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Eagle Eye A configuration of the LTN-51 inertial navigational unit manufactured by Litton Systems Inc. / Woodland Hills, CA. Modification work on the unit was funded by ASD.
Eagle Eye III An electro-optical sensor developed by Air Force Avionics Laboratory engineers that gives pilots a radar display of approaching aircraft for identification and target acquisition.
Eagle Pull Operation, Evacuation of Phnom Penh
Early Bird Communications satellite manufactured by Hughes, designated HS-303, a version of its SYNCOM 2, Synchronous Communications, satellite used by the Communications Satellite Corporation to initiate its interim system. Early Bird-1, formally designated INTELSAT-1 (International Telecommunications Satellite), was the world's first commercial communications satellite.
Early Spring An early Navy anti-satellite concept which would have employed submarine launch of a missile fired to altitude where it would hover up to 90 seconds while waiting for the target to approach.
Early Start An Air Force project for a blunt-end internally-carried bomb.
Egyptian Goose A DARPA study to determine the feasibility of suspending a surveillance radar from a tethered balloon over a combat area to get a close look at well-defended enemy positions as a substitute for exposing a manned observation aircraft to hazardous gunfire. It is also used to detect incoming unidentified aircraft.
Eight Bells 79 One in an annual series of regional command post exercises designed to examine the command and control procedures of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and selected unified and specified commands under simulated crisis/combat conditions. EIGHT BELLS 79 was to have been held in the Korean area with South Korean participation but was postponed.
Eighth Card Program for testing tactical military applications of lasers, especially short-range uses. The program is now called THERMAL WEAPONRY.
El Dorado Canyon Operation, attack on 'terrorist' targets in Libya, 04/1986
Electric Brick An electronic heat source version of HOT BRICK infrared countermeasures system being developed by the Navy with Sanders Associates.
Electronic Fence DOD program to create an electronic barrier across the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Vietnam consisting of various anti-intrusion devices, detection and warning systems; it became the Automated Battlefield.
Elegant Lady USAF, classified tactical program
Eligible Receiver Exercise, DOD, testing vulnerability of US Infrastructure to 'cyber attacks', three-months during 1997
Ember Dawn A Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
End Game Two efforts have been identified under this code name. The first is a DARPA/Army Missile Command program involving evaluation of aircraft equipped with advanced weapons; the second involves a Naval Weapons Center RFP for the design and fabrication of an END GAME simulator and optical system to be used for simulating a missile seeker's range closure on a target.
Enduring Freedom Operation, "OEF", "Global War on Terrorism", Central Command, attack on Taliban and alQuaeda Terrorist Network in Afghanistan, 10/xx/2001 - 02/24/2003+
Enhance Plus A project related to supplying aircraft and equipment transfers from other countries to Vietnam.
Epervier Operation, [...]
Exotic Dancer Joint exercise involving Navy, Army, Marine and Air Force units.

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