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AN/ASA - Airborne Special/Combination Auxiliary Assemblies
AN/ASB - Airborne Special/Combination Bombing Equipment
AN/ASC - Airborne Special/Combination Communications
AN/ASD - Airborne Special/Combination Detection and Reconnaissance Equipment
AN/ASE - Airborne Special/Combination Ejectors
AN/ASG - Airborne Special/Combination Fire-Control Equipment
AN/ASH - Airborne Special/Combination Recording/Reproducing Equipment
AN/ASK - Airborne Special/Combination Computers

AN/ASA - Airborne Special/Combination Auxiliary Assemblies

AN/ASA-1 Static Discharge Assembly
AN/ASA-2 Control Malfunction Simulator
AN/ASA-3 Static Discharger; used in RC-130A, P-2
(4...8) (No information)
AN/ASA-9 Sonar Data Transmitting Group; used with AN/SSA-15
(10...12) (No information)
AN/ASA-13 Navigational Computer Group; manufactured by Loral; used with AN/ASA-14; used in P-2, P-3, P-5, S-2, EC-121, UH-2, SH-3, SZ-1 and ASW helicopters
AN/ASA-14 Dead-Reckoning Tracer; used with AN/ASA-14; used in Z-1
(15) (No information)
AN/ASA-16 ASW Display System; used with AN/APS-20, AN/ASA-47; used in P-2, P-3, P-5
AN/ASA-17 Indicator Group; used in B-58
(18...19) (No information)
AN/ASA-20 Sonobuoy Recorder ("Jezebel"); manufactured by Weston Instrument; used in P-3A, S-2E
(21...22) (No information)
AN/ASA-23 Missile Launching Set
AN/ASA-25 ASW Data Display Group; used with AN/APS-44; used in P-5
AN/ASA-26 Sonobuoy Recorder Group ("Julie"); manufactured by Western Electric; used in P-3A, S-2, SH-2F, HU-16B
AN/ASA-27 Radar Computer & Indicator System; manufactured by Litton; part of AN/ASQ-52; used in E-2A
AN/ASA-28 Malfunction Control Simulator; manufactured by Marquardt; used with AN/ASB-4, AN/APA-141
(29) (No information)
AN/ASA-30 ASW Group
AN/ASA-31 ASW Target Position Computer Group ("Julie"); used in A-6A(???), S-2
AN/ASA-32 Autopilot & Flight Control System Group; used in F-4B/C/E, RF-101
(33) (No information)
AN/ASA-34 Cathode Ray Tube Recording Set
(35) (No information)
AN/ASA-36 Digital Data Simulator Group
(37) (No information)
(39...40) (No information)
AN/ASA-41 ATDS (Airborne Tactical Data System)
(42...43) (No information)
AN/ASA-44 Inertial Navigation System
(45...46) (No information)
AN/ASA-47 Doppler Air Mass Computer Indicator Group; used in P-3
AN/ASA-48 Air Data Computer Test Console; used with A-6A
(49) (No information)
AN/ASA-50 Ground Speed & Bearing Indicator; used with AN/AQA-5; used in P-3A
AN/ASA-51 Data Transmitter Group; used in A-6, A-7
AN/ASA-52 Computer Group; used in F-4B
AN/ASA-53 Inflight Performance Test Bench Group; used with/in EA-6A
(54...56) (No information)
AN/ASA-57 Sonobuoy Display Group
(58) (No information)
AN/ASA-59 ASW Integrated Data Display Console; used in SH-3D
AN/ASA-60 Magnetic Compensator Group
(61...62) (No information)
AN/ASA-63 Missile Programming Computer; manufactured by Magnavox; used in F-4, F-8
AN/ASA-64 Submarine Anomaly Detector; manufactured by CAE; used with AN/ASA-65, AN/ASQ-81; used in P-3
AN/ASA-65 Magnetic Compensator Group; used in P-3, S-2, S-3A, CHSS-2 (Canada)
AN/ASA-66 Anti-Submarine Warfare Tactical Data Cockpit Display; manufactured by Loral; used in P-3B/C
(67...68) (No information)
AN/ASA-69 Radar-Scan Converter Group; used with AN/APS-115, AN/ASA-70, AN/AYA-8; used in P-3
AN/ASA-70 Tactical Data Display; used in P-3
AN/ASA-71 Selector Control Group; used with AN/ASQ-81
(72) (No information)
AN/ASA-74 used with AGM-69A, AGM-86A
(75) (No information)
AN/ASA-76 Signal Generator/Transmitter Group; used in P-3, S-2G, S-3A
AN/ASA-77 Digital Computer
(78) (No information)
AN/ASA-79 Multi-Purpose Display Indicator Group; used in F-14
AN/ASA-80 Independent Display Group; used with Mk.80 FCS
(81) (No information)
AN/ASA-82 Anti-Submarine Warfare Tactical Data Display System; manufactured by Loral; used in S-3, CP-140 (Canada)
AN/ASA-83 SEAM(?); used in AV-8B
AN/ASA-84 Inertial Navigation Control Group; manufactured by Lear-Siegler; used in S-3

