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Appendix 5: Guided Bombs
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The Main Part of the Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles presents concise information about all missiles and rockets, which have received a numerical designation in the DOD's joint Designation System for Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles since 27 June 1963.

Appendix 5 covers the guided bombs, which received a designation in the DOD's GBU series of weapons. Similar to the articles in the DUSRM main part, the primary goal of this appendix is to provide a reference to all allocated designations in the GBU series, and to highlight the differences between the guided bombs' versions.

GBU Index

By Weapons Family

Texas Instruments Paveway I & Pave Storm
(GBU-1/B, GBU-2/B, GBU-3/B, GBU-5/B, GBU-6/B, GBU-7/B, GBU-10/B, GBU-11/B, GBU-12/B)

Rockwell HOBOS (Homing Bomb System)
(GBU-8/B, GBU-9/B)

Raytheon (Texas Instruments) Paveway II
(GBU-10/B, GBU-12/B, GBU-16/B, GBU-17/B, GBU-48/B, GBU-49/B, GBU-50/B, GBU-51/B, GBU-52/B, GBU-58/B, GBU-59/B, GBU-73/B)

Rockwell MGWS (Modular Guided Weapon System)
(GBU-15/B, GBU-20/B)

Raytheon (Texas Instruments) Paveway III
(GBU-21/B, GBU-22/B, GBU-23/B, GBU-24/B, GBU-27/B, GBU-28/B, GBU-33/B)

Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition)
(GBU-29/B, GBU-30/B, GBU-31/B, GBU-32/B, GBU-34/B, GBU-35/B, GBU-38/B, GBU-54/B, GBU-55/B, GBU-56/B, GBU-61/B, GBU-62/B, GBU-64/B, GBU-72/B)

Northrop Grumman GAM (GPS Aided Munition)
(GBU-36/B, GBU-37/B)

Boeing SDB (Small Diameter Bomb)
(GBU-39/B, GBU-40/B, GBU-41/B, GBU-42/B, GBU-53/B)

AFRL GBU-43/B MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast)

Northrop Grumman GBU-44/B Viper Strike

Boeing GBU-57/B MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator)

Dynetics GBU-69/B SGM (Small Glide Munition)

Lockheed Martin WCMD (Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser)
(CBU-103/B, CBU-104/B, CBU-105/B, CBU-107/B, CBU-113/B, CBU-115/B)

By GBU Designation

Texas Instruments GBU-1/BPaveway I
Texas Instruments GBU-2/BPave Storm
Texas Instruments GBU-3/BPaveway I
(GBU-4/B Gaps)
Texas Instruments GBU-5/BPaveway I
Texas Instruments GBU-6/BPave Storm
Texas Instruments GBU-7/BPave Storm
Rockwell GBU-8/BHOBOS
Rockwell GBU-9/BHOBOS
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) GBU-10/BPaveway I / Paveway II
Texas Instruments GBU-11/BPaveway I
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) GBU-12/BPaveway I / Paveway II
(GBU-13/B Gaps)
(GBU-14/B Gaps)
Rockwell GBU-15/BMGWS
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) GBU-16/BPaveway II
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) GBU-17/BPaveway II
(GBU-18/B Gaps)
(GBU-19/B Gaps)
Rockwell GBU-20/BMGWS
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) GBU-21/BPaveway III
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) GBU-22/BPaveway III
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) GBU-23/BPaveway III
Raytheon (Texas Instruments) GBU-24/BPaveway III
(GBU-25/B Gaps)
(GBU-26/B Gaps)
Raytheon GBU-27/BPaveway III
Raytheon / Lockheed Martin GBU-28/BPaveway III
Martin Marietta GBU-29/BJDAM
Martin Marietta GBU-30/BJDAM
Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) GBU-31/BJDAM
Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) GBU-32/BJDAM
Raytheon GBU-33/BPaveway III
Lockheed Martin GBU-34/BJDAM
Boeing GBU-35/BJDAM
Northrop Grumman GBU-36/BGAM
Northrop Grumman GBU-37/BGAM
Boeing GBU-38/BJDAM
Boeing GBU-39/BSDB
Boeing GBU-40/BSDB
Lockheed Martin GBU-41/BSDB
Lockheed Martin GBU-42/BSDB
Northrop Grumman GBU-44/B Viper Strike
(GBU-45/B Gaps)
(GBU-46/B Gaps)
(GBU-47/B Gaps)
Raytheon GBU-48/BPaveway II
Raytheon GBU-49/BPaveway II
Raytheon GBU-50/BPaveway II
Raytheon GBU-51/BPaveway II
Lockheed Martin GBU-52/BPaveway II
Raytheon GBU-53/BSDB
Boeing GBU-54/BJDAM
Boeing GBU-55/BJDAM
Boeing GBU-56/BJDAM
Boeing GBU-57/B MOP
Raytheon GBU-58/BPaveway II
Raytheon GBU-59/BPaveway II
(GBU-60/B Gaps)
Boeing GBU-62/BJDAM-ER
(GBU-63/B Gaps)
Boeing GBU-64/BJDAM-ER
(GBU-65/B to -68/B Gaps)
Dynetics GBU-69/B SGM
(GBU-70/B, -71B Gaps)
Lockheed Martin GBU-73/B ParagonPaveway II

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