures, cancelled.
Commando Film Development of HQ Pacific Air Force 35MM slide depository.
Commando Fix I Maintenance assistance visits to all Pacific Air Force units.
Commando Flame Airlift support to Pacific Air Force operations plan C-100.
Commando Flash Pacific Air Force operations plan C101.
Commando Fly Pacific Air Force operations plan C-103.
Commando Follow Evaluation of the CBU-33 anti-vehicle land mine, cancelled.
Commando Fox Pacific Air Force tactical deception and unconventional warfare program.
Commando Freight Base reopening planning.
Commando Friend Plan for management of Permissive Action Link (PAL).
Commando Fulfill Notification of operations plan 5001.
Commando Fuse Notification of operations plan 5001.
Commando Future Conferences of the Pacific Air Force.
Commando Glow Southeast Asia air traffic control radar improvement program.
Commando Goal Post-Southeast Asia Headquarters manning of Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
Commando Goal II Post-Thailand withdrawal Headquarters manning.
Commando Gold Pacific Air Force operations plan C-100.
Commando Golf Operations plan 5001, cancelled.
Commando Gopher Vietnam navigational aids upgrade, cancelled.
Commando Guard Communications support for base level data automation standard program.
Commando Gun Exercise notification of operations plan 5001, cancelled.
Commando Haste Intra theater shipment between Takhli Air Base and Clark Air Base.
Commando Hawk Pacific Air Force operations plan C-102.
Commando Heed Deployment plan involving AN/ALQ-119.
Commando High Pacific Air Force program due to be effective in 1975, cancelled.
Commando Hoop Pacific Air Force identification of aircraft.
Commando Hornet Pacific Air Force operations plan C-109.
Commando Hunt (I) Campaign, AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail
Commando Hunt II AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail
Commando Hunt III AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail
Commando Hunt IV AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail
Commando Hunt V AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail
Commando Hunt VI AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail
Commando Hunt VII AFSOC (7th AF) OpOrd for sensor-directed interdiction campaign against Ho Chi Minh Trail/supplies from North Vietnam and PRC, end of 1971+
Commando Image A Pacific Air Force special interest airlift mission.
Commando Indian The Air Traffic Regulation Centers (ATRC) segment of the Air Force's Tactical Air Control System, 407L Program.
Commando Jade A Pacific Air Force program to test air support, cancelled.
Commando Joe A tactical Air Force communications system phasedown.
Commando Lava AFSOC OpOrd (?) for C-130 Hercules missions over Laos, 41st TAS
Commando Leaf Pacific Air Force operations plan 32-64.
Commando Magnify A five-year evaluation of future communications requirements undertaken by the Air Force.
Commando Mate Fifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001, cancelled.
Commando Mercury Pacific Air Force Command Advisory Function System.
Commando Nail PACAF OpOrd (?) for F-105Fs, equipped with R-14A radar, low-level night bombing missions, Vietnam
Commando Nector Pacific Air Force Dart II deployment, cancelled.
Commando Negate Pacific Air Force LORAN evaluation, cancelled.
Commando Nick A buffer site, cancelled.
Commando Night Close air support of combined forces exercise, cancelled.
Commando Oblique South Korean photography.
Commando Omega Pacific Air Force ground-based satellite terminals.
Commando Open Fifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
Commando Orange Provides logistic support to ground forward air guides, cancelled.
Commando Out Fifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
Commando Panzer A Pacific Air Force Reconnaissance project, cancelled.
Commando Parka A support program within the Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
Commando Patch Contingency combined effects munition equipment for classified locations.
Commando Pave A Pacific Air Force laser bomb evaluation, cancelled.
Commando Pepper A special Pacific Air Force reconnaissance project, cancelled.
Commando Plug Command anti-drug smuggling program responsibilities.
Commando Pod Logistics support to the AN/ALQ-119 electronic countermeasures pod.
Commando Pouch Pacific Air Force airlift courier high priority mail material and personnel, cancelled.
Commando Queen A Pacific Air Force reconnaissance project, cancelled.
Commando Quilt A Pacific Air Force special logistics project.
Commando Rabbit Establishment of prepositioned communications packages.
Commando Rapid Fifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification, cancelled.
Commando Razor Exercise of emergency recovery bases, cancelled.
Commando Rebound Fifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification, cancelled.
Commando Recall Recall to duty of personnel within the Pacific Air Force.
Commando Rifle A Pacific Air Force reconnaissance project, cancelled.
Commando Ring The CBU-38 munitions initial combat employment, cancelled.
Commando Ripe The Pacific Air Force redistribution of idle programmed equipment project.
Commando Ripple Exercise of Air Force Bases and Facilities in Korea, cancelled.
Commando Robin The high altitude interception training utilizing RB-57F targets.
Commando Round Fifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification, cancelled.
Commando Royal AFSOC OpOrd for KC-135s from CCK and later Kadena AB, to refuel tactical aircraft during Operation Port Bow, 02/1968+
Commando Sabre The F-100F forward air control, cancelled.
Commando Saxon Conduct and support of the College Eye operations program by the Pacific Air Force.
Commando Scarf Special munitions project to be conducted in authorized operational areas, cancelled.
