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Pacer Ace A landing gear analytical condition inspection program.
Pacer Acorn The transfer of UH-1 and CH-47 helicopters to support the Royal Vietnamese Navy.
Pacer Acquire AFLC managed system acquisitions
Pacer Air A program to expedite delivery and installation of the XM-93 system.
Pacer Alaska Annual logistics support to Dew Line sites.
Pacer Amber Air Force Logistics Command support of the HH-53 helicopter program, cancelled.
Pacer Angler A Strategic Air Command KC-135A conversion program.
Pacer Apple Identification of shipments of ground electronic equipment and repairable items.
Pacer Ash A resupply program for destroyed assets.
Pacer Axe Support of a prototype aircraft.
Pacer Bandit Support of counter-narcotics missions
Pacer Bargain Movement of the 3097 AVN squadron to Barksdale AFB, cancelled.
Pacer Baron The conversion of C-7A aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Basin Annual logistics support of the Dew Line sites.
Pacer Bass Movement of non-DOD cargo.
Pacer Baton Air Force Logistics Command support of TACAMO program.
Pacer Beaver Multi-service support of the AUTOSEVOCOM program.
Pacer Bell An excess inventory reduction program.
Pacer Bench A technical control link for performance assessment.
Pacer Bend A camera modification for the RF-5, cancelled.
Pacer Bits A depot maintenance material project, cancelled.
Pacer Blaze Replacement of A-37B aerospace ground equipment, cancelled.
Pacer Blink Conversion of HH-3E aircraft.
Pacer Bloom A Boeing-built prototype modification kit for improving high-density B-52 bomb preloading facilities. The kit would replace the MJ-1 bomb lift now in use within B-52 preload facilities.
Pacer Boat USAF T58-T64 engine overhaul performed by the US Navy.
Pacer Boom Related to aerial refueling aircraft (no further details available)
Pacer Box An Air Force requirement program for crash and battle damaged aircraft.
Pacer Brace Landing gear side brace rework for C/EC/KC/RC/WC-135 aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Branch A SMAMA prime radar equipment support requirement for an Iranian program.
Pacer Brass Identification of the movement of C-141 landing gear.
Pacer Bright Identification of F-4 assets.
Pacer Brown F-100 aircraft aerospace support equipment returned from Europe for the Air National Guard, cancelled.
Pacer Burn A project (No. 982) with the Royal Vietnamese Navy, cancelled.
Pacer Burst Resupply of the Vietnam Air Force, cancelled.
Pacer Byte Implementation of an ALS task force.
Pacer Cactus Delivery of remaining T-53 tooling, cancelled.
Pacer Camel Merchant vessel 'Green Valley' in support of CENTCOM
Pacer Cap A special holding account for AFSATCOM aerospace ground equipment.
Pacer Carry Control vehicle for a Vietnamese project, cancelled.
Pacer Castle Strategic Air Command KC-135 redeployment.
Pacer Cedar Ford Aerospace & Communications/ Palo Alto, CA, performed engineering and other technical services for the Air Force under this nickname. The effort may involve survivable communications. (See PROGRAM 487L and PROGRAM 487M).
Pacer Century F-15 testing F100-PW engines, to max. operating time to 750 hours
Pacer Challenge A middle management orientation program.
Pacer Change An electronic assessment control center transfer program, cancelled.
Pacer Chariot Support for Egyptian air force
Pacer Chase Logistics support of F-ill aircraft.
Pacer Check Supply support for FAA KC-135 aircraft.
Pacer Clam Management of F-15 operational aerospace ground equipment.
Pacer Clasp An Air Force Security Service NORS requisition program.
Pacer Clay A TF41A1 engine update program, cancelled.
Pacer Clerk KC-135A '59-1518', bailed to FAA as flight-check aircraft, registered as 'N96', 10/20/1960-1975
Pacer Coin 3 C-130E modified for reconnaissance with photo, EO, IR and RF surveillance equipment, operated by the 192nd AS, 152nd OG, 152nd AW, NV ANG, Reno, NV
Pacer Color Support of the 439L and 484N integrated joint communications systems in the Pacific.
Pacer Comet A computerized and automated jet engine testing system. Contract for operational phase of software service support awarded by Air Force to Control Data, San Antonio, TX.
Pacer Cone Support of F-111 aircraft units.
Pacer Console Support for air force units operating at Incirlik AFB (Turkey) for Provide Comfort
Pacer Cool A-7D aircraft test station support programs.
Pacer Cord AGM-86A aerospace ground equipment acquisition.
Pacer Counter Conversion of EB-57 aircraft for ADC to the Air National Guard.
Pacer Cove The AN/APX-72 mode 4 (MARK XII IFF) board modification program.
Pacer Cover The J57 engine compressor replacement program, cancelled.
Pacer Craft Iranian support of special air mission aircraft.
Pacer Crag CRAG = Compass Radar And GPS, "Glass Cockpit" Modification program for C-135/KC-135s to 'Block 20' avionics configuration, including: Collins FMS-800 Flight Management System, FMR-200X multi-mode weather radar, INS/GPS, FDS-255 color flat panel flight displays, 'Block 30' updates are done at the same time, they include: EGPWS, RVSM (additinal digital air data computer, new digital altimeters and digital airspeed indicators), FDR, CVR, ELT
Pacer Crown An Air Force Logistics program involving kits and indicators, cancelled.
Pacer Daisy also Oxeye Daisy, conversion program for 3 KC-135A '55-3118', '59-1518', '62-3536', to EC-135K Head Dancer, 1961-1979
Pacer Dart F-106 reassignments, cancelled.
Pacer Dash F-111 test station support.
Pacer Day Conversion program for 10 C-135Bs to WC-135Bs (Modification 1421), by Hayes International, 1965
Pacer Decant Accountability items transferred and provided to the Vietnam AF, cancelled.
Pacer Deck Support of T-29 aircraft on loan to the Navy.
Pacer Delta F-106 reassignments, cancelled.
Pacer Dew Annual logistics support of Dew Line sites.
Pacer Diamond Shipment of T-28 aircraft and support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Dim A defense integrated materials management of consumable items program.
Pacer Dime I Receiving shipment and issue of documents on materiel in support of DMISA.
Pacer Doll Rotor blade facility contract program.
Pacer Door A support program for C-5 aircraft.
Pacer Drone Routing of high priority material for Tactical Air Command and Strategic Air Command drone programs.
Pacer Drop Shipment of selected ammunition (project 981), cancelled.
Pacer Dusk Continual support of selected USAF bases in Thailand.
Pacer Easy Support of aircraft at Castle AFB.
Pacer Edge Support of a C-5A program.
Pacer Eighties Relocation and upgrade of equipment in the engine shops at Tinker AFB, OK.
Pacer Elf Support of rapid area maintenance teams in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Energy Traffic program concerning the energy crisis throughout the Air Force Logistics Command.
Pacer Expand Support to the A-7D aircraft and TF41-A-1 engine validation program.
Pacer Face Support activation of the 59 TFS at Eglin AFB, FL.
Pacer Fancy Support of the F-4C training aircraft.
Pacer Farm Redeployment of A-7 aircraft.
Pacer Fawn Supply support program for F-5Bs at Williams AFB.
Pacer Fence A retrograde of helicopters and material, cancelled.
Pacer Field Control of munitions test samples.
Pacer Fin Modification program for KC-135 tail fins (strengthening/replacing of the vertical stabilizer hinge), comprising 767 aircraft, 09/08/1968-09/27/1968
Pacer Finale Vietnam Air Force precision measuring equipment lab actions.
Pacer Finder A jet engine analytical evaluation program.
Pacer Flange Movement of F/FB-111 landing gear components.
Pacer Flap Transfer of aircraft to the Royal Vietnamese Navy, cancelled.
Pacer Flas - A study of long range computer software support to weapon system computers.
Pacer Flex Selected war consumable items prestocked by Air Force Logistics Command.
Pacer Foam Use of foamed-in-place polyurethane foam in packaging.
Pacer Forest An Air National Guard requirement to activation program, cancelled.
Pacer Forge Construction program for Egyptian air force.
Pacer Fort Movement of J79-17 engine workload.
Pacer Fox Air Force Logistics Command program concerning a corrosion facility, cancelled.
Pacer Front A support agreement with the US Navy.
Pacer Front Material in support of VIP fleet.
Pacer Fuel Air National Guard unit conversion of C-97 to KC-97L aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Gable Support of Air National Guard units from C-119 to C-130 aircraft.
Pacer Galaxy Support of Minuteman force modification program.
Pacer Galley Return of B-52G aircraft from Anderson AFB to the US, cancelled.
Pacer Garden Initial support of a tri-service National Security Agency program.
Pacer Garnet NC-130P aircraft spares support at Korat.
Pacer Gem F-111 production surplus material program, cancelled.
Pacer Gentle Air Force Air Logistics Command jet engine overhaul capability.
Pacer Germane C-9A aircraft deployment to USAF Europe.
Pacer Glide Supply support of the UH-1D to Bergstrom AFB, cancelled.
Pacer Glory An EF-111A support program.
Pacer Goose The annual job of resupplying Thule AB.
Pacer Grade Air Force program for rehabilitation of J57 and TF33 engines.
Pacer Grain An electronic compatibility and measurement program.
Pacer Grand Replacement of C-130 aerospace ground equipment.
Pacer Granite Update engineering change proposals to the ALQ-119 ECM pods.
Pacer Great Equipment program for C-130 aircraft.
Pacer Griffin Support for Venezuelan F-5s.
Pacer Ground Conversion kits and materials for the F-4E advanced Wild Weasel program.
Pacer Gum Requisition and shipment of aerospace ground equipment to Homestead AFB, FL, cancelled.
Pacer Harmony An FAA joint surveillance system, Program 968H.
Pacer Haul Military Airlift Command forward supply support.
Pacer Heat Support of F-106 aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Hill F-4C support.
Pacer Horn Support for the AN/UCC-4(V) multiplex equipment.
Pacer Ice AGM-69A (SRAM) equipment and material support.
Pacer Ink Implementation of a data system in support of B-1 aircraft RDT&E.
Pacer Island Aircraft conversion of the HC-130.
Pacer Ivory Support of the Royal Thai Air Force AU-23A aircraft system.
Pacer Ivy Return supplies from Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Jade Shipment of T-38 aircraft and related support for Southeast Asia.
Pacer Jasper Shipment of T-38 aircraft and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Jazz An update of the J33-A-35 engine for the T-33A aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Jig Delivery of certain UH-1H items, Project 982, cancelled.
Pacer Jingle A class IV modification to install ground proximity warning systems.