AN/ASB - Airborne Special/Combination Bombing Equipment

AN/ASB-1 Bomb Director System; used in A-3, A-4, AJ-1
(2) (No information)
AN/ASB-3 Bomb Directing Set; manufactured by Bell Telephone Lab.; used AN/APA-44, AN/APS-23
AN/ASB-4 Bombing/Navigation System; part of AN/ASQ-38; used in B-52E/F/G/H
(6) (No information)
AN/ASB-7 Bombing/Navigation System; used in A-3
AN/ASB-8 Bomb Director Set
AN/ASB-9 Bombing/Navigation System; used in B-52G/H
(10) (No information)
AN/ASB-11 Radar/Optical Bombing System; used in A-3
AN/ASB-12 Bombing System; used in A-5
(13) (No information)
AN/ASB-14 Bombing/Navigation System
AN/ASB-15 Terrain Clearance Computer; used in B-52C/D
AN/ASB-16 Bombing/Navigation System; part of AN/ASQ-38; used in B-52E/F/G/H
AN/ASB-17 Bombing Subsystem; used with AN/ASQ-79
AN/ASB-18 Bombing/Navigation System; used in B-52D
AN/ASB-19 ARBS (Angle Rate Bombing System); manufactured by Hughes; used in A-4M, AV-8B

AN/ASC - Airborne Special/Combination Communications

AN/ASC-1 Short-Range Radio Communications Set (for glider to tow plane communication)
(2...4) (No information)
AN/ASC-5 Airborne Communications Control; modified and redesignated as AN/ARC-122
AN/ASC-6 Radio Console (2 x AN/ARC-44); used in UH-1D
AN/ASC-7 DSCS III Satellite Terminal
AN/ASC-8 Record Data Terminal
(9) (No information)
AN/ASC-10 Secure Voice Command System; used in UH-1H
AN/ASC-11 Secure Voice Command System; used in UH-1H
AN/ASC-12 Communications Set; manufactured by Collins
(13) (No information)
AN/ASC-14 SHF X-Band Satellite Terminal; manufactured by RCA; used in EC-130Q; tested in a C-135B
AN/ASC-15 Secure Voice Communications; uses AN/ARC-131, AN/ARC-210, AN/ARC-220; replaced AN/ASC-10, AN/ASC-11; used in UH-1H, UH-60
(16) (No information)
AN/ASC-17 "COMFY GATOR" Communications Set
AN/ASC-18 Satellite Terminal (DSCS II); used in E-4B
AN/ASC-19 AFSATCOM (Air Force Satellite Communications) System; manufactured by Rockwell; used in B-1B, B-52G/H
(20) (No information)
AN/ASC-21 AFSATCOM (Air Force Satellite Communications) System; manufactured by Rockwell
AN/ASC-22 EHF Airborne Satellite Terminal; manufactured by Raytheon; used in E-2C; tested in C-135B
(23) (No information)
AN/ASC-24 Satellite Communication System; used in E-4B
AN/ASC-25 used with (or part of) AN/ASQ-163
AN/ASC-26 Communications Central
(27) (No information)
AN/ASC-28 SHF/EHF SatCom System; tested in C-135
(29) (No information)
AN/ASC-30 SHF/EHF SatCom System; used in C-130, E-4, EC-135
AN/ASC-31 UHF Satellite Terminal (AFSATCOM)
(32) (No information)
AN/ASC-33 DAISS (Digital Airborne Intercommunications and Switching Set); used in E-6
(34) (No information)
AN/ASC-36 UTS (UHF Terminal Set); used in B-1
AN/ASC-37 Mission Computer System; used in E-6B
AN/ASC-38 A2C2S (Army Airborne Command & Control System); used in EUH-60L
(39) (No information)
AN/ASC-40 Satellite Communications Set; used in E-3A (NATO)