Commando Scope Consolidated communications message distribution centers located on Pacific Air Force bases.
Commando Shackle The aerial surveillance of the III Corps Tactical Zone in Vietnam by units of the Seventh Air Force (CSR).
Commando Shield Pacific Air Force tactical electronic warfare requirements.
Commando Sling PACAF exercise with F-16s from 8th FW, Kunsan AB, Korea, at Paya Lebar AB, Singapore, and Singapore AF F-16s and F-5s
Commando Smite A Pacific Air Force aerial support program, cancelled.
Commando Soap A 15th Air Base Wing operations plan, cancelled.
Commando Solo (I) was Coronet Solo II and Volant Solo, AFSOC OpOrd for EC-130E(RR) Rivet Rider, PsyOps, Radio and TV transmission, and C3CM aircraft, and probably also covers EC-130E(CL) Comfy Levi SIGINT aircraft, operated by 193rd SOW
Commando Solo II AFSOC OpOrd for EC-130E(RR) Rivet Rider, PsyOps and C3CM aircraft, updated to WWCTV standard, 1990s
Commando Spin A novel and inexpensive weapons and procedures program, cancelled.
Commando Squeeze Disposition of 7th Air Force supply and equipment assets, cancelled.
Commando Step A 15th Air Base Wing operations plan, cancelled.
Commando Strike A close air support of combined forces exercise, cancelled.
Commando Surprise A Pacific Air Force program for the interception of air traffic (Korea-Japan).
Commando Sword Implementation of Pacific Air Force operations plan C-128.
Commando Tab 15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
Commando Tackle 15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
Commando Tailor Operation and maintenance of an integrated communications system in Thailand.
Commando Talk 15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification.
Commando Talon A special operations project in the West Pacific.
Commando Test The logistics support given to the AN/ALM-126 test station.
Commando Thrift A test of a maintenance concept concerning office equipment and aircraft avionics.
Commando Thunderstorm A contingency selected acquisition report program for U.S. personnel.
Commando Triple 15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification, cancelled.
Commando Tumble 15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
Commando Turn 15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
Commando Vault The employment of C-130/M-121 delivery system in Southeast Asia.
Commando Wade The 1972-1973 Northeast monsoon interdiction campaign plan.
Commando Wagon Communications test concerning reduced precedence on perishable operations messages, cancelled.
Commando Yield A validation of the 1050-II computer funds records.
Commando Zest A special air defense operation, cancelled.
Compass Add A quick reaction capability (QRC) program initiated during the Vietnam War.
Compass Arrow High-altitude photographic surveillance with secondary infrared and elint functions; AQM-91A RPVs launched by DC-130s to replace U-2s, 1969+
Compass Assist A Naval program involving test of the EA-6B electronic countermeasures system.
Compass Bear Development of a tactical electronics support measures vehicle by the Air Force, cancelled.
Compass Bee A B-52 radar warning system, cancelled.
Compass Bin Low-altitude photographic reconnaissance with onboard recording; AQM-34G/H/J/K/L/M/P/Q/R RPVs launched by DC-130s
Compass Boom A program related to a drone ground launcher.
Compass Brake Installation of KA-51 cameras in Air Force RF-4C aircraft.
Compass Bright Automatic ranging & direction-finding system for cryptologic missions; U-2, related to Compass Cope, Compass Dwell; ground segment AN/FSQ-86
Compass Buffalo Reconnaisance drone; became Compass Cope
Compass Call Command/control/communications jamming; 12+ EC-130H(CC) '62-1862', '65-0989', '73-1581', '73-1583', '73-1584', '73-1585', '73-1586', '73-1587', '73-1588', '73-1592', '73-1594', '73-1595';
Conflict? 6 x EC-130E; proposed for EF-111A; Compass Widget, Rivet Fire
Compass Cape A Rome Air Development Center project for a reconnaissance system involving the TR-1 aircraft.
Compass Clear An Air Force program concerning ALT-16/ALR-46 ECM integration, involving Systems Research Laboratories/Dayton.
Compass Clip Prototype of the RF-102 reconnaissance aircraft, cancelled.
Compass Cookie Program to gather data on the SA-2 'Guideline' SAM and 'Fang Song' radar with SIGINT drones
Compass Cool An infrared countermeasures program (AN/AAR-38) involving warning receivers for transports, forward air control aircraft and helicopters. An Air Force project involving competing models from Cincinnati Electronics (infrared scanning sensor) and Aerojet Electrosystems (staring sensor).
Compass Cope High-altitude long-endurance turbofan-powered drone for signal collection: YQM-94A, YQM-98A; 1972-1976; related to Compass Bright
Compass Count The AN/AVD-2 laser line scanning camera system produced for the Air Force by Perkin-Elmer capable of high resolution photos of target areas during complete darkness without use of conventional illumination techniques. Use is with RF-4C aircraft. An advanced system is designed for Army UH-1D helicopters.
Compass Counter Air Force R&D program for locating radars; Pave Nickel
Compass Crow An electronic warfare update on F/FB-lll aircraft.
Compass Dagger Headquarters Air Force directed support of an OT project.
Compass Dance A signal intelligence receiver development of the QRC-259 (Quick Reaction Capability Program 259).
