Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles
Appendix 1: Early Missiles and Drones
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Globe KD5G

In 1950, Globe built the XKD5G-1 target drone. It was a high-wing plane with twin vertical tails and was powered by a single Marquardt PJ46 pulsejet. It's possible that the XKD5G-1 was a pulsejet-powered derivative of the KD4G Quail. The KD5G-1 was not built in large numbers.


Note: Data given by several sources show slight variations. Figures given below may therefore be inaccurate!

Data for KD5G-1:

Diameter27 cm (10.6 in)
Wingspan3.35 m (11 ft)
Speed550 km/h (340 mph)
PropulsionMarquardt PJ46-MA-2 pulsejet; 0.78 kN (175 lb)

Main Sources

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[2] US Navy: "Model Designations of Naval Aircraft", 1950 and 1951

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