Pacer Join Procurement of selected vehicles and support, cancelled.
Pacer Jolly Overseas overhaul of R3350-26WD engines, cancelled.
Pacer Journey Conversion program for C-135A '60-0376' to 'VC-135A' VIP trasport, 09/1972-05/1973
Pacer Joy C-119G and RC-47 aircraft modification and support, cancelled.
Pacer Kangaroo Support for the Royal Australian Air Force F-111C program, cancelled.
Pacer Key A-7D initial spares requirements program, cancelled.
Pacer Knack A follow-on support program, cancelled.
Pacer Knack I A follow-on support program.
Pacer Knight Relocation of T-38 aircraft and support equipment, cancelled.
Pacer Lace Conversion of F-105 aircraft from Tactical Air Command and Air National Guard to AFRES, cancelled.
Pacer Ladle Support of conversions to the C-130 aircraft.
Pacer Lake Control of equipment at a Vietnam Air Force Air Logistics Command Depot.
Pacer Lamp Identify documents and material shipments for build-up of the Aerospace Defense Command.
Pacer Lane Logistic support using the organization on an aircraft within the BIG SAFARI program.
Pacer Latch Protection of government funds.
Pacer Launch Support of the CH-47A for the Vietnam Air Force, cancelled.
Pacer Leader A lead the force program to identify potential MAT failures, cancelled.
Pacer Lever Aerospace ground equipment support of the AC-130.
Pacer Life A program to expedite production delivery and installation of a combat system.
Pacer Lightning Communications and navigation program for Egyptian air force.
Pacer Lilac Support of A-7 aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Lily Supply support of Strategic Air Command forces in the Pacific area, cancelled.
Pacer Lime A corrosion severity classification project.
Pacer Limit Materiel shipped to Vietnam, cancelled.
Pacer Line Support of repair and overhaul facility, cancelled.
Pacer Line Support of F-5E aircraft.
Pacer Liner Conversion program for 8 C-135As to EC-135Ns ARIA (and maybe also 4 C-135B to C-135B TRIA), 1966/1967
Pacer Link Modification program to standardize EC-135 ABNCP versions, including MILSTAR equipment
Pacer Linn Air Force Logistics Command support of trans-Asia generator maintenance contracts, cancelled.
Pacer Lintel Support of a Maverick missile depot.
Pacer Little Support conversion of AFRES helicopter units.
Pacer Long Support class V modification of the HH-53C helicopter.
Pacer Look Support of the F/TF-102 modification for the Iranian program, cancelled.
Pacer Loop A special contingency stockpile program.
Pacer Low A program involving KC-135A aircraft.
Pacer Lyric Conversion of USAF A-37B aircraft to MAP A-37B aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Mack Annual logistics support of Dew Line sites.
Pacer Magic Support to the AN/GSQ-170(V) satellite tracking set in the 496L program.
Pacer Maple A depot plant modernization program.
Pacer Marble Support of AC-130H aircraft.
Pacer Martin Requisition of common hardware for F/TF-104 aircraft at Luke AFB, cancelled.
Pacer Mast A follow-on logistic support program, cancelled.
Pacer Match Korean peninsula OPLAN 5027 munitions support.
Pacer Meadow Support to the AN/ALQ-119 ECM pod.
Pacer Medal Support of C-7 aircraft.
Pacer Melba Support of C-130E Pathfinder aircraft on loan to Pacific Air Force.
Pacer Melon Shipment of F-5As and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Memory Assistance to the Vietnam Air Force supply accounts, cancelled.
Pacer Merry Support of the AN/ASN-63 inertial navigation system.
Pacer Metal Support of A-7D aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Mile Special subsistence reserves authorized by Headquarters USAF.
Pacer Mill Contractor requisition to replace government furnished items rejected by the contractor.
Pacer Mint Control of Aerospace Ground Equipment for activation of AFRES C-130 squadrons.
Pacer Mole Underground storage of nuclear weapons at Kirtland AFB, NM.
Pacer Moon A program to procure and store selected CEM strategic equipment.
Pacer Moss Wholesale interservice supply support agreements.
Pacer Mountain Control of items for the Vietnam Air Force joint venture contracts.
Pacer Mural Aircraft storage contract, cancelled.
Pacer Music Flight test of aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Near Related to aerial refueling aircraft (no further details available)
Pacer Neon Control of Vietnam Air Force critical equipment.
Pacer Net Overhaul capability to repair TP3D-0100 engines, cancelled.
Pacer Noon Acquisition of 780 equipment for Air National Guard CL-130 aircraft.
Pacer North Airlift resupply of Greenland bases.
Pacer Oboe Overseas overhaul of R-4360 engines.
Pacer Opal Redeployment of Southeast Asia personnel and materiel, cancelled.
Pacer Open A study of nuclear weapons storage and maintenance.
Pacer Orange An aircraft engine overhaul program.
Pacer Owl A program for productivity improvement in the Air Force Logistics Command.
Pacer Pack F/FB-111 aerospace ground equipment support.
Pacer Package C-9A deployment to Pacific Air Force.
Pacer Pail Transfer of aircraft and shipments related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Pain Identification of commercial vehicle parts requisitioned by the Vietnam Air Force.
Pacer Pair Conversion of F-106 aircraft from USAF for the Air National Guard.
Pacer Palace Support for airborne Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) programs.
Pacer Palm Delivery of STOL aircraft and support, cancelled.
Pacer Pan F-106 conversion for the Air National Guard.
Pacer Panda Requisition, shipment and identification of initial Aerospace Ground Equipment support for the F-4, cancelled.
Pacer Panther Requisition, shipment and identification of initial Aerospace Ground Equipment support for A-7D aircraft.
Pacer Paper Conservation of paper and printing funds.
Pacer Park An Air Force Logistics Command direct shipment support of GEEIA/CESAC.
Pacer Parts Support for Saudi Arabia aircraft engines.
Pacer Party Electronic data processing maintenance program, cancelled.
Pacer Path The J57-59 engine overhaul update program, cancelled.
Pacer Pay F-106 conversion for the Air National Guard, cancelled.
Pacer Peach Support of A-10 aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Peel Support to the A-7D/AGM-65A programs, cancelled.
Pacer Perfect Conversion of F-106 aircraft from USAF to the Air National Guard.
Pacer Peridot ECM and infrared countermeasures support for Southeast Asia.
Pacer Pike TF3C-P100 engine update, cancelled.
Pacer Pillar Support of T-37B aircraft at Peterson Field, CO.
Pacer Pine Annual resupply Gap Filler Pine Tree ACW sites in the Northeast area.
Pacer Pipe Movement of material from Kwajalein Island.
Pacer Piper A follow-on logistic support program, cancelled.
Pacer Piper I A follow-on logistic support program.
Pacer Pix Repair of WS-430B system shelters, cancelled.
Pacer Plank B-52D life extension program (ECP1581)
Pacer Plate Support of Vietnam Air Force electroplating facility, cancelled.
Pacer Play Shipment of AU-23s and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Point A maintenance accuracy test and repair on condition program.
Pacer Pole A review of items in Federal Supply Systems.
Pacer Pond Calibrate and repair and return transactions.
Pacer Post Calibrate and repair and return transactions.
Pacer Power EC-135 upgrade program, including power bus
Pacer Pretty Transfer of Pacific Air Force aircraft and associated support to the Vietnamese Air Force.
Pacer Prime Avionics support for the F/FB-111 aircraft.
Pacer Print Identification and markings of engines, spares and aerospace ground equipment returned to Nigeria, cancelled.
Pacer Prize Support of Aerospace Ground Equipment for F-100 engines in F-15 aircraft.
Pacer Pro Officer career monitoring.
Pacer Pup Support of C-5 program depot maintenance update program.
Pacer Push Support of C-5 and C-141 airlift program, cancelled.
Pacer Quail Shipments of spares and aerospace ground equipment of the C-7A aircraft for an Air National Guard unit.
Pacer Quest Relocate T-38 aircraft support equipment for Thunderbird PGM.
Pacer Quick Preparation and movement of selected aircraft and associated materiel to the Vietnam Air Force.
Pacer Quiet Related to aerial refueling aircraft (no further details available)
Pacer Rake II An analysis of the J-57 afterburner engine.
Pacer Ray A follow-on support of a tri-service National Security Agency program.
Pacer Ready Logistics support of F-111 aircraft.
Pacer Ream Inspection and rework program for the B-52D/F fleet, cancelled.
Pacer Reed Repair of a damaged C-130 for the Egyptian air force.
Pacer Reel Air Force reserve C-123K aircraft conversion.
Pacer Refuel Related to aerial refueling aircraft (no further details available)
Pacer Repair Identify movement of landing gear subassemblies.
Pacer Rewire Related to aerial refueling aircraft (no further details available)
Pacer Ridge Related to aerial refueling aircraft (no further details available)
Pacer Rill C-130E aerospace Ground Equipment spares and engines.
Pacer Ring Support of the F-4 aircraft.
Pacer Road Requisitioning shipment and identification of materiel for 43 TFS, cancelled.
Pacer Robin Repair of all MS-430B facilities.
Pacer Rock Support of F-4C aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Roll ARU-11A indicator swap-out program, cancelled.
Pacer Root Shipment of A-is and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Row Support for Ground Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) programs, cancelled.
Pacer Royal Support of aircraft conversion.
Pacer Rush Identification and movement of a peculiar (LH coded) C-5 repairable item.
Pacer Sabre Investigation of engine stalls in the F-100 aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Safari Modification of various aircraft by the Air Force Logistics Command.
Pacer Safe An Air Force Logistics Command surveillance program (WS-133).
Pacer Sage QRC-514/AN/ALR-20 maintenance deficiencies modification.
Pacer Scarf Support expansion of Vietnam maintenance facility.
Pacer Scheme Support of an Air Force Logistics Command oversea activities program.
Pacer Scramble A premium support program, cancelled.
Pacer Sentinel Support for Saudi Arabian E-3 AWACS aircraft.
Pacer Sharp Project to reduce reports and automatic data processing products.
Pacer Shell Calibration, repair and return transactions.
Pacer Shine Overhaul of GCA/MBL radar approach controls.
Pacer Ship Movement of asset to Israeli Aircraft Industries.
Pacer Sight F-4E AN/ASG-26 lead computing optical sight system modification.
Pacer Silver Depot repair of German Air Force F-4F materiel.
Pacer Sing Aggregation of LAAS contract support material.
Pacer Six Conversion of F-106As to QF-106As, 1986
Pacer Sky Control of non-destructive inspection equipment, cancelled.
Pacer Slats Class V F-4 modification program.
Pacer Slim Support for the Vietnam Air Force instrument shop and material lab.
