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La Faire Vite An electronic warfare console built by Harris for the Army Security Agency and deployed in the Harz Mountains, West Germany. The system uses digitally modulated microwave radios to beam intelligence information to the central LFV control center in Wurmburg. (See LE FAIRE VITE.)
Laffing Eagle V-SCAN direction finding system installed by Army aboard RU-21 aircraft.
Lafine Wine II Army Electronics Materiel Readiness Activity project involving IBM; computer communications software for Augsburg.
Lamartin [...]
Large Eddy NASA project under Ames Research Center.
Large Richard A 14-inch air-to-ground rocket that never got into production.
Laser Train Army M-16 training system involving laser beams and television. A four-ounce gallium arsenide transmitter on an MILAI rifle replica fires a harmless beam of light at a target console which resembles a television set; a TV camera inside the target relays the position of the "hit." Firing can be accomplished from standing, kneeling or prone positions.
Law Code Response to crash of A-12 (60-6928/Article 125) in January 1967
Le Faire VITE Classified ground-based eavesdropping system, built by Harris Electronic Systems/ Melbourne, FL for the Army Security Agency to deploy along the Iron Curtain in West Germany and to monitor communications and radar in real time. (See also LA FAIRE VITE.)
Le Fox Green Classified communications system of the Army Security Agency which uses the AN/FSQ-88 (V1) computer system, involving GTE Sylvania/Mountain View, CA. RFTPs for documentation of the government-owned software used in this system were requested by the Army Electronics Materiel Readiness Activity, Vint Hill Farms Station, VA. (See also LE FOX PURPLE.)
Le Fox Grey VHF/UHF communication intercept system. The Army will use the system on the RU-( ) reconnaissance aircraft.
Le Fox Purple Classified communications system of the Army Security Agency which uses the AN/FSQ-88 (V2) computer system. RFTPs for documentation of the government-owned software used in this system were requested by the Army Electronics Materiel Readiness Activity, Vint Hill Farms Station, VA. (See also LE FOX GREEN.)
Leap Frog An Air Force test of helicopter communications via satellite to extend the range of transmission.
Lefair Fox The Army Tank-Automotive Command issued a contract to Millers Trailers in FY74 for rework, repair and modification of the XM703 tank for the LEFAIR FOX system. Included in the contract were three M313 semitrailers. No other details concerning the system are known.
Lefirm Armor A highly classified Army program relating to an intelligence project.
Left Foot An improved airborne communications intelligence collection and direction finding system configured in an RU-21 Army aircraft.
Left Foot COMINT program based on RU-21D/E; active from 1966
Lefur Lost Army Electronics Command program to procure downed airmen radios.
Leo Reagan-era strategic intelligence program for the nuclear war planners
Lightning Bug Ryan 147B RPV development under Big Safari, follow one from project Fire Fly, operational 08/1964-12/1965
Lima Mike TTF OpOrd for KC-135s from US and oversea bases, refueling fighters on Trans-Pacific deployments, 1962+
Linear Chair A classified project within the Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) program. A Naval Ship R&D Center project involving Dynatrend, Inc.
Linear Chance Part of the Navy's program to use porpoises to hunt for and mark or neutralize bottom mines.
Linear Chek A countermeasures program within the Navy's Advanced Marine Biological Systems, initiated in FY75 and thought to involve marine mammals.
Linear Hose A classified Surface Electronic Warfare project.
Linear Log A Naval program directed toward a swimmer support system using dolphins.
Linear Shark Classified Navy program.
Linear Sweep A mine hunting and neutralization program in which porpoises are used to locate bottom mines.
Linear Tank Classified Navy program.
Linear Unicorn Classified Navy program.
Linear Unicorn Classified Navy program.
Linebacker (I) Operation/Campaign, bombing of North Vietnam, 05/10/1972 - 10/10/1972
Linebacker II Operation/Campaign, bombing of North Vietnam, 12/18/1972 - 12/29/1972
Link Iron USN, tactical RDT&E program, Project U2136
Link Plumeria USN, tactical RDT&E program
Linked Seas Exercise, NATO, LS '00: 05/01/2000 - 05/12/2000, included two missions of RQ-4Q AV-4 '98-2004', from Eglin AFB, FL, to Portugal
Lisa Ann 1 RC-135E (originally C-135B-II) '62-4137', 1963-01/1967, to Rivet Amber, modified under Big Safari
Litter Bug Operation, AQM-34H drones dropping propaganda leaflets in Vietnam
Little Brother Study to equip Cessna Model 337 Super Skymaster as gunship
Little Crow 4 NT-39As, '59-2870', '59-2873', '60-3474', '60-3476', used as ECM threat simulators, see Big Crow and King Crow
Locker Box A threat assessment analysis study conducted by GTE Sylvania for the Marines.
Log Lift I Operation conducted in 1970 which evaluated off-shore discharge of container ships.
Log Lift II 30-day airhead clearance operation to evaluate the Army's medium lift helicopter capability for sustained operation. The exercise also further evaluated Army air terminal equipment and personnel for compatibility with USAF systems.
Log Lift III An Army operation to evaluate depot-to-user support of a division force.
Lonesome Tiger A program involving equipping old B-16 and newer OV-10 aircraft with night vision sensors as part of the Air Force's overall night vision programs. Renamed PAVE NAIL for the OV-10.
Long Drink This operation involves tests to keep helicopters in the air for long periods through fueling constantly via an aluminum tube to the ground.
Long Knife A target acquisition system as a follow-on to the Pave Knife Air Force pods. Ford Aerospace & Communications is the contractor.
Long Legs Operation, [...]
Long Needle A project to improve the communications of 492L for which Collins Radio has done some work. The system employs fully automatic transmitter and receiver sites with voice and data transmission capabilities.
Long Thrust [...]
Look Improvement Also known as Big Look Improvement Program (BLIP), this is a Navy program involving improvement of equipment aboard EC-121 electronic warfare aircraft.
Looking Glass SAC Airborne National Command Post (ABNCP) program to maintain command and control of US forces after a nuclear attack, usually based on the EC-135E. Employs the AN/ARC-89(V) airborne secure UHF multiplex communications system.
Loop Bomb Navy project under the Naval Air Systems Command.
Loyal Way A test and evaluation of command and control techniques by the USAF Air University, cancelled.
Lucky Boy ?
Lucky Dragon Initial U-2 deployment to OL-20 (Bien Hoa), see also Giant Dragon and Trojan Horse

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