Compass Dart An Air Force electronic countermeasures system that would enable aircraft to intercept enemy field communications, locate the position and jam the signal. Development by Sanders Associates.
Compass Dawn AQM-34Q (Ryan 147TE) and AQM-34R (Ryan 147TF) SIGINT RPV program to locate ground-based enemy radars; related to Comfy Coat
Compass Dwell Medium-altitude long-endurance piston-engined reconnaissance/SIGINT drone, for emitter location & photography; E-Systems XQM-93A & Martin Marietta Model 845A
Compass Eagle Patricia Lynn RB-57E related project, testing/using an IR scanner; part of the overall Shed Light program ?
Compass Ears A heavily classified tactical intelligence program of the Air Force. It apparently is intended to serve as an emergency airborne backup for US intelligence and communications in Europe, with aircraft-manned and unmanned-flying at 60,000 feet and up believed involved. General Dynamics/Convair and Sperry Univac/Defense Systems associated with it. Airborne communications terminals are involved. Used AN/UYK-14
Compass Falcon A specialized receiver, cancelled.
Compass Flag Purpose of the program is classified but apparently involves a form of airborne reconnaissance in drone form. It involves a modification of the QU-22B aircraft.
Compass Fog An AF Aeronautical Systems Division test fog involving Martin Marietta/Orlando.
Compass Frost A high altitude reconnaissance exploitation test.
Compass Ghost A system developed for investigation of electro-optical countermeasures to be used aboard tactical aircraft.
Compass Glitter An Air Force low frequency chaff test.
Compass Go Internally-mounted active ECM; used with AN/ALR-67; F-14, F-16, F/A-18
Compass Golf Installation of KS-87 cameras in Air Force RF-4C aircraft.
Compass Hammer Advanced electro-optical countermeasures pod; AN/ALQ-179, AN/ALQ-180; tested in F-4
Compass Haste Patricia Lynn RB-57E related project
Compass Hat A special air Force access program, cancelled.
Compass Hawk Air Force development of a recorder and dry film processor, cancelled.
Compass Home Air Force effort (QRC-350, modified AN/APQ-72), a radar pinpointing program to develop a search and destroy missile for the F-4, with Westinghouse as prime; a.k.a. SADRAM
Compass Hunter The Quick Reaction Capability program QRC-72-13, cancelled.
Compass Jack An Air Force program to develop target and activity display systems.
Compass Jade An Air Force program to demonstrate the feasibility of using automatic aids to eliminate redundant and conflicting information from data collected and processed. Contract for $3.1 million awarded by Rome Air Development Center to General Dynamics, Fort Worth, TX.
Compass Jay AN/ALQ-87
Compass Joy An AF Aeronautical Systems Division project involving Industrial Electronics/Mohawk, NJ, and Magnavox/Mahwah, NJ.
Compass Lane Air Force classified Project 8756.
Compass Lift An ECM pod ground handling equipment, cancelled.
Compass Link Facsimile photographic transmission system; used with SATCOM terminals AN/MSC-46, AN/SSC-3, AN/TSC-54
Compass Look USAF Aeronautical Systems Division project involving airborne laser/infrared transmission system for navigational aids.
Compass Mail A chaff development, cancelled.
Compass Matrix Power management of ECM systems; F-4, AN/ALQ-119; related to (or renamed as) Compass Tie
Compass Newton An airborne gravity measuring subsystem, cancelled.
Compass Nickel A program for precisely locating up to 200 signal emitters (radars) along the East German border by using time-of-arrival signal location techniques.
Compass Organ A Tactical Air Command exercise which demonstrated ECM and EW capabilities of RPVs.
Compass Owl Study on modifying the Air Force T-38 aircraft for near real-time reconnaissance, cancelled.
Compass Paint A side looking airborne radar development program.
Compass Pass A defense analysis signal intelligence system for the Strategic Air Command RAD NO 7-64-(1).
Compass Pointer A drone specially equipped for foliage penetration to aid reconnaissance missions in Southeast Asia.
Compass Preview A program to provide a comprehensive single console scheme for the intelligence analyst to handle and exploit reconnaissance imagery with assistance of on-line electronic data processing techniques. Console reduces manpower and time for image exploitation.
Compass Quasar A mobile ground processing equipment system (supplanting the former Transportable Ground Intercept Facility) which, by using dedicated data link, will take the real-time output of the sensors of the TR-1 aircraft, process it, and disseminate it to both air and ground force battlefield commanders.
Compass Queen An improved infrared reconnaissance sensor. (SEAOR 92).
Compass Quick ELINT update on EC-135; allows fine-grain analysis of signals
Compass Ready The ALQ-119/ALQ-131 ECM pod programs.
Compass Robin Air Force program to develop expendable radio frequency sensors that can be covertly ejected from RPVs or drones in areas defended by Soviet SA-2 Fansong radars; delivered by AQM-34M or YAQM-34U; related to AN/ALE-2, AN/ALQ-71
Compass Rose Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) research effort at Wright-Patterson AFB.
Compass Royal An Air Force advanced collection capability.
