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Gallant Hand A large scale joint-service training exercise held in 1972 at Fort Hood at which 23,000 soldiers and airmen participated.
Gallant Knight A command post exercise of the Rapid Deployment Force.
Gallant Shield Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Game Warden The name for the use of helicopters in Vietnam.
Garlic Salt sub-version of Rivet Stand, KC-135A '55-3121', '59-1465', '59-1514', 1964-1969, modified under Big Safari
Gentle Wind A Joint Chiefs of Staff coordinated exercise.
Gentry classified (nuclear) strategic weapons program
Gerboise Bleu Operation, [...]
Get Well A program on Tartar/Terrier/Talos to improve deficiencies in missile ships already built or under construction.
Ghost Cabin A BMEWS monitor tanker route.
Ghost Rider II An Air Force drone contingency plan.
Ghost Walk Operational tests by the Air Force of the Quail missile (ADM-20).
Giant Ax Air Force implementation of a security plan.
Giant Ball An Air Force Airborne Command Post (ABNCP) ALCC exercise.
Giant Balloon A track from Seattle, WA to Battle Mountain, NV.
Giant Beam A Strategic Air Command evaluation of the APS-23 and ALT-6B system.
Giant Bear An SR-71 refueling support system worldwide.
Giant Bid U-2 utilization of electronic recon equipment
Giant Blaze Strategic Air Command flare employment program.
Giant Bracket Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of B-52 cell tactic.
Giant Cane Strategic Air Command exploitation of electronics system 32B.
Giant Cherry An Air Force terrain avoidance calibration program.
Giant Cobra TTF OpOrd for KC-135s from U-Tapao RTNAB, to supplement support of tactical strikes in Laos, 1966+
Giant Combo Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of an ECM test and flight plan.
Giant Deal A Strategic Air Command training operation.
Giant Dragon U-2 deployment to OL-20 (Bien Hoa)
Giant Duel Operational test and evaluation of QRC ALT-22 and QRC ALT-6 systems.
Giant Eagle A program to divert ARC light recovery (NAFTAN bombing range).
Giant Elk An SR-71 reconnaissance worldwide program.
Giant Fish Modification of 4 B-52Hs: '60-0024', '60-0033', '60-0051', '60-0052' for atmospheric radiation sampling
Giant Flash An over-the-target motion picture documentation.
Giant Foot An Air Force missile launch without instrumentation.
Giant Fox An operational readiness inspection exercise from ICBM units.
Giant Hand Air Force return of aircraft from depots.
Giant Lance Selective employment of air ground alert forces.
Giant Leap An SR-71 reconnaissance operation.
Giant Match Strategic Air Command program involving the B-52 aircraft and the AN/ALR-18 system.
Giant Moon Test program for emergency rocket communications system.
Giant Move A test of B-52 Tactical Air Command maneuver and flight plan.
Giant Nail OpOrd for U-2s in SEA, operational employment of U-2 aircraft in SEA
Giant Net An Air Force exercise recall after execution.
Giant Opponent A bomber defensive formation test.
Giant Patriot The code name describes an operational base launch program of test flights of Minuteman II missiles. The program was terminated by Congressional edict in July 1974.
Giant Plate OpOrd for SR-71A flights near/over Cuba, flown from Beale AFB, code changed to Clipper, 1960s
Giant Plow An Air Force Minuteman launcher closure test program.
Giant Prize Identification of Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of AN/ALQ-16 T-2 flight plan.
Giant Profit A Minuteman modified operational missile test plan.
Giant Quest An SR-71 stateside base contingency operation.
Giant Rally The capability for conducting strikes in the post attack era.
Giant Reach An SR-71 overseas based contingency operation.
Giant Roar Limited range operational base launches.
Giant Roof A missile communications improvement program.
Giant Scale OpOrd for SR-71A flights over North Vietnam, flown from Kadena AB, Okinawa, 1960/70s
Giant Shadow A Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of a tactical chaff test and flight plan.
Giant Stage An Air Force tanker task force operation at March AFB, CA.
Giant Step An Air Force special radio traffic program.
Giant Stride Strategic Air Command bomber participation in ECM terminal testing.
Giant Talk SAC communications/radio network
Giant Task An Air Force special reconnaissance mission.
Giant Thrust A specific guidance conducting security vulnerability test.
Giant View An Air Force program involving the NUDETS missile surveillance technology program.
Giant Viper a British trailer designed to blast a passage for vehicles through a minefield. It is towed by a tank, APC or special tractor. It is now on standardization loan to the US Army under the International Materiel Evaluation Program.
Giant Voice The 1971 Strategic Air Command Bombing and Navigation Competition at McCoy AFB, Orlando, FL.
Giant Wave A SAC (Strategic Air Command) exercise involving two B-52D aircraft.