Pacer Snow C-5 avionics / ECM-systems update programm, including AN/ALE-40 and AN/AAR-47
Pacer Soar Requisition, shipment and storage for Vietnam Air Force ATLC.
Pacer Soft Support of F-15 aircraft.
Pacer Sonnet A support action associated with airlift support for Cambodia.
Pacer Spare T-53/T-55 engines and T-55 overhaul program, cancelled.
Pacer Speak A program to provide forward air controllers assigned to Army units with mobile communications systems that are rugged, securable and interoperable with Army and Air Force communications systems.
Pacer Speckled Trout Conversion program to create/update Speckled Trout
Pacer Speed B-52 field modification program.
Pacer Spice - Shipment of selected munition items.
Pacer Spring Identification of an Air Force requisition to other services.
Pacer Spruce Update to all QRC-335V/ALQ-101 ECM pods and aerospace ground equipment.
Pacer Stable Tracking of nuclear weapons stored in Europe.
Pacer Steam Support of WB-66D aircraft bailed to Westinghouse Corp.
Pacer Stock A spares project, cancelled.
Pacer Stone A support agreement (Z-AG-FO-7001-0) with the Army.
Pacer Stop II Identify base requisition for PMEL.
Pacer Storage Storage of "frustrated explosive cargo"(??) for Pakistan.
Pacer Store A Vietnam Air Force logistics management support program.
Pacer Straw Control of items for Vietnam Air Force F-5A aircraft deployment.
Pacer Street Identification and accounting for C-141 all weather landing system property, cancelled.
Pacer Stretch A C-141 landing gear swap out program.
Pacer Strike F-111F avionics update program
Pacer Strong Logistics support of the E-4A AABNCP system.
Pacer Sump Monitoring of 116 TRGP equipment and spares, cancelled.
Pacer Swan Conversion program for 4 C-135A to RC-135A (plus 5 cancelled), 1962-1968
Pacer Swap II The B-52 main landing gear program.
Pacer Swift Transfer C-E-M sites (Project 982), cancelled.
Pacer Switch CTL circuit breakers in the C-130 aircraft.
Pacer Sword Movement of the 135 series aircraft nose landing gear outer cylinder.
Pacer Tape Return of repairables, cancelled.
Pacer Tea A control material program.
Acer Tent Air National Guard B-57G aircraft conversion program.
Pacer Test Evaluate an updated overhauled J57 afterburner engine, cancelled.
Pacer Thin A support aircraft maintenance training program.
Pacer Thorne A depot level maintenance airborne communication contract, cancelled.
Pacer Three Replace the compressors of J57 engines.
Pacer Thrust Overhaul and maintenance of sound suppressors.
Pacer Tiara Related to aerial refueling aircraft (no further details available)
Pacer Tone Replace compressors of J57 engines.
Pacer Tool Support of a repair and overhaul facility, cancelled.
Pacer Topaz Support of CH-53 helicopters at NKP Thailand.
Pacer Torch Establishment of technical repair centers.
Pacer Town A battle damage warehouse, 7th Air Force, cancelled.
Pacer Toy RF-4C aircraft conversion program for Air National Guard.
Pacer Trace Supply support for the F-111 Aircraft.
Pacer Transplant A J57-21 engine afterburner service test.
Pacer Tree Support of C-7A aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Tropic The ES-75 (XA-1) reconditioning program.
Pacer Tug A wideband navigation aids communication system maintenance program.
Pacer Tune C-5/TF-39 support program, cancelled.
Pacer Tweed Air Traffic control and landing system evaluation program.
Pacer Twig An interservice peculiar item support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Twill Shipment of A-37Bs and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer Valley Support for the TF41-A-1 engine in the A-7D aircraft program.
Pacer Vault Air National Guard T-29 Aerospace Ground Equipment support.
Pacer Vest Shipment of AC-119Ks and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacer View B-52G/H EVS modification program.
Pacer Vine Shipment of C-130As and related support for Southeast Asia.
Pacer Violet Control of Aerospace Ground Equipment for activation of Air National Guard C-130 squadrons.
Pacer Vista An Air Force Logistics Command program.
Pacer Vital Vehicles spares support in Southeast Asia and Pacific Air Force bases, cancelled.
Pacer Wade The AN/ALQ-117 ECM set system changes program.
Pacer Waltz The replacement of the AAU-19/A altimeter (Aeronomic), cancelled.
Pacer Ware Serene Byte/Pacer Ware electronic warfare programming afforts to support exercises and real-world SOF activities.
Pacer Watch Support to BOMARC and SAGE sites in the CADIN and PINETREE programs.
Pacer Wave (I) F-4C avionics update program, including AN/APR-35
Pacer Wave II F-4C avionics update program, including AN/APR-35
Pacer Wax Support of the AWACS RDT&E program.
Pacer Web F-15 aircraft repairable generators program.
Pacer Whale A C-5A test program, cancelled.
Pacer Wheels A vehicle repair equipment project, cancelled.
Pacer Wing C-5A update program, including stronger wing
Pacer Wings Support of AC-130 aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Wink F-105 fleet landing gear replacement program, cancelled.
Pacer Wire Related to aerial refueling aircraft (no further details available)
Pacer Wish Support of an aircraft conversion at 165, 164, 137 MAGS and 146 TAG.
Pacer Wizard Related to aerial refueling aircraft (no further details available)
Pacer Wren Identification and control requisitions and shipments from GSA for Strategic Air Command aircraft, cancelled.
Pacer Yarn Contract support program.
Pacer Zinc Shipment of spare engines for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Pacific Consort An air superiority and air defense exercise designed to provide US and Australian Air Force crews with experience in combined air defense techniques.
Pacific Nightingale PACAF Exercise, air evac, South Korea, 05/1998, 3 days
Pacific Seaspider This deep-ocean, acoustic propagation RDT&E platform was implanted 20,000 feet below the Pacific as part of the Navy's effort to develop undersea surveillance systems. Reportedly, the program supported that service's "Caesar" undersea ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) classification and surveillance system.
Page Gamma Advanced development program involving air IFF (Identification Friend or Foe); details classified.
Paid Redoubt A series of exercises for Air Force reserve forces that test notification and recall of units, mobilization procedures, and deployment/ redeployment of units.
Palace Abacus Officer career management team in the computer technology field.
Palace Acquire USAF Personnel Center, career program for officers/civilians
Palace Action Quick Reaction team.
Palace Ad Officer career management team in the administration field.
Palace Aim Retraining of missile maintenance personnel.
Palace Armor Retraining program.
Palace Badge Officer career management team in Security Police and OSI fields.
Palace Blueprint Initially, this program brought together the career-development monitors and the assignment officers in the Army in the civil-engineering career field. The concept has spread to other functional areas such as personnel, administration, and logistics.
Palace Broaden An officer career management team in non-career specialties.
Palace Chase USAF program to release personnel early to fulfill Air Guard & Reserve requirements, usually at a 2-for-1 commitment (e.g. if you had 2 years left on Active Duty, that could be swapped for 4 years reserve time).
Palace Chopper An officer career management team for helicopter pilots.
Palace Claws Classification of airmen by weapons system.
Palace Cobra A plan to enable major commands to judge for the coming pilot ratios.
Palace Comm An officer career management team in the communications and electronics fields.
Palace Compass USAF Personnel Center, personnel management program for civilians, MDCPDS
Palace Control Retraining program to fill 274 X0 vacancies.
Palace Crusade The quality of U.S. advisors in the Royal Vietnamese Navy, cancelled.
Palace Curtain Procedures on base closure actions.
Palace Diamond A plan for restructuring Air Force Reserves.
Palace Dog A contingency TDY program.
Palace Dollar An officer career management team in the comptroller fields.
Palace Dragon One of the types of volunteer programs by which airmen who desired to get off their present base could volunteer for duty on an aircrew in Southeast Asia.
Palace Dual A program to identify personnel quality in 2nd AFSC, cancelled.
Palace Eagle An integrated avionics volunteer retraining program.
Palace Egress A counseling and assignment program in support of Egress Recap program, cancelled.
Palace Fill A reliability test of USAFR data base, cancelled.
Palace First A plan for improving Air Force Systems Command project 100x0, cancelled.
Palace Flicks A super 8 film project for CBPOOS.
Palace Fly An Air Force Systems Command retraining program.
Palace Focus A report program for top level management, cancelled.
Palace Front A counsel separating active personnel in the Air National Guard and Reserves.
Palace Furlough A temporary rated release program.
Palace Fuse This provided immediate assignments to airmen stationed overseas whose tours were curtailed, or whose new assignments were not received within sixty days of scheduled return.
Palace Gun One of the types of volunteer programs by which airmen who desired to get off their base could volunteer for duty on an aircrew in Southeast Asia.
Palace Homecoming Career counseling and reassignment of returned POWs.
Palace Info Officer career management team in the information and band fields.
Palace Junction A retirement modernization act.
Palace Knight Retraining of NCO supervisors and superintendents.
Palace Launch APDS implementation and conversion program.
Palace Lime Airmen out of cycle and high priority manning projects.
Palace Log Officer career management team in the logistics field.
Palace Man Officer career management team in the logistics field.
Palace Manpower Officer career management team in the missile commander, operations and maintenance fields.
Palace Move A measurement of volunteer effectiveness, cancelled.
Palace Naf Assignment of highly qualified Officers and Airmen to NAF activities.
Palace Option A program to bring selected Air Force ROTC officers on active duty for 90 days vs 4 years.
Palace Panel Program to solicit volunteers for retraining into the Air Force Systems Command.
Palace Par Management of the Social Actions program, cancelled.
Palace Pix Photographic coverage of all Air Force career areas by AAVS, cancelled.
Palace Precision Personnel strength adjustments program, cancelled.
Palace Prelude A personnel exercise in support of the High Heels exercises.
Palace Quality A quality evaluation of personnel in the Air Force, cancelled.
Palace Ready Periodic test of personnel mobilization procedures.
Palace Release Notify and assist when a prisoner release occurs, cancelled.
Palace Retirement Retirement in lieu of PCS assignment action.
Palace Ring A plan for restructuring Air Force Reserve Airmen.
Palace Satcom Career retraining into Air Force Systems Command.
Palace Scholar Officer career management team in the instructor, educational, and training fields.
Palace Scope A weapons director for space system management teams.
Palace Security A program to reduce security incidents within DCS, cancelled.
Palace Sentinel Officer career management team in the intelligence field.
Palace Sparks Volunteers for aircrew duty overseas, cancelled.
Palace Spot Officer out of cycle manning for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Palace Spotlight Major Command staff assignment program.