Compass Sail Air Force/Navy joint programme for C-band & D-band direction finding; AN-ALQ-119, -162; AN/ALR-64, -69; related to Compass Tie
Compass Sail Clockwise Compass Sail modified/developed to handle CW emitters; AN/APR-43; used in A-7, F-4, F-14
Compass See An Air Force project to upgrade ECM systems of the B-52 bomber by developing a flyable brassboard receiver for detection and direction finding of CW and pulsed threat radars, thus resulting in a full-up four channel receiver that will be interfaced with an ALR-46 Radar Warning Receiver.
Compass Senior A German Air Force electronic warfare study.
Compass Seven Electro-optical collection reconnaissance system; RC-135, RF-4C
Compass Sight Air/ground infrared imagery data link; uses C-band link for air/air relay, Ku-band to surface; Patricia Lynn RB-57E, RF-4C; SEAOR-45 (South East Asia Operational Requirement)
Compass Sigma An AN/ALR-46 improvement program.
Compass Spark An Air Force signal intelligence equipment program.
Compass Star A Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) equipment evaluation program, cancelled.
Compass Strike Radar location by time-of-arrival techniques; F-4; QRC-334/385
Compass Swing Countermeasures equipment; F-4, RF-4C
Compass Tie AN/ARL-69, a modification of the AN/ALR-46 ECM set to give the AN/ALQ-119 and AN/ALQ-131 pod a power or jamming management capability; program includes the Compass Sail and an anti-SA-6 missile capability for F-4 (and F-5?); related to Compass Matrix
Compass Trail An Air Force tactical applications research program.
Compass Trip A program to detect illicit poppy (opium) growth.
Compass Widget Command/control/communications jamming: C-130 Compass Call
Compass World A reconnaissance drone developed by Sperry Univac for the Air Force.
Concrete Beet An Air Force base engineering emergency test, cancelled.
Concrete Dagger II A survey of an off-shore area to determine feasibility of construction.
Concrete Sky Development of tactical aircraft shelters by the Air Force.
Concrete Traction An Air Force pavement skid-resistance program, cancelled.
Concrete Yough A program for development and promotion of young civil engineering graduated.
Condeca Aguila Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Constant Angel An Air Force tactical expendable drone for jamming enemy radar.
Constant Awads A joint operational test and evaluation of adverse weather aerial delivery system for C-130 aircraft.
Constant Blue A classified Air Force program.
Constant Bracket An Air Force test of the BSU-11A/B conical fin, cancelled.
Constant Bunker Operational test of a second generation aircraft shelter, cancelled.
Constant Caribou An Air-to-Surface weapon system evaluation program for anti-aircraft systems.
Constant Charm An operational test and evaluation project for FB-111 aircraft, cancelled.
Constant Cluster The initial operational test and evaluation of improved cluster munitions.
Constant Code A laser guided bomb test.
Constant Cone Operational test and evaluation of the AIM-7F missile.
Constant Data The initial operational test and evaluation of an in-flight data transmission system.
Constant Dot Operational test and evaluation of the GBU-1/B laser guided Rockeye, cancelled.
Constant Fall A comparison of glass and aluminum chaff.
Constant Fix The initial operational test and evaluation of the air combat maneuvering range (ACMR), cancelled.
Constant Green MH-53H Pave Low upgrade program
Constant Guard (I) Deployment of tactical aircraft to SEA, 04/06/1972+
Constant Guard IIA Deployment of 12 KC-135, Task Force established at Clark Field, 05/02/1972
Constant Guard IIB Deployment of 11 KC-135, Task Force established at Clark Field, 05/10/1972
Constant Guard III Deployment of 4 F-4 squadrons from Holloman AFB, NM, to SEA, 05/03/1972
Constant Guard IV Deployment of tactical aircraft to SEA, 1972 ?
Constant Guard V Deployment of 48 F-111s to Takhli RTAFB, 09/1972
Constant Guard VI Deployment of 72 A-7Ds to Korat RTAFB, 11/1972
Constant Hit An improved air-to-air missile reliability study.
Constant Help USAF, classified tactical support program
Constant Hornet A tactical air-to-surface weapon system evaluation program.
Constant Image Operational test and evaluation of modified AN/AAS-18 IR system for RF-4C aircraft.
Constant Improvement Operational test and evaluation of planning, analytic, and evaluation capabilities.
Constant Keystone The program is handled by the Sacramento Air Logistics Center, no details are known.
Constant Lapes Additional joint Army/Air Force operational test and evaluation of 1528 LAPES.
Constant Link An Air Force special study group.
Constant Locust An Air Force Europe air-to-surface weapon system evaluation program, cancelled.
Constant Madge A test and evaluation of a United Kingdom approach and landing system.
Constant Noise A Quick Look test of electro-optical guided bomb system, cancelled.
Constant Owl A surface-to-air missile electronic warfare threat simulator installed at the RAF Electronic Warfare Training Range at Spadeadam in the UK. The simulator will be used jointly by RAF and USAFE aircrews under an agreement whereby the US provides the simulator and the British operate the range.
Constant Peg Air Combat Training with MiGs from 4477th TES, at TTR, early 1980s - 03/1988, follow-on to Have Idea
Constant Phoenix OpOrd for WC-135B, missions, 1965+
Constant Press Air Force support aircraft.
Constant Quality Operational test .and evaluation of a concept for evaluating and enhancing reconnaissance system performance.