AN/ASD - Airborne Special/Combination Detection and Reconnaissance Equipment

AN/ASD-1 ELINT System; manufactured by AIL/Melpar/GTE; part of AN/USD-7; used in RC-135A/C; intended for B-58
(2...4) (No information)
AN/ASD-5 "Black Crow" Direction Finder (Truck Ignition Sensor); used in AC/NC-130K, AC-130, AP-2H
AN/ASD-6 "Aireye" Multi-Sensor Surveillance System; used with AN/APS-131 in HU-25B
AN/ASD-7 used in RF-4C
AN/ASD-10 ATARS (Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System); manufactured by Lockheed Martin; used in F/A-18D
AN/ASD-11 TARS (Theater Airborne Reconnaissance System); used in F-16 in ANG (Air National Guard)
AN/ASD-12 SHARP (Shared Reconnaissance Pod); used with F/A-18E/F; replaces F-14/TARPS system

AN/ASE - Airborne Special/Combination Ejectors

AN/ASE-1 Missile Launch Set

AN/ASG - Airborne Special/Combination Fire-Control Equipment

AN/ASG-1 Radar Fire-Control System
(2...5) (No information)
(7...8) (No information)
AN/ASG-9 Fire-Control System
AN/ASG-10 Bombing Computer (a.k.a. Bomb Director MK 1 MOD 1); used in F4U-4, SB2C-5
(11) (No information)
AN/ASG-12 Fire-Control System
AN/ASG-13 Fire-Control System; used in F-101B
AN/ASG-14 Fire-Control System for Nuclear Weapons; manufactured by Texas-Instruments; used in F-4, F-104G, F-111
AN/ASG-15 Rear-Defense Fire-Control System; manufactured by Emerson Electric; used in B-52G
AN/ASG-16 Optical Sight System; manufactured by Textron
AN/ASG-17 Fire-Control System (for use with nuclear weapons); used in F-86, F-89, F-100
AN/ASG-18 Fire-Control System (for use with AIM-47 and AIM-54); manufactured by Hughes; used in YF-12A; tested in B-58
AN/ASG-19 "Thunderstick" Fire Control System; manufactured by General Electric; used in B-52, F-105D/F, T-39
(20) (No information)
AN/ASG-21 Rear-Defense Automatic Fire-Control System; manufactured by Emerson; used in B-52H, B-58
AN/ASG-22 Lead Computing Optical Sight; manufactured by General ELectric; used in F-4D/E
AN/ASG-23 Lead Computing Optical Gun Sight; used in F-4E/F, F-111
AN/ASG-24 Optical Sight System
AN/ASG-25 Fire-Control System; used in B-52F, F-101B, F-102, F-106, F/FB-111
AN/ASG-26 LCOSS (Lead Computing Optical Sight System); used in F-4D/E
AN/ASG-27 Optical Display Sight; manufactured by General Electric; used in F-111F
(28) (No information)
AN/ASG-29 Lead Computing Optical Sight; used in F-5
AN/ASG-30 Lead Computing Optical Gun Sighting System; used in F-4G
AN/ASG-31 Lead Computing Optical Gun Sighting System; used in F-5E
AN/ASG-32 Sight
AN/ASG-33 Rear-Defense Fire Control System (digital upgrade of AN/ASG-15); manufactured by Emerson Electric; development cancelled after single prototype was evaluated in B-52G
(501) (No information)
AN/ASG-502 Lead-Angle Computing Sight; used in CF-104 (Canada)