Palace Step A special training and enrichment program.
Palace Tenure USAF Personnel Center, individual tasking of support forces, changed 10/1999 (?) to scheduled expeditionary combat support teams, as part of AEFs
Palace Threshold AFEES visitation program.
Palace Vector Officer career management team in the systems program management field.
Palace Vista Career development intercommand assignment program.
Palace Weather Officer career management team in the weather field.
Palace Wings Officer career management teams as rated officers.
Palm Secure A SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) project of the CIA to provide the Egyptian Government's SIGINT needs. Involves Ford Aerospace & Communications/Palo Alto and General Electric/ Valley Forge.
Panel Top A proposed manpower reduction program, cancelled.
Paper Zip Mail movement during a postal service interruption.
Parking Light Reportedly another designation for the RED MILL program, under which the Air Force carried out development of the forward scatter radar detection and surveillance systems that now make up that service's 440L over-the-Horizon Radar system.
Parkway Operation, [...]
Passive Glove Acurex received a contract for the system from NASA. No details available.
Patch Big A medical supply program-assemblages.
Patch Buggie A medical supply program on biological warfare and chemical warfare defense agents.
Patch Collect A medical supply program not otherwise identified.
Patch Fixed A medical supply fixed facility expansion program.
Patch Flight A medical supply aeromedical evacuation unit program.
Patch Noise A medical supply nuclear casualties program.
Patch Safe Special handling of sensitive medical material cargo.
Patch Small A medical supply air transportable clinic program.
Patch Stage A medical supply aeromedical staging units program.
Patch Type A medical supply blood collection and processing program.
Patch Up Emergency medical capabilities program.
Patricia Lynn 6 RB-57E '55-4237', '55-4243', '55-4245', '55-4249', '55-4257', '55-4264', modified for IR reconnaissance in Vietnam, 1963-1971
Patriot Partner Exercise, annual, to establish total integration of AFRC/ANG and active-duty USAF units, PP 98: 338th CAPS, Ramstein AFB, 06/1998)
Pave Aegis Deployment of 105 mm howitzer in Pave Pronto AC-130E
Pave Aims Refers to DOD directed AIMS program.
Pave Alpha A terminal guidance study sponsored by USAF, cancelled.
Pave Arm Air-to-air anti-radiation missile: Hughes "Brazo"
Pave Arrow AN/AVQ-14 fixed IR-sensor pod (AIM-9 seeker) on two F-4D
Pave Bang Test of preferred & alternate explosive fills
Pave Blind Bat A Korad laser illuminator and Xerox night vision device to permit AC-130 crews to designate targets up to 18,000 feet in darkness.
Pave Bounce ?
Pave Bow Night avionics for Air Force 0-2 aircraft.
Pave Box A dispenser for the B-57 aircraft.
Pave Bucket Defoliant tests conducted by USAF, cancelled.
Pave Buff Program involving the AN/ARN-92 as a weapons delivery system in the B-52D. The program was tested in 1970 and implemented in six B-52Ds which lead the Linebacker Operations in SEA in 1972.
Pave Claw GPU-5/A 30mm gun pod with four-barrel GAU-13/A gun
Pave Clear An addition to the AN/FPS-27 radar, cancelled.
Pave Coin Conflict:
* Counter-insurgency utility aircraft, used for close-support strike & forward air control; AU-23A, AU-24A
* Project to convert P-51Ds to F-51Ds and TF-51Ds for MAP, none delivered
Pave Cricket YCEM-138A mini-drone for communications jamming; YCQM-121A Pave Tiger with AN/ALQ-176
Pave Crow Detection & interdiction techniques against ground vehicles
Pave Cups Computer updating program for SAC automated command & control systems.
Pave Dancer An advanced dispenser weapon program.
PAVE DELTA An Air Force AIM-9 warhead lethality program.
Pave Demon Advanced cluster weapon concept.
Pave Deuce Modification of F-102A to target drones; QF-102A, PQM-102A
Pave Dot Night avionics for Air Force 0-2 aircraft.
Pave Eagle Intelligence relay for unattended ground sensors; YQU-22A, QU-22B
Pave Fire LLLTV system for night bombing, one F-4D converted
Pave Gamma An Air Force program concerned with development of a processor that searches for and analyzes modulation signals imposed on radar returns by aircraft engines. The dual mode recognition techniques are being tested in the F-15 AN/APG-63 radar.
Pave Gat Low-light-level television combined with laser range-finder; 20 mm turret (gimbal mouted, downward firing M61A1 gatling gun in bomb bay); 1+ RB-57G '53-3906' modified
Pave Gulf Radar system for Alaska
Pave Hawk MH-60G, HH-60G, USAF special operations and rescue helicopters
Pave Hun Development and testing of the QF-100 Full Scale Aerial Target (FSAT) system for HQ TAC to replace the PQM-102 full scale target. 1979-1985.
Pave Imp An Air Force night vision program under which HH-53Cs were equipped with low-light-level television (LLLTV) cameras, providing the aircraft with the all-weather capability to rescue downed airmen. The program replaced the service's PAVE STAR program, cancelled.
Pave Joy Designation applied by the Air Force to the AGM-80A air-to-ground attack missile, cancelled.
Pave Knife AN/AVQ-10 laser target designation pod with low-light-level television; A-6, F-4D (EF-4D), F-4E
Pave Lance LORAN; F-111D, F-4D
Pave Lap FMU-113/B
Pave Light AN/AVQ-9 laser illuminator pod with direct viewer; F-4D
Pave Low Modification of HH-53B for night/adverse weather operations: AN/APQ-141; AN/APQ-126B, AN/APQ-158, AN/AAQ-10
Pave Low II 1 HH-53C converted to YHH-53H, 8 plus 2 HH-53G converted to HH-53H, MH-53H Pave Low, 1975, 1979/1980, and the remaining 31 HH-53B/C to MH-53J Pave Low IIIE (E = Enhanced), 1985
Pave Low III MH-53J
Pave Low IV MH-53M, including '73-1648'
Pave Mace An Air Force program aimed at developing techniques for destroying mobile ground targets from the air.
Pave Mack Investigation of methods for attacking trucks
Pave Mint B-52Gs with AN/ALQ-172(V)1 (with original AN/ALQ-117 antennas) and B-52Hs with AN/ALQ-172(V)2
Pave Moon Nickname applied to the training program for the Air Force PAVE GAT system.
Pave Mover Long-range airborne side-looking radar for stand-off surveillance & strike; planned for F-111 as part of "Assault Breaker"; led to development of JSTARS (Joint Surveillance and Tracking System)
Pave Nail OV-10D conversion of 15 OV-10A for night FAC, and maybe AC-130H upgrading of IR, laser, com, nav, ECM
Pave Nickel Location of emitters using time-of-arrival techniques: RB-57F; formerly Compass [...];
possibly follow-on to Pave Onyx, target location system for U-2Cs
Pave Onyx Conflict(?):
Targeting technique for anti-radar standoff weapons (defence suppression): TEREC-equipped RF-4C
AN/ALQ-125 Terec prototype target location system for U-2Cs, Litton, also tested on NKC-135A '55-3125', and possibly NKC-135A '55-3119'
Pave Panther Anti-radar drone
Pave Pat Development of fuel-air-explosive weapons; BLU-72/B, BLU-76/B
Pave Paws PAWS = Phased Array Warning System radar AN/FPS-115; 4 BMEW sites at: Cape Cod AS, MA, 6th SWS, Beale AFB, CA, 7th SWS, Eldorado AS, TX, 8th SWS, Robins AFB, GA, 9th SWS, all 21st SW, Petterson AFB, CO
Pave Penny AN/AAS-35(V) pod-mounted coded laser spot seeker (target identification set); A-4, A-7, A-10, F-111, F-4, F-16, OV-10A; also known as TISL
Pave Pepper SAMSO study of small low-yield re-entry vehicles for Minuteman III ICBM
Pave Phantom F-4D equipped with AN/ARN-92 LORAN, used for sensor dropping missions over the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Pave Pillar Advanced system integration demonstration, integrating airborne radio systems, programmable colour displays, high-speed fibre-optic multiplexers, fault-tolerant computers; became ICNIA (Integrated Communications Navigation Identification Avionics)
Pave Pine An experiment involving over-the-horizon radar propagation.
Pave Pointer A program to develop and test an automatic target surveying system which used a laser designator/ranger coupled with a night observation device.
Pave Prism Investigation of air-to-air missile seekers, using active laser, active radar, passive wide-angle infrared
Pave Pronto 10 AC-130A '54-1623', '55-0011', '55-0014', '55-0029', '55-0040', '55-0043', '55-0044', '55-0046', '56-0469', '56-0509'; 2 x 40 mm guns, 2 x 7.62 mm guns; digital fire control system; AN/AAD-4, AN/AAD-6, AN/ASQ-145, AN/AVQ-18, AN/AVQ-19; formerly Surprise Package
Pave Proof An AIM-7E/7E-2 improvement program, cancelled.
Pave Prox A proximity fuze for hard bombs.
Pave Radio The acquisition of AN/ARC-XXX airborne UHF radios.
Pave Rendezvous An evaluation of transponders with gunship capability.
Pave Rider ECM system (?)
Pave Road Bomblet development for SUU-30 dispenser undertaken by USAF, cancelled.
Pave Rock Rocket for use against hardened aircraft shelters; RBU-1/A
Pave Runner Former USAF Special Access Program.
Pave Safe Base security systems: BISS; AN/GSS-26A
Pave Scope Helmet sight with television display: F-4E, AN/ASX-1; used with Mk 84 bombs, AGM-65A
Pave Sesame ECM device/system; F-4
Pave Shield Infrared suppression program.
Pave Source A secure voice transmission system used by JCS in 493L.
Pave Spectre FLIR in 11 AC-130E '69-6567', '69-6568', '69-6569', '69-6570', '69-6571', '69-6572', '69-6573', '69-6574', '69-6575', '69-6576', '69-6577'
Also?? : A-7D/E electronic suite
Pave Spectre II 10 AC-130H '69-6567', '69-6568', '69-6569', '69-6570', '69-6572', '69-6573', '69-6574', '69-6575', '69-6576', '69-6577', all updated ex AC-130E
Pave Spectre III (?) 12+ AC-130U, modified by Rockwell International (Boeing North American)
Pave Spike AN/ASQ-153 pod-mounted laser target designator & low-light-level television; for F-4D (EF-4D) & F-4E; Westinghouse; other designations mentioned for Pave Spike include AN/AVQ-23A/B and AN/ASQ-152(V)2
Pave Spot AN/AVQ-12 periscopic sight with laser illuminator/range finder; O-2A, OV-10, AC-130H
Pave Sprinter ICNIA (Integrated Communications Navigation Identification Avionics); included EJS, GPS, Tacan, Mk XV IFF
Pave Star Modification of HH-53C for night/adverse weather operations
Pave Stick Development of the BLU-34/B general purpose bomb by Air Force Armament Development & Test Center, cancelled.