Constant Rap Additional ABNCP Autovon ground entry points.
Constant Ring Operational test and evaluation of the FMU-56C/B proximity fuze.
Constant Score Initial operational test and evaluation of the Babcock bomb/rocket scoring system, cancelled.
Constant Snake Pacific Air Force air-to-surface weapon system evaluation program, cancelled.
Constant Spider Strategic Air Command air-to-surface weapon system evaluation program, cancelled.
Constant Spike An Air Force bomb damage assessment program, cancelled.
Constant Spur An Air Force project for development of a series of vans to simulate a high density electro-magnetic environment for aircraft to fly against.
Constant Static An air-to-ground communication test.
Constant Sweep An Air Force investigation of Southeast Asia F-111A combat losses in 1972.
Constant Tape A playback of video tapes.
Constant Test Activation of the Air Force test and evaluation center.
Constant Threat Operational test deployment of the Advanced Location Strike System (ALSS), cancelled.
Constant Track Operational test and evaluation of a forward looking infrared set in the RF-4C aircraft.
Constant Train An evaluation of aircraft tactics, cancelled.
Constant Trump Operational test and evaluation of the improved 2.75 inch rocket system.
Constant Visual VFR low altitude, high speed routes.
Constant Volume A deployment evaluation and demonstration of the AWACS APR-75.
Constant Wake A test to evaluate potential anti-ship munitions.
Constant Watch Program supporting Pacific Air Force's (PACAF's) development of an automated C3 system to aid in force management; will consolidate communications, intelligence gathering and dissemination, and data- processing capabilities and facilities, as well as provide operations support, airlift control, and weather information. The system is designed to improve the management of both US and Republic of Korea forces in the Korean theatre.
Contract Pine Contingency planning for logistic support.
Cool Barge Designation of the annual resupply of Alaskan remote stations.
Cool Dart Operations of the Blying sound gunnery range, cancelled.
Cool Hideout An Air Force supply cache for emergencies.
Cool Midget Utilization and support of the 25th TASS.
Cool Phantom F-4E operation plan in Alaska.
Cool Power Logistic support for AAC prime power diesel spares.
Cool Range Alaskan Air Command weapons range policies.
Cool Shoot F-4 fire control and missile verification program.
Cool Star Dissimilar air combat maneuvering training.
Cool Stuff An Air defense project, cancelled.
Cool Tent The logistics support of' the Alaskan Air Command field operations.
Cool Water Flood prevention and possible evacuation of Galena Air Force Station.
Cooper Cap An Air Force career action plan.
Cooperative Chance Exercise, air defense (peace support/enforcement of 'no-fly zone'), NATO and PFP, anually (CC '98: Zvolen, Slovakia, 07/05/1998 - 07/10/1998)
Cooperative Zenith Exercise, CAS/FAC/SAR, NATO and PFP, anually (CZ '98: Davis-Monthan AFN, AZ, 05/06/1998 - 05/14/1998)
Cope Jade Joint US South Korean military exercises held periodically in the Republic of Korea and its contiguous waters. The latest was designated COPE JADE 81-1.
Cope Strike X-ray A military exercise in Korea which tested ROK Army and Air Force fire power and joint combat operations. Fairchild A-10 participated.
Cope Thunder Exercise, PACAF-sponsored, Joint and Foreign participation, 4 annually, 1976 to 1992, Clark AB, Philippines, since then in Alaska, at Eielson AFB and Elmendorf AFB (CT 98-02: 05/04/1998 - 05/18/1998, CT 98-03: 06/04/1998 - 06/19/1998, CT 98-04: 07/09/1998 - 07/24/1998)
Copper Canyon DARPA hypersonic research program, 1983-1986; investigated air-breathing hypersonic propulsion for SSTO concepts; was superseded by X-30 NASP (National Aerospace Plane) program
Copper Coast USAF tactical evaluation and analysis program
Copper Impact An Air Force program to improve modern pricing and costing techniques.
Copper Quality An Air Force quality assurance improvement program.
Corn Target A program within the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability Program (QRC).
Cornerstone Exercise, USAFE-sponsored, bi-lateral, PfP, Joint Service Engineering, USA and Republic of Macedonia, 2000-3: 06/05/2000 (?) - 06/23/2000
Corona Ace A review of USAF's air-to-air capabilities which revealed both the need and means for improving air-to-air combat skills and hardware.
Corona Harvest An Air Force evaluation of effectiveness in Southeast Asia.
Corona Lock An Air Force program for security of arms and munitions.
Corona News A NATO electronic warfare support program.
Corona Quest A B-1 program ad hoc group.
Coronet Ace An evaluation of TACS capability for airspace control.
Coronet Aid Air Force forces headquarters.
Coronet Arlington Memorial flyover plan.
Coronet Bacon Tactical Air Command redeployment.
Coronet Bare A demonstration of the Air Force's instant air base for tactical fighter units deployed to remote fields.
Coronet Bell An Air Force tactical deployment.
Coronet Beverly Air Force (COMTAC) weapons system test plan.
Coronet Bolo Redeployment of Tactical Air Command air assets from Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Coronet Bolt Tactical Air Command deployment.
Coronet Brake An Air Force retardation project, cancelled.
