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Nancy Rae 1 JKC-135A '59-1491', 1961/1962+, later also RC-135S, 1963/1969, to Wanda Belle, to Rivet Ball, to Cobra Ball, modified under Big Safari
New Horizons Exercise/Mission, annualy humanitarian mission or excerise, sponsored by the Army or Air Force-led and sponsored by US SOUTHCOM ?
(NH 2000: 03/2000 in Dangriga, Belize, including 307th RED HORSE Sqd., Kelly AFB, TX, and 49th MG, Holloman AFB, NM)
(NH 2000: 05/16/2000 in Moneague, Jamaica, JTF-Jamaica, including 823rd RED HORSE Sqd., Hurlburt Field, FL)
(NH 2000: 05/15/2000 - 08/2000 in St.George's, Grenada, JTF-Midas, including 820th RED HORSE Sqd., Nellis AFB, NV)
New Tape [...]
Niagara Operation, including 2707 B-52D ground-support missions in support of Khe Sanh, 01/14/1968-03/31/1968
Nice Dog [...]
Nickel Grass FMS/MDAP program / Operation, resupply of 36 (to 40) ex-USAF F-4E (and other goods) for Israel during Yom Kipur War (1973)
(2 F-4E-32-MC (66-0313, 66-0327), 1 F-4E-33-MC (66-0352), 2 F-4E-35-MC (67-0326, 67-0340), 4 F-4E-36-MC (67-0346, 67-0362, 67-0368, 67-0383), 2 F-4E-37-MC (68-0331, 68-0333)) (1 F-4E-38-MC (68-0380), 2 F-4E-43-MC (69-7229, 69-7255), 1 F-4E-48-MC (71-0246), 2 F-4E-49-MC (71-1074, 71-1078), 3 F-4E-50-MC (71-1394/71-1395, 71-1398)) (10 F-4E-50-MC (72-0121, 72-0123, 72-0127, 72-0129, 72-0130/72-0133, 72-0137/72-0138), 2 F-4E-51-MC (72-0157/72-0158), 2 F-4E-52-MC (72-0163/72-0164), plus 2 to 8 more)
Night Life An Army Missile Command/DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) project for the use of lasers, also known as DANCING DOLLS.
Night Owl USAF Avionics Laboratory program to develop an infrared imaging seeker for use on air-to-surface missiles at night. Hughes Aircraft performed R&D in the program.
Night Sun An Army searchlight.
Night Train Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
Night Vision The system provides Naval and Air Force aircraft with night-time interdiction and detection capability.
Night Watch LTV modifications to five EC-135s to equip them with electronic surveillance systems and computers for on-board processing and real-time relay to command headquarters. Part of the Air Force SHEDLIGHT program.
Nile Blue A DARPA project which relates to nuclear monitoring for climate modification research. Research done under the program involves the effects of large scale climate modifications as a military weapon. It also involves research to counter potentially harmful climate changes.
Nimbus Moon An ordnance disposal training program conducted in the Suez Canal to train Egyptian personnel as part of an agreement between the U.S. and the Egyptians.
Nimbus Star A minesweeping training operation conducted in the Suez Canal. Sikorsky RH-53D Stallion helicopters towed acoustic devices and magnetic sleds to train Egyptian personnel in minesweeping techniques.
Nimbus Stream A minefield detection sweep off the Egyptian cities of Port Said and Damietta.
Nite Gazelle Experimental program by the Navy to modify QH-50D helicopter drones (DASH) for night surveillance missions. The program followed the earlier NITE PANTHER effort which was cancelled by DOD in 1969. Under NITE GAZELLE, the drones received a longer rotor blade and M5 40 mm grenade launcher turrets.
Nite Panther See NITE GAZELLE.
Noble Anvil Operation, NATO/UN, US-led, part of Kosovo Campaign, 03/24/1999 - 07/20/1999
Noble Eagle Operation, "Homeland Defense", CAP, AEW, surveillance, and interdiction missions over CONUS, after 9/11 attack, 09/11/2001 - 03/15/2002+
Nordic Pass A JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) exercise.
Northern Merger A NATO exercise involving nine countries that took place in 1974.
Northern Watch Operation, "ONW", follow on to Operation Provide Comfort, enforcing of the UN-mandated No-Fly-Zone over Iraq, north of the 36th parallel, Incirlik AB, Turkey, 01/01/1997 - 1998
Northern Wedding NATO maritime exercise involving more than 180 ships and aircraft of eight countries.
Nymph Voice Also referred to as NYVO, this is an advanced development program sponsored by the Naval Air Systems Command with work performed by Magnavox, and believed to be an acoustic countermeasure device.

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