Pave Storm GBU-2/B 2000 lb laser-guided cluster bomb; CBU-75/B (1800 BLU-63/B in SUU-54A/B) with KMU-421/B guidance kit
Pave Strike Systems for anti-armour, close air supporting dense SAM environment; Pave Strike elements:
  1) second generation modular guided glide bomb GBU-15/B, MGGB-2
  2) elector-optical guided glide bomb (modified HOBO)
  3) DME-guided version of SUU-54/B
  4) Precision Emitter Location & Strike System
  5) deployable database to input DME co-ordinates on photographs
  6) Airborne Location & Strike System
  7) EF-111A jammier aircraft
  8) advanced development of imaging infrared guidance
  9) laser-guided version of AGM-65
  10) Pave Tack
  11) multiple drone guidance for multi-mission RPV; AQM-34H directed by DC-130H, using AN/APW-26, AN/UYK-15
Pave Sword AN/AVQ-11 pod-mounted laser seeker: F-4D, used with C-123 illuminator
Pave Tack AN/AVQ-26 FLIR and laser designator/tracker pod (includes AN/AAQ-9 FLIR & AN/AVQ-25 laser designator); A-10, F-111E/F, F-4D/E; included in Pave Strike
Pave Talk Involves use of the AN/AVQ-25 laser ranger designator.
Pave Tiger YCQM-121A miniature-drone with jammer(s) for use against command/control/communications terminals; see also YCGM-121B Seek Spinner
Pave Top Obsolete program to develop an internal defoliant dispenser.
Pave Trail Development of a classified family of guided bombs.
Pave Twin An executive kit for C-12 MAAG and attache aircraft.
Pave Way Laser-designated guided bombs; renamed "Paveway":
  Paveway (I) (fixed wings): GBU-10/B, GBU-10A/B, GBU-12/B, GBU-12A/B, 1,000 lbs. LGB/Mk.83, Texas Instruments
  Paveway II (retractable wings): GBU-10C,D,E,F/B, GBU-12B,C,D/B, GBU-16A,B/B, British LGB CCG/CPU-123
  Paveway III: GBU-24/B, GBU-27/B, GBU-28/B
Peace Alpha An aircraft program for Spain, cancelled.
Peace Alps FMS program, 66 F-5E (53 assembled by FFA) and 6 F-5F for Switzerland (1976):
  66 F-5E (76-1526/76-1591) to (J-3001/J-3066)
  6 F-5F (76-1592/76-1597) to (J-3201/J-3206)
Peace Alps (?) also sold to Switzerland (FMS program) (1981 - 1985):
  32 F-5E (81-0826/81-0857) to (J-3067/J-3098)
  6 F-5F (81-0858/81-0863) to (J-3207/J-3212)
Peace Alter Existing two-dimensional AN/FPS-113 radars modified with look-down capability, linked to Iran's integrated national telecommunications system.
Peace Amazon F-5 aircraft for Brazil.
Peace Andes A-37B aircraft for Chile.
Peace Andes II T-37B aircraft for Chile.
Peace Andes III T-37B aircraft for Chile.
Peace Andes IV A-37B aircraft for Chile.
Peace Approach A radar approach control system for Iran, cancelled.
Peace Arbor Modernization of the Turkish Air Force, cancelled.
Peace Arbor II Modernization of the Turkish Air Force F-100 aircraft, cancelled.
Peace Athena AGM-12B aerospace ground equipment for Greece, cancelled.
Peace Basket Corrosion treatment and maintenance of F-5 aircraft in Vietnam, cancelled.
Peace Basket II Corrosion treatment and maintenance of F-5 aircraft for Vietnam, cancelled.
Peace Beta Foreign Military Sales of the C-130H aircraft.
Peace Book A Vietnamese Air Force program, cancelled.
Peace Cable An earlier Iranian program to lay national phone lines to connect many of the electronic phone exchanges installed by GTE.
Peace Carvin FMS program, 4 F-16A and 4 F-16B for Singapore:
  2 F-16A-15AA OCU (87-0397/87-0398) to (880/881)
  2 F-16A-15AB OCU (87-0399/87-0400) to (882/883)
  1 F-16B-15Z OCU (87-0401) to (884)
  2 F-16B-15AA (87-0402/87-0403) to (885/886)
  1 F-16B-15AB OCU (87-0404) to (887)
Peace Carvin (?) also sold to Singapore (FMS program):
  6 F-16C-52 (94-0268/94-0273)
  10 F-16D-52 (94-0274/94-0283)
Peace Carvin (?) also leased to Singapore (FMS program):
  5 F-16C/D-52 (96-5025/96-5029)
  2 F-16D-52 (96-5030/96-5031)
  5 F-16C/D-52 (96-5032/96-5036)
Peace Crown FMS program, 8 F-16C and 4 F-16D for Bahrain:
  2 F-16C-40D (90-0028/90-0029) to (101, 103)
  6 F-16C-40E (90-0030/90-0035) to (105, 107, 109, 111, 113, 115)
  4 F-16D-40D (90-0036/90-0039) to (150, 152, 154, 156)
Peace Crown (?) also sold to Bahrain (FMS program):
  8 F-16C-40CF (91-0025/91-0032)
  4 F-16D-40CF (91-0033/91-0036)
Peace Crusade NATO co-production of the F-16 aircraft.
Peace Delta FMS program, 18 F-16A and 6 F-16B for Venezuela
  1 F-16A-15K (82-1050) to (1041)
  2 F-16A-15L (82-1051/82-1052) to (0051, 6611)
  3 F-16A-15T (83-1186/83-1188) to (8900, 0678, 3260)
  8 F-16A-15U (84-1346/84-1353) to (7268, 9068, 8924, 0094, 6023, 4226, 5422, 6426)
  4 F-16A-15V (84-1354/84-1357) to (4827, 9864, 3648, 0220)
  3 F-16B-15K (82-1053/82-1055) to (1715, 2179, 9581)
  3 F-16B-15T (83-1189/83-1191) to (2337, 7635, 9583)
Peace Dhow Modernization of the Kuwait Air Force.
Peace Diamond (I) FMS/MDAP program, for Turkey
Peace Diamond II FMS/MDAP program, for Turkey
Peace Diamond III FMS program, 40 F-4E for Turkey (1973 - 1974) and 32 F-4E and 8 RF-4E (1977 - 1978):
  12 F-4E-56-MC (73-1016/73-73-1027)
  15 F-4E-57-MC (73-1028/73-1042)
  13 F-4E-58-MC Phantom (73-1043/73-1055)
  24 F-4E-65-MC (77-0277/77-0300)
  8 F-4E-66-MC (77-0301/77-0308)
  8 RF-4E-66-MC (77-0309/77-0316))
Peace Diamond IV FMS program, former USAF F-4E for Turkey; 15 (06/1981 - 1982), 15 (mid 1984), 15 (1986), 40 (06/1987 - 10/1987), 40 (03/25/1991 - 1992):
  1 F-4E-31-MC (66-0293)
  1 F-4E-32-MC (66-0312)
  3 F-4E-33-MC (66-0373/66-0374, 67-0215)
  4 F-4E-34-MC (67-0227, 67-0251, 67-0259, 67-0262)
  3 F-4E-35-MC (67-0304, 67-0336, 67-0338)
  + 3 more
  2 F-4E-32-MC (66-0307, 66-0318)
  3 F-4E-33-MC (67-0208, 67-0216/67-217)
  4 F-4E-34-MC (67-0221, 67-0233, 67-0248, 67-0258)
  1 F-4E-35-MC (67-0290)
  2 F-4E-36-MC (67-0342, 67-0387)
  + 3 more
  2 F-4E-32-MC (66-0305, 66-0323)
  1 F-4E-33-MC (66-0346)
  2 F-4E-34-MC (67-0222, 67-0273)
  4 F-4E-35-MC (67-0318, 67-0321, 67-0331, 67-0334)
  1 F-4E-36-MC (67-0389)
  + 5 more
  1 F-4E-31-MC (66-0297)
  10 F-4E-32-MC (66-0300/66-0301, 66-0303/66-0304, 66-0309, 66-0314, 66-0317, 66-0320, 66-0333, 66-0336)
  11 F-4E-33-MC (66-0339, 66-0344/66-0345, 66-0351, 66-0354/66-0355, 66-0361, 66-0370, 66-0379, 67-0210, 67-0218)
  8 F-4E-34-MC (67-0226, 67-0230, 67-0232, 67-0268/67-0269, 67-0272, 67-0274, 67-0280)
  3 F-4E-35-MC (67-0285, 67-0298, 67-0302)
  2 F-4E-36-MC (67-0344, 67-0354)
  4 F-4E-37-MC (68-0307, 68-0313, 68-0319, 68-0350)
  1 F-4E-39-MC (68-0448)
  1 F-4E-31-MC (66-0292)
  1 F-4E-32-MC (66-0328)
  1 F-4E-33-MC (66-0359)
  1 F-4E-35-MC (67-0301)
  7 F-4E-36-MC (67-0360, 67-0372, 67-0376, 67-0391, 67-0395/67-0396, 67-0398)
  4 F-4E-37-MC (68-0303, 68-0308, 68-0346/68-67-0347)
  3 F-4E-38-MC (68-0400, 68-0403, 68-0409)
  2 F-4E-39-MC (68-0427, 68-0446)
  4 F-4E-40-MC (68-0461, 68-0473/68-0474, 68-0482)
  2 F-4E-41-MC (68-0498, 68-0532)
  1 F-4E-45-MC (69-7585)
  + 13 more
Peace Djem F-5E and F-5Fs for Tunisia.
Peace Dragon The A-37B program for Ecuador.