Coronet Brass An Airlift demonstration.
Coronet Bridge Electronic warfare training kits for foreign military sales.
Coronet Brief Electronic warfare training briefing kits.
Coronet Cape Support of a U.S. Navy test by the Air Force.
Coronet Carrier A program for national transportation in time of crisis.
Coronet Claymore Tactical Air Command commanders high frequency single sideband network.
Coronet Clear A joint TAC/AFSC study group which recommended solutions to provide a jam-resistant secure voice communications system for TAC.
Coronet Command A program to examine C3 relationships in broad front operations.
Coronet Cove A-7D detachment at Howard AFB, Panama, 1979 - 2/1990
Coronet Doctor A special Air Force air mission, cancelled.
Coronet Dragon A Tactical Air Command operations security program.
Coronet Eagle Headquarters Tactical Air Command OBI recall program.
Coronet East Aircraft deliveries to North Atlantic and European Areas, cancelled.
Coronet Echo An Air Force program involving RPV/ aerial target drones.
Coronet Express Air Force TCA scheduled navigation training flights.
Coronet Exxon Tactical Air Command redeployment.
Coronet Flick Air Force ANG support of reconnaissance tasks, cancelled.
Coronet Flirt An Air Force evaluation of the capabilities of F-111 aircraft.
Coronet Forest A MAFFS modular airborne fire fighting system.
Coronet Glance An Air Force non-notice inspection.
Coronet Guardrail Deployment of EC-47 aircraft to USAF Europe.
Coronet Hammer Deployment of F-111D aircraft to England.
Coronet Havoc F-117A deployed to Gilze-Rijen, Netherland, 1997 ?
Coronet Holiday Use of Holloman AFB by Air National Guard.
Coronet Hook Air Force unit deployment.
Coronet Hurry Deployment of aircraft within the Tactical Air Command.
Coronet Jay Air Force strike operations plan 100.
Coronet Judy An Air Force aircraft deployment program.
Coronet Lightning Tactical Forces for worldwide employment program.
Coronet Log An Air Force rotation program, cancelled.
Coronet Longlink Exchange visits between Air Force and Royal Air Force airlift units.
Coronet Moon Air Force support to the Apollo program, cancelled.
Coronet Nature A natural disaster photo.
Coronet Nighthawk Deployment for Anti-Narcotics Operations, to Curaçao, South America, ANG F-16 units, reporting to USSOUTHCOM and 12th AF; 11/1999-12/1999: 6 16Cs from 120th FS, CO-ANG; 01/2000-03/2000: 121st FS, DC-ANG; 04/2000-current: 178th FS, ND-ANG; 08/2000-11/2000: USAF unit, Hill AFB, UT)
Coronet North Aircraft deliveries to Alaska.
Coronet Oak C-130 rotation program.
Coronet Optic Reconnaissance support of the Alaskan Air Command.
Coronet Organ Operation conducted by the Tactical Air Command involving flight trails of a drone. The drone was equipped with various ECM equipment including chaff, decoys and jamming gear.
Coronet Organ IX An evaluation of the tactical frequency management system.
Coronet Par An Air Force unit deployment program.
Coronet Photo Air Force drop zone photograph operational plan, cancelled.
Coronet Pine C-130 aircraft rotation to Europe.
Coronet Punch An aircraft deployment program.
Coronet Rainbow Air Force survival recovery and reconstitution program.
Coronet Real An Air Force program to develop ideas for increasing realism in day-to-day gunnery training.
Coronet Recoil A threatened or actual work stoppage.
Coronet Reel Air Force inspection of Tactical Air Command RTUS, cancelled.
Coronet Response Accelerated processing of A-7D spares requirements.
Coronet Ride Continuity of operations program.
Coronet Rondo Tactical Air Command redeployment.
Coronet Roundup An Air Force program conducted to eradicate screw worm.
Coronet Ruby The Air Force supplied this electronic warfare range system to Iran so it could train air crews in tactics against simulated Soviet-designed air defenses.
Coronet Saber A Tactical Air Command deployment program.
Coronet Sandpiper F-15A detatchment of 32nd TFS at Camp New Amsterdam (Soesterberg AB), 09/13/1978
Coronet Satellite ADC/SAC satellite support by Air National Guard and Reserve Airlift forces.
Coronet Score A formal security test, cancelled.
Coronet Search A Tactical Air Command radar support program for air defense of the southern United States, cancelled.
Coronet Shamrock Tactical airlift competition program.
Coronet Sierra ADC support for Tactical Air Command unconventional warfare training.
Coronet Slice An Air Force unit deployment program.
Coronet Solo (I) OpOrd for EC-121S electronic surveillance aircraft; QRC-294
Coronet Solo II OpOrd for EC-130E(RR) Rivet Rider and EC-130E(CL) Comfy Levi, PsyOp, WWCTV, C3CM, 1970s, to Volant Solo
Coronet South Aircraft deliveries to Central and South America, cancelled.
Coronet Spider 22 2 B-52s with AGM-142s of the 2nd BW deployed (on a "global power mission") from Barksdale AFB, LA, to Andersen AFB, Guam, and Osan AB, Korea, early 03/2000
Coronet Stallion A USAF evaluation of the Corsair II aircraft when it entered operation in Vietnam in 1967. Four officers and 21 airmen amassed almost 1,200 hours on the A-7A.