AN/ASH - Airborne Special/Combination Recording/Reproducing Equipment

AN/ASH-1 Electrostatic Field Strength Recorder; manufactured by Eaton; used by USAAF
AN/ASH-2 Exhaust Gas Detection Equipment
(3) (No information)
AN/ASH-4 Light & Time Recording Set; used in B-50D
AN/ASH-5 Bathythermograph Set
(6...7) (No information)
AN/ASH-8 Airborne Recorder
(9...12) (No information)
AN/ASH-13 Weather Data Recorder; used in WB-47, RC-130
(14) (No information)
AN/ASH-15 IBDA (Indirect Bomb Damage Assessment) Equipment; used in B-58
(16) (No information)
AN/ASH-17 Magnetic Recorder/Reproducer; used in B-58
(18) (No information)
AN/ASH-19 NORVIPS Voice Warning Reproducer Set "Bitching Betty"; used in CH-47, CH-54, AH-56, OV-1
AN/ASH-20 Flight Data Recording System & Crash Position Indicator; manufactured by Leigh Instruments; used in P-3A/B, C-2, C-130, E-2, E-6A
(21) (No information)
AN/ASH-22 Signal Data Recorder Set; used in C-2A, E-2B, EP-3J, E-6A
AN/ASH-23 Sound Recorder Set
AN/ASH-24 Sound Reproducer Set
AN/ASH-25 Bathythermograph Set; manufactured by Sippican; used in helicopters
AN/ASH-26 Solid-State Reproducer System; similar to AN/ASH-36
AN/ASH-27 Magnetic Tape Recorder; manufactured by Genisco; used in S-3A, CP-140 (Canada)
AN/ASH-28 Signal Data Recorder; used in F-15
AN/ASH-29 Voice-Warning Tape Reproducer Set; similar to AN/ASH-26
AN/ASH-30 Signal Data Recording Set; manufactured by Sperry; used with AN/ALQ-99; used in EA-6B
AN/ASH-31 Crash Data Recorder
(32) (No information)
AN/ASH-33 Digital Recorder/Reproducer Set; used in P-3
AN/ASH-34 MADAR Digital Tape Recorder; used in C-5
AN/ASH-35 Sound Recorder; used in AC-130, MC-130
(36) (No information)
AN/ASH-37 SDRS (Structural Data Recording Set); used with AN/UYQ-76; used in C-130, F-14, S-3, ES-3A, P-3, AH-1W/Z
AN/ASH-38 DFIRS (Deployable Flight Incident Recorder System); used in F/A-18
AN/ASH-39 Flight Recorder Set; used in VH-3, VH-60
AN/ASH-40 SDRS (Structural Data Recording Set); used with AN/UYQ-76
(41) (No information)
AN/ASH-42 Digital Mission Playback System; used in S-3B; replaced AN/USH-42
(501) (No information)
AN/ASH-502 Crash Position Indicator & Flight Recorder; used in CP-140 (Canada)
AN/ASH-503 Voice Message System; manufactured by Marconi; used in P-3C

AN/ASK - Airborne Special/Combination Computers

AN/ASK-1 Distance Travelled Computer Set
AN/ASK-2 Computer Set (Wind Memory)
AN/ASK-3 Distance Travelled Computer
AN/ASK-4 Computer Set
AN/ASK-5 Velocity Computer
AN/ASK-6 Air Data Computer; manufactured by Honeywell; used in F-15E
AN/ASK-7 Data Transfer Unit; used with AGM-86 missile in B-52G/H, B-1B
AN/ASK-8 FEMS (Fatigue and Engine Monitoring System); manufactured by Northrop Grumman; used in F-14B/D; planned for A-6F


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