Peace Eagle FMS program, 2 F-15J and 12 F-15DJ for Japan:
  2 F-15J-24MC (79-0280/79-0281) to (02-8801/02-8802)
  4 F-15DJ-26-MC (79-0282/79-0285) to (12-8051/12-8054)
  2 F-15DJ-29-MC (79-0286/79-0287) to (12-8051/12-8054)
  2 F-15DJ-32-MC (81-0068/81-0069) to (32-8057/32-8058)
  2 F-15DJ-33-MC (81-0070/81-0071) to (x2-8059/x2-8060)
  2 F-15DJ-36-MC (83-0052/83-0053) to (x2-8061/x2-8062)
Peace Eagle (?) also sold to/built in Japan (FMS program):
  8 F-15J-24-MC kits from McDonnell Douglas
  177 F-15J / F-15DJ license-built by Mitsubishi
Peace Echo (I) FMS/MDAP program / Operation, 44 (or 47) new F-4E and 6 new RF-4E for Israel (03/1969 - 02/1971):
  4 F-4E-38-MC (68-0396/68-0399)
  11 F-4E-39-MC (68-0414/68-0417, 68-0430/68-0431, (and 68-0432 ?), 68-0433, (not 68-0434/68-0437 ?)
  12 F-4E-40-MC (68-0454/68-0457, 68-0469/68-0472, 68-0484/68-0487)
  20 F-4E-41-MC (68-0499/68-0502, 68-0519/68-0525, 68-0539/68-0547)
  6 RF-4E-45-MC (69-7590/7595)
Peace Echo II FMS/MDAP program, 6 ex-USAF F-4E for Israel (1971):
  6 F-4E-42-MC (69-0294/69-0296, 69-0299/69-0301)
Peace Echo III FMS/MDAP program, 18 ex-USAF F-4E for Israel (1971):
  18 F-4E-42-MC (69-7224/69-7227, 69-7237/69-7250)
Peace Echo IV FMS/MDAP program / Operation, 24 ex-USAF and 18 new F-4E for Israel (04/1972 - 10/1973):
  13 F-4E-48-MC (71-0224/71-0236)
  5 F-4E-49-MC (71-1071, 71-1080, 71-1082, 71-1090, 71-1093)
  6 F-4E-50-MC (71-1393, 71-1396, 71-1399/71-1402)
  8 F-4E-51-MC (71-1779/71-1786)
  7 F-4E-52-MC (71-1787/71-1793)
  3 F-4E-53-MC (71-1794/71-1796)
Peace Echo V FMS/MDAP program, 24 ex-USAF and 24 new F-4E and 6 new RF-4E for Israel (1974 - 1976):
  4 F-4E-54-MC (72-1480/72-1481, 72-1487/72-1488)
  7 F-4E-55-MC (72-1491/72-1492, 72-1495/72-1499)
  5 F-4E-57-MC (73-1157/73-1159, 73-1161/73-1162)
  4 F-4E-58-MC (73-1169/73-1170, 73-1178/73-1179)
  4 F-4E-59-MC (73-1190/73-1191, 73-1201/73-1202)
  2 F-4E-60-MC (74-1014/74-1015)
  6 F-4E-61-MC (74-1016/74-1021)
  16 F-4E-62-MC (74-1022/74-1037)
  6 RF-4E-63-MC (75-0418/75-0423)
Peace Edge CAF radar system upgrade program.
Peace Extension A communication system for Greece, cancelled.
Peace Falcon Six complete fixed Tacan facilities for Iran.
Peace Falcon FMS program, 14 F-16A ADF and 5 F-16B ADF for Jordan (199_):
  5 F-16A-15 ADF (80-0544, 80-0546/80-0547, 80-0555, 80-0567) to (220, 221, 222, 223, ?)
  4 F-16A-15A ADF (80-0582, 80-0585, 80-0590, 80-0592) to (224, 225, 226 (?), 227)
  1 F-16A-15B ADF (80-0618) to (228)
  1 F-16A-15C ADF (81-0672) to (229)
  2 F-16A-15D ADF (81-0689, 81-0702) to (230, ?)
  1 F-16A-15E ADF (81-0714) to (231)
  1 F-16B-15J ADF (82-1028) to (232)
  2 F-16B-15K ADF (82-1030, 82-1032) to (233, ?)
  1 F-16B-15N ADF (82-1044) to (234)
  1 F-16B-15P ADF (82-1048) to (235)
Peace Farrow The F-4 program for Egypt.
Peace Fix Iran/Indonesia C-130 aircraft.
Peace Fortune-2 A project which Ford Aerospace & Communications undertook to expand the South Korea military microwave net.
Peace Fox (I) FMS program, 4 F-15A for Israel:
  1 F-15A-5-MC (72-0116)
  3 F-15A-6-MC (72-0117/72-0118, 72-0120)
Peace Fox II FMS program, 19 F-15A and 2 F-15B for Israel:
  10 F-15A-17-MC (76-1505/76-1514)
  9 F-15A-18-MC (76-1515/76-1523)
  2 F-15B-16-MC (76-1524/76-1525)
Peace Fox III FMS program, 18 F-15C and 8 F-15D for Israel:
  3 F-15C-27-MC (80-0122/80-0124)
  3 F-15C-28-MC (80-0125/80-0127)
  3 F-15C-29-MC (80-0128/80-0130)
  2 F-15C-35-MC (83-0054/83-0055)
  7 F-15C-36-MC (83-0056/83-0062)
  2 F-15D-27-MC (80-0131/80-0132)
  4 F-15D-28-MC (80-0133/80-0136)
  2 F-15D-35-MC (83-0064/83-0064)
Peace Fox (?) also sold to Israel (FMS program):
  1 F-15A (76-0120)
  5 F-15D (90-0275/90-0279)
Peace Glide An instrument landing system for Turkey under the Military Assistance Plan.
Peace Green Royal Hellenic Air Force communications system provided under the Military Assistance Program.
Peace Guard An Air Force project aimed at equipping aircraft such as the F-4E with AN/ALQ-71 and AN/ALQ-72 electronic countermeasure systems.
Peace Hawk A fifth and final phase in the modernization of Saudi Arabia's Air Force, involving approximately 100 Northrop F-5s.
Peace Hawk VII Program under which Northrop provides training, maintenance and supply services for Saudi Arabian F-5 aircraft.
Peace Hercules Foreign Military Sales of C-130H aircraft to the Congo, cancelled.
Peace Icarus FMS program, 36 + 2 (attrition replacements) F-4E for Greece (1971 contract, delivered 03/1974 - 1974/1975):
  8 F-4E-54-MC (72-1500/72-1507)
  16 F-4E-55-MC (72-1508/72-1523)
  12 F-4E-56-MC (72-1524/72-1535)
  2 F-4E-60-MC (74-1618/74-1619)
Peace Icarus (?) also sold to Greece (FMS program), 18 F-4E (05/1978 - 12/978) and 8 RF-4E (06/1978 - 04/1979):
  8 F-4E-65-MC (77-1743/77-1750)
  10 F-4E-66-MC (77-1751/77-1760)
  8 RF-4E-66-MC (77-0357/77-0358, 77-1761/77-1766)
Peace Inca A-37B aircraft for Peru.
Peace Indigo An Air Force communications and surveillance system established in 1967 in India.
Peace Indocom Military Assistance Plan upgrade of Indonesian Air Force Air Training Command ground navigation and communication equipment.
Peace Indus T-37C aircraft for Pakistan.
Peace Iraclies C-130H aircraft program for Greece.
Peace Jack FMS/development program (12/1974 - 1977) for Israel, F-4X / RF-4X with HIAC-1 camera and Mach 3+ performance and later F-4E(S):
  1 F-4E-44-MC (69-7576) converted to RF-4X mock-up)
  3 F-4E-44-MC converted to F-4E(S): (69-7567, 69-7570, 69-7576) also (N97576, N97570, N97567)
Peace Jar Jordan F-5 program.
Peace Jestal A-37B and T-37B for El Salvador.
Peace Jethon A-37B aircraft program for Honduras.
Peace Jewel Foreign Military Sales of 30 T-38 aircraft to Turkey.
Peace Keeper A JCS (Joint Chief of Staff) exercise.
Peace Koala A C-130H FMS aircraft program which contemplates 12 aircraft and involves Lockheed-Georgia Company.
Peace Lake C-123K program for Laos, cancelled.
Peace Lance F-4D aircraft for Korea.
Peace Land A Foreign Military Sales modification and update of F-111C aircraft.
Peace Lima The C-130H aircraft program to Peru.
Peace Link A Military Assistance Program Troposcatter communications system for Turkey.
Peace Llama T-37B aircraft program for Bolivia.
Peace Llama I F-5 aircraft program for Chile.
Peace Log A supply and logistics tracking system for the Imperial Iranian Air Force.
Peace Lookout German RF-4E Foreign Military Sales Program, cancelled.
Peace Marble (I) FMS program, 67 F-16A and 8 F-16B for Israel (07/1980 - 1981):
  18 F-16A-5 (78-0308/78-0325)
  10 F-16A-10 (78-0326/78-0335)
  10 F-16A-10A (78-0336/78-0345)
  4 F-16A-10B (78-0346/78-0349)
  16 F-16A-10C (78-0350/78-0354, 80-0649/0659)
  9 F-16A-10D (80-0660/0668)
  8 F-16B-5 (78-0355/0362)
  + 20 F-16A cancelled (80-3694/80-3713)
Peace Marble II FMS program, 51 F-16C and 24 F-16D for Israel (10/1987 - ???):
  4 F-16C-30 (86-1598/86-1601) to (301, 304, 305, 307)
  15 F-16C-30A (86-1602/86-1612, 87-1661/87-1664) to (309, 310, 315, 317, 318, 321, 324, 326, 332, 333, 337, 340, 341, 344, 343)
  15 F-16C-30B (87-1665/87-1679) to (348, 349, 350, 353, 355, 356, 360, 364, 367, 368, 371, 373, 374, 377, 378)
  16 F-16C-30C (87-1680/87-1693, 88-1709/88-1710) to (381, 384, 386, 388, 389, 391, 393, 394, 392, 397, 399, 383, 385, 376, 359, 313)
  1 F-16C-30D (88-1711) to (329)
  1 F-16D-30A (87-1694) to (020)
  4 F-16D-30D (87-1695/87-1698, 88-1712/88-1720) to (?, ?, ?, ?, 065, 069, 070, 072, 074, 077, 078, 079, 083)
  10 F-16D-30E (87-1699/87-1708) to (036, 022, 041, 045, 039, 046, 050, 057, 061, 055)
Peace Marble III FMS program, 30 F-16C and 30 F-16D for Israel (08/1991 - ???):
  6 F-16C-40H (89-0277, 90-0850/90-0854) to (502, 503, 506, 508, 511, 512)
  8 F-16C-40J (or also F-16C-40H ?) (90-0855/90-0862) to (514, 516, 519, 520, 522, 523, 525, 527)
  8 F-16C-40K (90-0863/90-0870) to (528, 530, 531, 534, 535, 536, 538, 539)
  8 F-16C-40L (90-0871/90-0874, 91-0486/91-0489) to (542, 543, 546, 547, 551, 554, 557, 558)
  4 F-16D-40H (90-0875/90-0878) to (601, 603, 606, 610)
  8 F-16D-40J (90-0879/90-0886) to (612, 615, 619, 621, 624, 628, 630, 633)
  8 F-16D-40K (90-0887/90-0894) to (637, 638, 642, 647, 648, 651, 652, 656)
  10 F-16D-40L (90-0895/90-0898, 91-0490/91-0495) to (660, 664, 666, 667, 673, 676, 678, 682, 684, 687)
Peace Marble (?) FMS program, 50 surplus USAF 36 F-16A and 14 F-16B for Israel (08/01/1994 - late 1994), including:
  3 F-16A-1 (78-0012, 78-0014, 78-0018), 1 F-16A-5 (79-0288)
  19 F-16A-10 (79-0289, 79-0291/79-0293, 79-0295, 79-0297, 79-0299, 79-0302, 79-0304, 79-0305, 79-0319/79-0321, 79-0325, 79-0328, 79-0333, 79-0339, 79-0347, 79-0356)