Coronet Steam An evaluation and training program in communications and electronics.
Coronet Steed Air Force concepts for employment of ground sensor technology.
Coronet Task ECM support for Tactical Air Command unconventional warfare training.
Coronet Thor A joint US/West German exercise held in 1974 during which strike RPVs were demonstrated.
Coronet Thud A practice operational readiness inspection of the 193rd Tactical Electronic Warfare group.
Coronet Thunderbird Airlift support for the Thunderbird aircraft squadron.
Coronet Vox A single side-band communication test for Tactical Air Command deployment aircraft.
Coronet West Aircraft deliveries to Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
Coronet White An operational readiness inspection.
Coronet Wire A trailing wire antenna mission program.
Cotton Candy OpOrd for KC-135A-II / RC-135D Office Boy, and KC-135A Rivet Stand missions, 1962-1965+
Courageous Channel Exersise, semi-annual NEO, Osan AB, Korea, Courageous Channel 2000-1: 03/24/2000-03/26/2000
Cover All [...]
Covered Wagon An Air Force up-channel report of actual or probable hostile action.
Covert Strike An Air Force program to develop technology for bistatic radar.
Crazy Cat A related system to CRAZY DOG employing an optical jamming system.
Crazy Dog Initial effort on an electronic countermeasures system for light Army aircraft under contract to TRW Systems for jamming enemy battlefield communications from formation. Follow-on effort termed CEFIRM LEADER.
Crazy Horse SIGINT program based on the DHC Dash 7
Credible Chase 17 AU-23A '72-1304' - '72-1318' and 17 AU-24A '72-1319' - '72-1333' mini-gunships/COIN aircraft for the RTAF and Cambodian AF
Credible Comet Air Force project to formulate Tactical Electronic Warfare (TEW) operations and to provide for actions required to enhance TEW capabilities.
Credible Crusade Vietnam Air Force improvement and modernization planning.
Credible Light FY70 posture film.
Credible Sport 3 YMC-130H, modified for STOL with rockets, intended for Iran hostage rescue attempt
Creek Acre An Air Force intelligence exchange program. CREEK ACTION - HQ USAFE relocation to Ramstein Air Base.
Creek Admin Upgrade of administrative systems in USAFE/DA.
Creek Ale Air Force unit rotations.
Creek Amber An increased vigilance program of the Air Force.
Creek Arrow Air Force operations ordnance 826-68.
Creek Aspen An Air Force Europe intelligence exchange program.
Creek Bank Air Force unit deployment.
Creek Bath Air Force communications line.
Creek Beaver Exercise of immediate air request, cancelled.
Creek Bee Aircraft deployment, cancelled.
Creek Black An Air Force normal security program.
Creek Blaze Identification of an Air Force communications line.
Creek Bolt A Long Range Aid to Navigation (LORAN) program.
Creek Boy A night/day photo program of the Air Force in Europe.
Creek Bronco An Air Force program which is classified.
Creek Buff An Air Force classified program.
Creek Bullet A munitions enhancement program and special study.
Creek Cap A 17th Air Force operations ordnance, cancelled.
Creek Castle A classified Air Force intelligence program.
Creek Chart A classified Air Force program.
Creek Checkmate Periodic deployment of a mobile radar facility (TAGS), cancelled.
Creek Claw A classified intelligence project.
Creek Coin A classified intelligence program.
Creek Corps Tactical Air Command reconnaissance in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Creek Crow An Air Force aircraft deployment program.
Creek Cruiser An Air Force medical UHF command and control network.
Creek Dawn An Air Force classified intelligence project.
Creek Dealer Coordination procedures in support of USAFE operations plan 4607.
Creek Delta Air Force Europe all-weather bombing capability.
Creek Diamond Coordination of Air Force regulation 60-16.
Creek Direct Official Air Force mail processing system.
Creek Dirk F-5E aggressor squadron activation.
Creek Dixie A communication circuit cover name.
Creek Donkey Name of an Air Force aircraft.
Creek Door An Air Force intelligence project.
Creek Dora An Air Force ECM training program, cancelled.
Creek Eagle An F-15 tour.
Creek Ears A European initial operational test and evaluation of the Air Force security system COMPASS EARS.
Creek Energy An energy conservation program.
Creek Ensemble Special uniforms for USAFE logistics units.
Creek Falcon Identification of the KC-135 tail number 638020.
Creek Fire Individual technical electronic systems.
Creek Flash Immediate action mail for commanders, cancelled.
Creek Flea An airlift support mission.
Creek Flush An Annex A USAFE operations plan 4607.
Creek Glass An Air Force Tactical Electronic Receiver (TEREC) demonstration, cancelled.
Creek Glitter An Air Force emergency destruction plan.
Creek Grab An Air Force classified intelligence project.
Creek Grass An Annex A USAFE operations plan 4607, cancelled.
Creek Gravel A USAFE GOS Forward Air Controller field mission, cancelled.
Creek Hat An interim ECM support forces program, cancelled.
Creek Hatrack A test of the capabilities of reconnaissance and intelligence communication facilities.
