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AN/APA - Airborne Radar Auxiliary Assemblies
AN/APB - Airborne Bombing Radars
AN/APD - Airborne Direction Finding and Surveillance Radars

AN/APA - Airborne Radar Auxiliary Assemblies

AN/APA-1 Indicator Unit (Remote Repeater Scope); used with US Navy ASB radar
AN/APA-2 Radar Antenna Equipment
AN/APA-3 Radar Antenna Equipment
AN/APA-4 Radar Alarm Unit
AN/APA-5 Auxiliary Electronic Bombsight Equipment; used with AN/APS-2, AN/APS-3, AN/APS-15; used in P-2
AN/APA-6 Panoramic Radio Receiving Set; used with AN/APR-9 and AN/APR-14
AN/APA-7 Movie-Camera Photo Set
AN/APA-8 Video Amplifier; used with AN/APS-2 and AN/ASG-1
AN/APA-9 ECM Equipment; used in P2V-5
AN/APA-10 Panoramic Radio Receiving Set; used with AN/SPR-2
AN/APA-11 Panoramic Radio Receiving Set (Pulse Analyzer); used with AN/APR-9 and AN/APR-14; used in B-52 EW pod, RC-121C, P2V-5, PBM-5S
AN/APA-12 Sector Scan Antenna Adapter; used with AN/APS-2
AN/APA-13 Component of AN/APS-15
AN/APA-14 Azimuth Stabilization Assembly; component of AN/APS-15
AN/APA-15 Elevation Stabilizer; used with AN/APS-15
AN/APA-16 Radar Compensating Assembly; used in PBY-6A
AN/APA-17 250-1000 MHz Broadband Direction Finding Radar (used with search receivers); manufactured by Hoffman Radio Corp., Aviola
AN/APA-19 Bombing Aid
AN/APA-21 Radar Bombing Compensating Unit
AN/APA-22 Attenuator Assembly; used with AN/APS-2 in PB4Y-1
AN/APA-23 Automatic Tape Recorder; manufactured by Gamewell; used with AN/APR-1/2/4/5/6
AN/APA-24 50-280 MHz Direction Finding Radar (used with search receivers); manufactured by Heyer Products; used in P4M-1Q
AN/APA-25 Radar Direction Finding Antenna Unit
AN/APA-26 S-Band Attenuator Assembly; used with AN/APS-2 in PBM
AN/APA-27 Automatic Search & Jam Tuning Adapter
AN/APA-28 Multiple Indicator Equipment (6 displays); used with AN/APQ-13
AN/APA-29 Bombing Altitude Control Unit
AN/APA-30 Computer Assembly
AN/APA-33 Multiple Indicator Equipment (4 displays); used with AN/APQ-7
AN/APA-35 Radar Signal Recording Camera Unit
AN/APA-36 Remote Repeater Scope (modified AN/APA-1); used with AN/APQ-13
AN/APA-38 Panoramic Radio Receiving Set; used in PBM-5S
AN/APA-39 Radar Identification Unit
AN/APA-40 Bombing/Navigation System; used with AN/APS-15; used in B-17
AN/APA-42 Conflicting references:
- 60-750 MHz Direction Finder; manufactured by RRL, Lear
- Bombing/Navigation System; used with AN/APS-23; used in XB-48 (see AN/APA-59)
AN/APA-43 Airborne Searchlight Control
AN/APA-44 Ground Position Indicator System; manufactured by Bell Telephone Lab.; used with AN/ASB-3 and AN/APS-23/27/31; used in B-45 (together with AN/APS-23 to form AN/APQ-24), RB-66
AN/APA-45 Radar Antenna Tilt Stabilizer Unit
AN/APA-48 Radar Homing Equipment, 140-300 MHz; manufactured by RRL; used with AN/APR-1 in F6F
AN/APA-49 Radar Bombing Ground Position Indicator
AN/APA-50 Low Altitude Rocket Bombing Unit
AN/APA-51 Radar Indicator Unit
AN/APA-52 Doppler Drift Attachment; used with AN/APQ-13, AN/APQ-23
AN/APA-54 Radar Recorder Group (SHORAN); used in B-57
AN/APA-55 Radar Adapter Unit
AN/APA-56 Radar Display Console; used with AN/APS-45/95; used in EC-121
AN/APA-57 Ground Position Indicator Group; used with AN/APA-56, AN/APA-81, AN/APS-20; used in AF-2W, P-2, S-2; replaced by AN/ASA-13
AN/APA-58 Ground Position Computer
AN/APA-59 Bombing/Navigation Computer "SRC-1"; manufactured by Sperry; used in B-36, XB-48
AN/APA-60 Autopilot
AN/APA-61 Radar Bombing Navigational Computer
AN/APA-62 Panoramic Receiver
AN/APA-63 Autopilot
AN/APA-64 Radar Signal Analyzer; used with AN/APR-1, AN/APR-4, AN/APR-5, AN/APR-9; used in P2V-4
AN/APA-65 Remote Monitor Group; related to AN/APA-66/67
AN/APA-66 Radar Monitor Group; related to AN/APA-65/67
AN/APA-67 Radar Monitor Group; related to AN/APA-65/66
AN/APA-69 Direction Finding Radar Set; used in RB-57D, A-1, C-47, P-2, P-5, S-2, RC-121C, Z-1, ZPK
AN/APA-70 Direction Finder Group; used with AN/APR-9; used in AF-2W, P-2, S-2, TBM-3S
AN/APA-72 Signal Analyzer; used in E-2
AN/APA-74 Pulse Analyzer Group; manufactured by Loral; used in EB-66, A-3, EC-47, P-2, P-5, Z-1, ZPK; replaced AN/APA-11
AN/APA-80 Control & Guidance Monitoring Group; used in AUM-N-2, HSL-1, P-2, P-5, S-2
AN/APA-81 Ground Position Indicator Group; used with AN/APS-20; used in AF-2W, EC-121
AN/APA-82 Direction Finder Group; used in B-52, C-130, C-133, C-135
(83) (No information)
AN/APA-84 Radar Intercept Targeting Computer; used with APG-37; used in F-86D/K
AN/APA-85 Control-Indicator Group; used with AN/APS-42; used in R6D-1
(86...87) (No information)
AN/APA-89 Coder Group; used in A-3, UH-1E
AN/APA-90 Indicator Group; used with AN/APW-11; used in B-57, B-66
AN/APA-91 used with AN/APS-33
AN/APA-92 ECM Set(?)
(93) (No information)
AN/APA-94 Signal Analyzer
AN/APA-95 Doppler Navigation Computer
(96...102) (No information)
AN/APA-103 Navigation Computer; used with AN/APN-87
(104...105) (No information)
AN/APA-106 Bomb Damage Evaluation Group; used with AN/APQ-24; used in B-50D
(107...108) (No information)
AN/APA-109 Radar Control; manufactured by Westinghouse
(110...112) (No information)
AN/APA-113 Antenna Group; used with AN/APS-62; fitted to ZPG-2W
(114...119) (No information)
AN/APA-122 Indicator Group; used with AN/APS-20E
AN/APA-125 Radar Display; used with AN/APS-80/82/88, AN/APX-7/20, AN/ARR-62, AN/ASA-13/47; used in P-2H, P-3A, P-5, E-1
AN/APA-126 Conflicting references:
- Fire Control Group(?); used in F-4D
- Doppler Equipment; used in A-7
AN/APA-127 Sparrow Missile Fire Control System; manufactured by Raytheon; used in F-3, F-4B/C
AN/APA-128 Sparrow Missile Radar Set Group; manufactured by Raytheon; used with AN/AWG-7; used in XF8U-3, F-4
AN/APA-129 Inflight Positioning Set
(131...136) (No information)
AN/APA-137 Antenna Group; used with AN/APS-70
AN/APA-138 Radar Display; used with AN/AWG-7; used in XF8U-3
(139...140) (No information)
AN/APA-141 Radar Set; used in B-52G/H
(142) (No information)
AN/APA-143 Rotodome Antenna Group; manufactured by Dalmo Victor; used with AN/APS-96; used in E-2A/B
AN/APA-144 Signal Analyzer Group; used in EA-1F, EC-121M, P-3A
(145...149) (No information)
AN/APA-150 Station Keeping System; used in SH-34J
(152) (No information)
AN/APA-153 Cable Breakout Adapter Set; manufactured by AC Spark Plug; used with AN/APS-104
(154...156) (No information)
AN/APA-157 Continuous Wave Illuminator (for AIM-7 targeting); manufactured by Raytheon; used in F-4B/C
(158) (No information)
AN/APA-159 Radar Set Group; manufactured by Hazeltine; used in EC-121D/H
AN/APA-160 Test Adapter; manufactured by Sperry; used with AN/APN-42
AN/APA-161 Station Keeping System; used in ASW helicopters
AN/APA-162 Map Matcher
(163) (No information)
AN/APA-164 Rotodome; used with AN/APS-111; used in E-2A/B
AN/APA-165 Intercept Computer (for AIM-9 firing); manufactured by Raytheon; used with AN/APQ-109; used in F-4D
(166) (No information)
AN/APA-167 used with AN/APG-53
(168...169) (No information)
AN/APA-170 Radar Set
AN/APA-171 Rotodome Antenna Group; used with AN/APS-120, AN/APX-76; used in E-2C
AN/APA-172 Control Indicator Group; used with AN/APS-120, AN/APX-76; used in E-2C
AN/APA-173 Test Bench