Gigantic Charge Program to notify NORAD of all or part of strategic integrated operational plan (SIOP) targeting for Minuteman.
Gigantic Jam Testing by the Tactical Air Command of ALT-28 electronic countermeasures equipment.
Gin Andy Code name reference to the AN/FPN-16 navigational radar set built by ITT for the Air Force and used at air bases in fixed sites.
Gin Player SAC tests of Minuteman missile for identification and execution.
Ginger Cup A Strategic Air Command strike mission in Southeast Asia.
Gipsy Fan Peacetime aerial reconnaissance program of Strategic Air Command.
Girdle Strap An Air Force degree of exercise play intentions program.
Glad News Identification of a specific location within Strategic Air Command.
Glad Notice An Air Force Practice launch exercise.
Glad Rags A Strategic Air Command program restricting commanders to base.
Glad Spree B-52 aircraft deploying and redeploying from Andersen AFB, Guam
Glamor Girl A program to move SR-71 aircraft to Europe.
Glass Blade A Strategic Air Command tactical aircraft dispersal exercise.
Glass Display Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of B-52 equipment.
Glass Key OpOrd for KC-135s from CCK, to supplement Young Tiger and Arc Light missions, 1968+
Glass Nozzle An Early Warning monitor for the Thule BMEWS site.
Glass Organ Strategic Air Command support of an annual training exercise using KC-135 aircraft.
Glass Point A Strategic Air Command route to and from the Spanish Atlantic.
Glass Ring A project within the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
Glass Shield A program to identify Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of B-52 electronic countermeasures equipment.
Global Shield An annual exercise for units of the Strategic Air Command.
Glory Road An exercise term for a specified Strategic Air Command message.
Glory Trip Strategic Air Command operational test launches of ICBM missiles.
Glowing Beam A Strategic Air Command program to identify the operational test and evaluation of a B-52 radar modification.
Glowing Fire A joint test directive.
Glowing Heat SR-71A swap-out excerise, replacing airframes from Kadena AB, Okinawa, with airframes from Palmdale, CA, 1968/69
Glowing Iron The exercise of a preplanned force positioning.
Glowing Lamp A SAC (Strategic Air Command) test of the Titan 2 missile.
Glowing Scope An Air Force program involving jamming bomber navigation and terrain avoidance systems.
Golden Ray A classified ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) project.
Goose Bay Lowell Technological Institute Research Foundation worked on this study for the Air Force.
Grand Slam A version of the SLAM missile system which could go on ships of destroyer size and larger; an underwater-to-surface missile.
Grass Blade A classified Army research and development program in advanced development.
Gray Rock An Army Missile Command seeker.
Great Bear [...]
Green Elephant A classified USMC (Marine Corps) project. Also called TSQ-89.
Green Grass A highly-classified NSA (National Security Agency) program with Honeywell-Orlando and RCA involved.
Green Hornet An Air Force effort to develop a booster with a "Shrouded Agena" to support payloads nearly 10 feet in diameter, twice the current size. McDonnell Douglas is working on this project for NASA.
Greener Pastures An Army program for using Raytheon Hawk boosters with a 1,000 lb. bomb warhead with twice the range of the non-nuclear Lance, using the Lance launcher and distance measuring equipment.
Greenland Sea The University of Washington conducted studies on this project for the Navy.
Guardian Eagle An Air Force project under Aeronautical Systems Division. It is a classified design feasibility study of an infrared sensor on an aircraft.
Guardian Challenge 'Exercise', AFSPC, annual space and missile competition (1960s to 2000+), winner gets Blanchard Trophy, Aldridge Trophy, Schriever Trophy, GC 98: at Vandenberg AFB, CA, 05/04/1998 - 05/07/1998, GC 00: at Vandenberg AFB, CA, 05/01/2000 - 05/05/2000)
Guardrail US Army program, operational in former Federal Republic of Germany and in the Republic of Korea; SIGINT and D/F gear platformed on the U-21 (Models RU-21E and RU-21H); active since 1970. Guardrail (Improved): Enhanced system becoming operational in the early-1980s; jam-proof datalink, automatic emitter acquisition and classification, accurate INS; based on U-21
Gunship (I) 26 C-47 converted to FC-47D, AC-47D gunships
Gunship II C-130 gunships, including: 1 JC-130A, 7 Plain Jane AC-130A, 1 Surprise Package AC-130A, 10 Pave Pronto AC-130A, 11 Pave Spectre (I) AC-130E, 10 Pave Spectre II AC-130H 'Spectre', and 12+ (Pave Spectre III or maybe Pave Spooky ?) AC-130U 'Spooky')
Gunship III 26 AC-119G 'Shadow' and 26 AC-119K 'Stinger' gunships
Gusto [...]
Gypsy Danger A classified CNO (Chief of Naval Operations project supported by Rewson).

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