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Face Lift An Air Force recovery procedure.
Face Mask A three-day amphibious reconnaissance exercise held off the coast of Okinawa for the Marines.
Fair Measurement An Army program related to the Anti-Missile Program.
Fair Oaks Navy submarine signal processing set, the AN/WYQ-1.
Fall Airglow [...]
Family Man See COLLEGE MEN.
Farm Gate Operation, Air Commandos, initially deployed to Bien Hoa AB, Thailand, counterinsurgency missions, "training" South Vietnamese (co-)pilots, 1961-196x, including A-1, A-26, AT-28, others
Fast Move Operation, [...]
Fennel Boeing Condor HALE (High-Altitude Long Endurance) UAV technology demonstrator built in response to DARPA's Teal Cameo study. Two airframes built, one flown.
Fiery Relief Operation, delivery of supplies to volcano evacuees in Legapi, Philippines, by 2 MC-130Hs from the 353rd SOG MC-130H, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, and others, during Excercise Balikatan 2000, 03/2000
Fire Fly Ryan 147A RPV development, under Big Safari, renamed/continued under project Lightning Bug, operational 04/1962-08/1962
Firefly AQM-91A/Ryan 154 RPV development, renamed/continued under project Compass Arrow, sometimes also Dark Eagle, 1966-1971
First Look A test conducted under Project CLOUD GAP a joint project of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) and DOD, with the Air Force functioning as the program manager to monitor missile production from a site located in England; a second test was scheduled.
Fish [...]
Fish Bowl [...]
Fish Hook Area of Cambodia, north-west of Saigon
Flaming Arrow An Army project under the Army Communications and Electronics Materiel Readiness Command.
Flaming Dart Operation/OpOrd, USN air raids on North Vietnam, starting 02/1965
Flaming Lance Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Flare Scan A ground transmitter and airborne receiver. They were used by the Air Force in conjunction with experiments on instrument landings.
Flintlock Three A Joint Chiefs of Staff coordinated exercise.
"Flipper Drop" Operation, probably just nickname, based on movie "Operation Dumbo Drop", see AFNS 981104
Floating Flare An Army research and development program involving 40 mm ordnance. Aberdeen Proving Ground has negotiated with Northrop Carolina Inc./Ashville, NC for work.
Fog Cutter A DARPA air-to-air guidance system.
Foreign Legion TTF was Yankee Team, OpOrd for KC-135s from Clark AB, to support tactical strikes in Laos, 09/03/1964-1965, to Tiger Cub
Foresight Sierra A communications system under development by the Army electronics Command for which Ford Aerospace & Communications received contracts.
Forest Green USAF, intelligence collection operation, possibly SIGINT program for NSA
Forward Pass A buried ground sensor which transfers information to aircraft for targeting. A Naval Air Development Center project.
Forward Pass Program to provide over-the-horizon targeting through radar-equipped aerial platforms for a new 600-mile-range ramjet-powered missile against hostile targets.
Forward Talk Joint Airborne Command Post.
Four Eyes Flintstone A radar system installed at Rome Air Development Center.
Four Wheels Air Force system using the AN/TSQ-47 traffic control system built by RCA.
Fox Hall Classified airborne tactical communications equipment; may be related to a National Security Agency requirement.
Frantic Operation, P-51s of 4th FG, flying bomber support from England to bases in the Ukraine, 1944
Freedom Torch II Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Freedom Train Operation, 04/06/1972 - 05/10/1972, followed by Linebacker
Freedom Vault Field exercise held in March 1971 in The Republic of Korea to demonstrate the capability to deploy Strike Command (USSTRICOM) units to an overseas area rapidly.
Freefall ?
Frequent Wind Operation, Evacuation of Saigon
Fresh News [...]

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