AN/APB - Airborne Bombing Radars

AN/APB-1 Radar Beacon
AN/APB-2 Bombing Radar; used in B-58

AN/APD - Airborne Direction Finding and Surveillance Radars

AN/APD-1 Homing Radar; used in TBF/TBM
AN/APD-2 Radar Direction Finding Set; used with AN/APR-1 and AN/APA-48
(3) (No information)
AN/APD-4 D/E/F-Bamd Radar Direction Finding System; manufactured by ITT; used in RB-47H, B-52, EB-66C
AN/APD-5 Reconnaissance Radar
(6) (No information)
AN/APD-7 Radar Surveillance System; manufactured by Westinghouse; used in OV-1D, RA-5C
AN/APD-8 Side-Looking Reconnaissance Radar; manufactured by Westinghouse; proposed for RF-111A
AN/APD-9 Radar Set
AN/APD-10 Side-Looking Reconnaissance and Mapping Radar; used in F-4, RF-4B/C, CP-140; special tests in NC-141, C-130
AN/APD-11 Side-Looking Radar Reconnaissance Set; part of AN/UPD-6; used in RF-4E
AN/APD-12 I/J-band Side-Looking Reconnaissance System; manufactured by Lockheed Martin; part of AN/UPD-8 and AN/UPD-9; used in Israeli RF-4B
AN/APD-13 QUICK LOOK Electronic Intelligance Subsystem; manufactured by Systems & Electronics; used in "Guardrail" RC-12
AN/APD-14 SAROS (SAR for Open Skies) Radar System; manufactured by Sandia; part of AN/UPD-8; used in OC-135
AN/APD-501 Maritime Patrol Radar; used in Lancaster (Canada)


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