  3 F-16A-10A (79-0358, 79-0361, 79-0369)
  1 F-16A-10B (80-0474 ?)
  4 F-16A-10C (80-0491, 80-0501/80-0503)
  5 F-16A-10D (80-0514, 80-0516/80-0517, 80-0532, 80-0534)
  2 F-16B-1 (78-0086, 78-0095)
  7 F-16B-5 (78-0106, 78-0108 (temporarily), 78-0109, 78-0111 (temporarily), 78-0114 (temporarily), 78-0115, 79-0410)
  1 F-16B-10 (79-0423)
  2 F-16B-10A (79-0424/79-0425)
  1 F-16B-10B (80-0624)
  1 F-16B-10D (80-0632)
Peace Mare Military Assistance Program of aircraft for Indonesia, cancelled.
Peace Maya C-47 aircraft for Guatemala.
Peace Modern T-33A aircraft for Indonesia, cancelled.
Peace Needle Korean F-5B aircraft program.
Peace Neighbor C-130H aircraft program (country unknown).
Peace Oasis F-5B aircraft for Jordan.
Peace Onyx (I) FMS program, 101 F-16C and 15 F-16D for Turkey:
  17 F-16C-30B (86-0066/86-0072, 87-0009/0018)
  17 F-16C-30E (87-0019/87-0021, 88-0019/0032)
  17 F-16C-40A (88-0033/0037, 89-0022/89-0033)
  8 F-16C-40D (89-0034/89-0041)
  5 F-16C-40F (91-0001/91-0005)
  16 F-16C-40H (91-0006/91-0021)
  17 F-16C-40L (92-0001/92-0017)
  4 F-16C-40P (92-0018/92-0021)
  3 F-16D-30E (87-0002/87-0003, 88-0013)
  3 F-16D-40A (88-0014/0015, 89-0042)
  3 F-16D-40D (89-0043/89-0045)
  3 F-16D-40J (91-0022/91-0024)
  3 F-16D-40L (92-0022/92-0024)
Peace Onyx II FMS program, additional F-16s for Turkey
Peace Owl An Iranian simulation range for testing aircraft radar homing and warning systems, cancelled.
Peace Ox F-5B aircraft for the Republic of China.
Peace Pack An aircraft overhaul depot in Spain.
Peace Palace AT-33 aircraft program for Ecuador.
Peace Panther An Air Force project under the Aeronautical Systems Division.
Peace Par A program under which Raytheon provides the Australian government with elements of the AN/TPN-19 landing control system developed and produced for the Air Force.
Peace Parrot An Iranian Foreign Military Sales program, cancelled.
Peace Patch FMS/MDAP program / Operation, 13 (or 12 ?) F-4E for Israel (early 1971):
  13 F-4E-44-MC (69-7547/69-7549, 69-7553, 69-7554, 69-7567/69-7570, 69-7575/7578)
Peace Peek Electronic equipment and support provided by E-Systems for West Germany's Atlantic patrol aircraft.
Peace Pegasus AGM-12C Aerospace Ground Equipment for Greece, cancelled.
Peace Peregrine F-4 aircraft program for Saudi Arabia.
Peace Phantom German Foreign Military Sales Program for the F-4F.
Peace Pharaoh FMS program, 35 (or 34 ?) F-4E (plus 3 attrition replacements) for Egypt (09/1979 - 1980) (also MiG-21 and MiG-23 in return):
  1 F-4E-32-MC (66-0337)
  11 F-4E-33-MC (66-0340/66-0341, 66-0343, 66-0349, 66-0353, 66-0358, 66-0360, 66-0362, 66-0364, 66-0366, 66-0375) to (7814, 7823, ?, ?, ?, ?, 7802, ?, 7801 (?), 7813, 7801 (?)
  3 F-4E-33-MC (67-0211/67-0213) to (?, 7825, ?)
  8 F-4E-34-MC (67-0220, 67-0231, 67-0236, 67-0238, 67-0239, 67-0242, 67-0264, 67-0278) to (7831, ?, ?, 7811, ?, ?, 7809, 7835)
  8 F-4E-35-MC (67-0289, 67-0305, 67-0307, 67-0309, 67-0313, 67-0317, 67-0322, 67-0341) to (7817, 7820, 7816, ?, 7815, 7806, 7812, 7832)
  3 F-4E-36-MC (67-0355, 67-0371, 67-0373)
and attrition replacements:
  2 F-4E-35-MC (67-0328, 67-0332) to (?, 7824)
  1 F-4E-36-MC (67-0366)
Peace Pheasant (I) FMS program, for South Korea ?
Peace Pheasant II FMS program, 37 F-4E for South Korea (1978):
  19 F-4E-64-MC (76-0493/76-0511)
  18 F-4E-67-MC (78-0727/78-0744)
Peace Picture A Chinese RF-104G camera modification project, cancelled.
Peace Pillar Foreign Military Sales of C-130 aircraft to undisclosed country.
Peace Pilot T-37 aircraft program for Jordan.
Peace Pine Philippine C-123K program, cancelled.
Peace Plata A-37Bs for Uruguay.
Peace Pods ECM equipment for Saudi Arabia.
Peace Pony Special Military Assistance Program support for Indonesia, cancelled.
Peace Portal Location of the Peace Arch program in Washington, D.C.
Peace Post T-28 modification & reconditioning program.
Peace Prop An Air Force program for rework of T-28 aircraft by Fairchild Industries. Modification included installation of wing pylon attack points for weapons carriage, a gun sight system, new cockpit panel, switches, wiring and an updated avionics package.
Peace Pylon Transfer of eight F-5E aircraft to unnamed destination.
Peace Queen F-5E program for Ecuador.
Peace Ranger Military Assistance Program Gap Filler radar project.
Peace Reed Foreign Military Sales of C-130 aircraft to undisclosed country.
Peace Reef FMS program, 24 F-4E loaned to Australia (contract 06/22/1970, delivered 09/1970 - 10/1970, 23 returned 10/1972 - 06/21/1973):
  4 F-4E-43-MC (69-0304/69-0307)
  20 F-4E-43-MC (69-7201/69-7217, 69-7219/69-7220, 69-7234), of which 69-7203 was lost 06/16/1971 and not returned
Peace Reno Korean C-123K program, cancelled.
Peace Rhine A program funded by the West German government that utilizes the LRU-1 computer with extra interface circuitry on West German F-4Fs, providing a radar ground mapping capability to improve air-to-ground weapons delivery. Involves Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division and Veda/Arlington, VA.
Peace Ride A deferred RTAF radar improvement Military Assistance Plan.
Peace Roll F-4E aircraft to Iran.
Peace Roll II F-4E program for Iran.
Peace Rotor H-34 Helicopters for Indonesia.
Peace Ruby An Air Force aircraft warning and control system that is part of the nation-wide telephone, telegraph, television and wideband telecommunications network being built by an American consortium for the Iranian Ministry of Post, Telephone and Telegraph.
Peace Rush F-5E program for Iran.
Peace Rush II Iranian F-5s.
Peace Rush III F-5Es for Iran, cancelled.
Peace Safari F-5s for Kenya.
Peace Sand F-5B aircraft for Jordan, cancelled.
Peace Sceptre A Ford Aerospace & Communications built microwave communications network in Iran, installed there as part of U.S. foreign military assistance.
Peace Sentinel FMS program, including 5 E-3A AWACS and eight KE-3A tankers for Saudi Arabia
Peace Shield FMS program, complete air-defense system including AN/FPS-117 for Saudi Arabia
Peace Slats A Foreign Military Sales program for kits and support for the F-4E for Israel.
Peace Spark AN/TPS-43D radars.
Peace Spectator FMS/MDAP program, 18 former USAF F-4D for South Korea (08/1969 - 1970):
  4 F-4D-24-MC (64-0931, 64-0933/64-0935)
  13 F-4D-25-MC (64-0941, 64-0943/64-0944, 64-0946/64-0948, 64-0950/64-0951, 64-0955, 64-0957/64-0958, 64-0961/64-0962)
  1 F-4D-25-MC (64-0966)
Peace Spectator ? also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 1 former USAF F-4D (attrition replacement or on loan ?) (1970):
  1 F-4D-28-MC (65-0709)
Peace Spectator ? also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 18 former USAF F-4D (originally only on loan) (1972/1973):
  1 F-4D-25-MC (64-0978)
  6 F-4D-26-MC (65-0582, 65-0589, 65-0591/65-0592, 65-0605, 65-0610)
  6 F-4D-27-MC (65-0620, 65-0622/65-0623, 65-0630, 65-0640, 65-0650)
  5 F-4D-28-MC (65-0678, 65-0691, 65-0715, 65-0732, 65-0762)
Peace Spectator ? also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 1 former USAF F-4D (attrition replacement or on loan ?) (1973):
  1 F-4D-27-MC (65-0663)
Peace Spectator ? also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 6 former USAF F-4D (attrition replacements) (1982), including:
  2 F-4D-28-MC (65-0679, 65-0755)
  1 F-4D-29-MC (65-0797)
  others may have been: F-4D-29-MC (65-0778, 65-0786, 65-0795), F-4D-29-MC (66-0239, 66-0274), and F-4D-31-MC (66-7732)
Peace Spectator ? also delivered to South Korea (FMS/MDAP program) 24 former USAF F-4D (12/1987 - 04/1988):
  5 F-4D-30-MC (66-7507, 66-7555, 66-7577, 66-7608, 66-7618)
  10 F-4D-31-MC (66-7673, 66-7690, 66-7709, 66-7715, 66-7737, 66-7747, 66-7750, 66-7753, 66-7758, 66-7762)
  7 F-4D-32-MC (66-8701, 66-8734, 66-8737, 66-8756, 66-8758/66-8759, 66-8765)
  2 F-4D-33-MC (66-8806, 66-8810)
Peace Star Foreign Military Sales of ECM equipment.