Creek Help A classified Air Force intelligence project.
Creek Hercules USAFE operational ordnance 824-68.
Creek Jet NATO southern region reconnaissance operations, cancelled.
Creek Jumps Air Force support of the Joint Uniform Military Pay System.
Creek Knife USAFE program plan 4707-71, cancelled.
Creek Link USAFE secure airlift control and communication system.
Creek Magpie An Air Force intelligence project.
Creek Maid A technical electronic system of the Air Force.
Creek Mambo USAFE operations plan 4320.
Creek Mango A sensitive Air Force intelligence project.
Creek Misty Report procedures support of USAFE operations plan 4607.
Creek Misty Support program associated with COBRA MIST.
Creek Moss Individual technical electronic systems.
Creek Nail An interim PAVE SPIKE program.
Creek Offset Aircraft employment.
Creek Party Deployment and redeployment of Air National Guard KC-97L aircraft.
Creek Pebble Identification of a communications line.
Creek Phantom TFW operations ordnance 890.
Creek Picador USAFE operations plan of air defense training in Spain, cancelled.
Creek Pinch A project involving direct support of a non-USAF agency.
Creek Ploy A munitions loadout program, cancelled.
Creek Plum Aircraft shelter modifications to accommodate the F-15.
Creek Point Deployment of ground directed bombing system to USAFE, cancelled.
Creek Port Identification of an Air Force communications line.
Creek Post An Air Force intelligence project.
Creek Rail An operations ordnance 4873 of the USAFE.
Creek Rain USAFE operations plan 4607.
Creek Reach Air Force support of a Strategic Air Command order 60-72-05.
Creek Recoil The recall of 52TFW aircraft on a local training mission.
Creek Red Selective Air Force posting.
Creek Rib A program to provide the U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) with information of an operational nature. USAF furnishes equipment, logistics, and engineering support. Most countries provide real estate, operating personnel, and collection results. The project called for dismantling Loran sites in the Western U.S. and relocating them in West Germany; it involved three transmitters and a monitor site.
Creek Road A special Air Force special purpose aircraft.
Creek Rock An individual technical electronic system of the Air Force.
Creek Roost Recall of tactical aircraft on a local training mission.
Creek Ruby Reconnaissance operations plan of the Air Force.
Creek Saber USAFE programming plan 4706-70, cancelled.
Creek Saber II USAFE programming plan 4751-74.
Creek Sand Air Force individual technical electronic systems.
Creek Savior An Air Force emergency refueling of tactical aircraft plan.
Creek Scope A USAFE radar bombing competition, cancelled.
Creek Scorpion A classified Air Force intelligence project.
Creek Silver Operational support to USAFE operations plan 4607.
Creek Snake Special Air Force airlift operations.
Creek Sunshine Reconnaissance operations from Aviano Air Base, Italy, cancelled.
Creek Swap USAFE/USAREUR exchange of facilities.
Creek Tally Weapons training operations at USAFE weapons training sites.
Creek Talon T-38 aggressor squadron activation, cancelled.
Creek Toni Operation of rotational C-130 aircraft in Turkey.
Creek Trap An Air Force close air support program, cancelled.
Creek Troy Tactical air support operations within the Air Force.
Creek Wagon Classified Air Force special equipment.
Creek Water Identification of Air Force communication line.
Creek Wave Air Force anti-ship warfare training.
Creek Yucca An Air Force intelligence collection project.
Crested Alligator Identification of a U-1 aircraft.
Crested Cap III USAF participation in the Reforger III exercise.
Crested Clasp Air Force support to the Apollo/Soyuz mission.
Crested Dove Special B-52D/F aircraft and AGM-28B missiles.
Crested Dragon Air Force chemical and biological munitions capability and equipage.
Crested Falcon Non-nuclear munitions capabilities and equipage.
Crested Isle A base development program.
Crested Rooster Air Force project involving a variety of telemetry equipment including a telemetry receiver, multicoupler, oscillograph, crystal oscillator and recorder-reproducer.
Crested Sky Air Force support to Skylab program, cancelled.
Crew Ball Ground operations in support of CREW DRIVER program.
Crew Bravo An Air Force worldwide diagnostic collection operation.
Crew Cop Research measurements at selected sites, cancelled.
Crew Dice Domestic airborne operations in support of HQ USAF.
Crew Driver Overall AFTAC operations in the South Pacific.
Crew Mark AFTAC worldwide surface collection operation.
Crew Star Air Force special operations program.
Crew Time Simulated unattended operations at selected sites, cancelled.
Cross Ears A program that uses a Univac 1830 computer and supports electronics security while also having application in national intelligence missions.
Cross Jade A program that uses a PDP-1160 computer and supports electronics security while also being applicable to national intelligence missions.
Cross Legs A ground-based surveillance and early warning radar which the Chinese Communists developed.
Cross Trak [...]
Crown Helo Classified Navy program in research and development.
Cry Pie Army development involving a 155 mm projectile armed with tear gas.
Cuban Candy OpOrd, see Burning Candy
Cut Back Operation [...]
Cutlass Spirit A classified Marine Corps program.
Cutty Sark A highly classified Navy program under the Naval Electronics Systems Command with GTE as prime contractor.

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