Peace Station FMS program, Boeing 707-3J9C tanker for Iran
Peace Strike Foreign Military Sales of F-5B/E aircraft to Malaysia.
Peace Strike Foreign Military Sales Program B-707 tankers for Iran.
Peace Sun (I) FMS program, 45 F-15C and 15 F-15D for Saudi Arabia:
  6 F-15C-28-MC (80-0062/80-0067)
  7 F-15C-29-MC (80-0068/80-0074)
  11 F-15C-30-MC (80-0075/80-0085)
  14 F-15C-31-MC (80-0086/80-0099)
  7 F-15C-32-MC (80-0100/80-0106)
  4 F-15D-27-MC (80-0107/80-0110)
  2 F-15D-28-MC (80-0111/80-0112)
  2 F-15D-29-MC (80-0113/80-0114)
  3 F-15D-30-MC (80-0115/80-0117)
  2 F-15D-31-MC (80-0118/80-0119)
  2 F-15D-32-MC (80-0120/80-0121)
Peace Sun II FMS/MDAP program, for Saudi Arabia ?
Peace Sun III FMS/MDAP program, for Saudi Arabia ?
Peace Sun IV FMS/MDAP program, for Saudi Arabia ?
Peace Sun V / VI FMS program, 25 F-15I for Israel:
  (94-0286/0310 ???) to (001/021 ???)
Peace Sun (?) also sold to Saudi Arabia (FMS program):
  9 F-15C (90-0263/90-0271)
  3 F-15D (90-0272/90-0274)
Peace Supply Logistic support to Israel.
Peace Switch A communications study for Iran.
Peace Tamer A Boeing infrared evaluation program.
Peace Teacher T-37 aircraft for Korea.
Peace Teak C-123K program for Thailand.
Peace Thai UH-1Ns for Thailand.
Peace Thrift A Military Assistance Program transport and training aircraft requirement.
Peace Tiger F-5E program to the Republic of China.
Peace Tikal A-37B aircraft for Guatemala.
Peace Tikal II A-37Bs for Guatemala.
Peace Train Foreign Military Sales of a radar simulator to Japan.
Peace Trout FMS/development program, 1 German air force RF-4E fitted with an AN/APR-39-based ELINT system
Peace Turn Foreign Military Sales kits and support of the F-4E for Iran.
Peace Upload NATO air munition stocks and delivery techniques update, cancelled.
Peace Vector (I) FMS program, 34 F-16A and 7 F-16B for Egypt:
  3 F-16A-15A (80-0639/80-0641) to (9301/9303)
  2 F-16A-15B (80-0642/80-0643) to (9304/9305)
  2 F-16A-15C (81-0643/81-0644) to (9306/9307)
  3 F-16A-15D (81-0645/81-0647) to (9308/9310)
  3 F-16A-15E (81-0648/81-0650) to (9311/9313)
  3 F-16A-15F (81-0651/81-0653) to (9314/9316)
  4 F-16A-15G (81-0654/81-0657) to (9317/9320)
  4 F-16A-15H (81-0658/81-0661) to (9321/9324)
  2 F-16A-15J (82-1056/82-1057) to (9325/9326)
  3 F-16A-15K (82-1058/82-1060) to (9327/9329)
  3 F-16A-15L (82-1061/82-1063) to (9330/9332)
  2 F-16A-15M (82-1064/82-1065) to (9333/9334)
  4 F-16B-15A (80-0644/80-0647) to (9201/9204)
  1 F-16B-15B (80-0648) to (9205)
  1 F-16B-15C (81-0662) to (9206)
  1 F-16B-15N (82-1043) to (9208)
Peace Vector II FMS/MDAP program, for Egypt ?
Peace Vector III FMS/MDAP program, for Egypt ?
Peace Vector IV FMS/MDAP program, for Egypt ?
Peace Vector V FMS program, 21 F-16C for Egypt:
  21 F-16C-40 (96-0086/96-0106)
Peace Violet II Additional F-102s for Greece.
Peace Wings A classified exchange-acquisition program between the United States and Canada to modernize the Canadian interceptor fleet's fire control capability. LTV Electrosystems is prime.
Peace Xenia FMS program, 34 F-16C and 6 F-16D for Greece:
  2 F-16C-30H (88-0110/88-0111) to (110/111)
  12 F-16C-30J (88-0112/88-0123) to (112/123)
  16 F-16C-30K (88-0124/88-0139) to (124/139)
  4 F-16C-30L (88-0140/88-0143) to (140/143)
  4 F-16D-30H (88-0144/88-0147) to (144/147)
  2 F-16D-30J (88-0148/88-0149) to (148/149)
Peace Zebra Purchase of 160 F-16 aircraft by Iran from the U.S. Under the Ford Administration, DOD proposed that delivery begins in March 1979, a year ahead of schedule. The Carter Administration was to decide on delivery schedules.
Pedro Recruit A Marine Corps missile evaluated for the F-4J aircraft. It is mounted at an angle to the fuselage center line to prevent interference with the nose landing gear.
Peer Match Technical assistance effort being developed and implemented by International City Management Association under contract from the Community Services Division of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Pencil Pusher A deep underground silo basing mode for the MX being studied by Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.
Penny Counter A mobile air transportable Univac 1050 II computer system.
Penny Monitor A career management program, cancelled.
Phoenix Aviator 20 PA 20, Transition Program for military pilots to become airline pilots, when retiring at 20 years
Phoenix Hawk AMC Training Program, two-year intern program designed to develop leaders with mobility experience, established 1993 or 1994
Phoenix Raven AMC Training Program, for security forces, each person has unique 'Raven' number, 240+, established early 1997
Phoenix Scorpion (I) Deployment ?
Phoenix Scorpion II Deployment, to Persian Gulf ("Southwest Asia"), -06/1998
Pica Poste [...]
Pierce Arrow Name for reprisal bombing of North Vietnam after the Tonkin Gulf incident.
Pile Driver A classified DARPA project.
Pilot Fish A classified Navy program which apparently involves placing a transmitter on the ocean bottom to pick up sonar data from approaching enemy submarines and transmit it to ASW craft.
Pine Tree Line NORAD Early Warning Radars, augmented by Mid-Canada Line and DEW Line
Pipe Cleaner An Air Force project for which a few B-47E aircraft were modified.
Pipe Stem Initial deployment of RF-101C Voodoos to Vietnam, 1961+
Plain Jane 7 AC-130A '53-3129, '54-1625', '54-1627', '54-1628', '54-1629', '54-1630', '56-0490'
Plume Shield A Navy experiment under the Naval Research Laboratory.
Pocket Veto A tethered balloon-borne radar for air surveillance of the Florida Straits.
Point Blank Joint Chiefs of Staff directed and coordinated exercise.
Polar Cap A program in support of the CONUS 0TH concerned with the effects of ionospheric variations which occur quite frequently in Arctic regions. Tests have been made to determine the feasibility of deploying an operational radar within the polar cap region.
Polar Cap III A joint U.S./Canada cooperative research and development program to test 0TH (over-the-horizon) radar at a Canadian site near the North Pole.
Pole Vault An on-going classified program of the Defense Communications Agency.
Polo Operation, [...]
Pony Express Part of the Air Force Advanced Detection System Development to monitor nuclear explosions.
Pony Express JCS-directed Operation, involving 2 WC-130s of 54th WRS, based at Guam, 1986
Port Bow Operation, planned against Korea after Pueblo incident, included 26 B-52Ds and 10 KC-135s based at CCK, 02/1968
Post Card A classified program of the Defense Communications Agency.
Pot Latch An amphibious exercise for the Marines held in conjunction with Canadian forces. It was designed to test helicopter-supported land operations against enemy forces.
Power Box Another designation applied to the airborne emergency communications system known as Black Fox.
Power Eye A change of engines program for the Crusader aircraft to improve wiring, electrical performance and performance of the RF-8G, an aircraft used for photographic surveillance and reconnaissance.
Practice Nine Initial project name for the "McNamara Line." Underwent considerable change and was later known as DOUBLE EAGLE, DUAL BLADE and IGLOO WHITE. Sensors were installed as an electronic barrier of anti-intrusion devices, detection systems and warning devices across the DMZ in Vietnam.
Prairie Masker A Naval Sea Systems Command program concerning development of centrifugal air compressors, forced draft blowers, main boiler and superchargers.
Prairie Schooner Advanced submarine surveillance program includes optical system technology, acoustic processing applications, photographic developments, direction finding and displays, digital recording applications, and laser signal detection capabilities. The Naval Ocean Systems Center is sponsoring the work.
Prairie Star An Army program aimed at developing a single tactical trunking and switching system that will perform some of the tasks planned for the MALLARD project. First phase of the program will explore existing mobile tactical switching units, the second would convert a hybrid switching system to a pure digital communications package.
Prairie Wagon A classified intelligence sensor collection system. It is a computer controlled system involving the AN/WSQ-( ). GTE/Sylvania received the contract from the Navy.
Prime Argus A Defense Research Projects Agency program which is a form of VELA follow-on. The designation applied to the reoriented nuclear test detection effort that followed the Air Force's Project VELA and preceded launching of the Integrated Satellite. The programs handled under PRIME ARGUS included nuclear proliferation analysis, nuclear test location prediction, and detection of countermeasures developed to offset capabilities and techniques developed under Project Vela.
Priscilla Ellen A network of eight long-range ground-air-ground high frequency communications stations that augment existing Air Force Communications Service facilities, provide conventional ground-air-ground traffic with military aircraft, and provide for secure teletype communications. Two stations are located in the United States, and the other six at Air Force installations in the Pacific.
Prize Crew Army/Navy evaluation of ultra quiet surveillance platforms in Vietnam, 1968; based on powered Schweizer SGS 2-32, designated QT-2PC
Promise Kept Operation, with Red Cross, retrieval of remains of Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher from Iraq, 12/09/1995 - 12/15/1995
Proud Phantom A joint US-Egyptian Air Force exercise, involving F-4 Phantom aircraft of both countries.
Proud Shield [...]
Proven Force JTF [...]
Provide Comfort Operation, to protect Iraqi Kurds in Iraq, and enforce Un-sanctioned No-Fly Zone, north of 36th parallel, from Iraqi military (but not from Turkish military), Incirlic AB, Turkey and Pirinclik AB, Iraq, 12/01/1995 - 12/31/1996, to Northern Watch
Pruning Saw Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Ptarmigan Track [...]

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