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Saber Acquire An A-10 night and adverse weather enhancement program.
Saber Advance The capability of Tactical Air Command airlift aircraft to accompany forward movement and unit movement tasks.
Saber Advantage An examination of exploitable asymmetries between the US and USSR.
Saber Airlift The effectiveness of airlift forces, an analysis for FY78 to FY85.
Saber Alert Analyses of pre-launch survival of strategic bombers, cancelled.
Saber Ammo An evaluation of conventional munitions by the Air Force.
Saber Armor An investigation of the effectiveness of air delivered munitions against armor.
Saber Armor Charlie A computerized war game conducted by the Air Force between the Fairchild A-10A and the modified LTV A-7 Corsair, which found the A-10A superior.
Saber Assure Analysis of U.S. and Soviet forces within a SAL agreement.
Saber Atca A comparison evaluation of advanced tanker/cargo aircraft candidates.
Saber Attrition A vulnerability, survivability, force attrition analysis of AMST.
Saber Bare Bare dual and permanent basing deployment concepts for the F-4 TFW, cancelled.
Saber Barrier Analysis of Force requirements for AWACS, cancelled.
Saber Car A calculation of aircraft requirements.
Saber Charge Trade-off among Tactical Air Command air interdiction aircraft, cancelled.
Saber Compare A comparative flight evaluation of the YA-10 and A-7D.
Saber Control Concepts for improved capabilities concerning command and control of Tactical Air Command Air Force programs.
Saber Counter An evaluation of the Air Force Director of General Purpose & Airlift Studies of penetration aids used by tactical aircraft.
Sabre Counter Echo A 1975 study of the operational effectiveness of the EF-111A aircraft against Soviet radars; A simulation carried out by the Air Force.
Saber Crew An analysis of tactical aircrew ratios.
Saber Cross A Soviet TRIAD disarming study, cancelled.
Saber Deep Air Force study of strategic missile system vulnerability.
Saber Defend Self-defense systems for Strategic Airlift aircraft.
Saber Defender An evaluation conducted by the Air Force of the air defense capability generated by the mixture of interceptors, AWACS (Airborne Warning & Control System) and the Over-The-Horizon Radar systems, cancelled.
Saber Deliver A comparative analysis of alternate forces for Tactical Air Command airlift aircraft during the 1980s.
Saber Deny An interdiction and logistic model of a Tactical Air Command aircraft.
Saber Dollar An economic analysis of Tactical Fighter forces.
Saber Drone I An application of drone operational performance in Southeast pursuant to concepts of RPV employment in Europe.
Saber Engage Quantification of interceptor effectiveness factors.
Saber Evolve Evaluation of the US FYDP strategic force retaliatory potential 1974 to 1983.
Saber Execute Analysis of the airborne EAM system for STOP execution.
Saber Fire Overall evaluation of Tactical Air Command forces.
Saber Force Evaluation of tactical fighter force mixes, cancelled.
Saber Grade Factors bearing on the selective retention of senior Air Force officers.
Saber Grand Trade-offs among all forces involved in Tactical warfare.
Saber Guard Southeast Asia lane defense program.
Saber Haul Evaluation of the capability of strategic airlift forces.
Saber Health A cost analysis of air force medical treatment facilities.
Saber Heat A B-1 infrared study.
Saber Hitval Evaluation of the effects of an aircraft special program on the operational effectiveness of Anti-Aircraft Artillery.
Saber Intercept An analysis of the ABM system, cancelled.
Saber Intruder Factors that influence BMR/FTR interceptor engagement.
Saber Island An assessment of long-term Pacific basing requirements.
Saber Jet Evaluation of air-to-air capability.
Saber Lance IV Evaluation of alternative strategic force structures, cancelled.
Saber Lance VII Evaluation of alternative strategic force structures.
Saber Lance IX Evaluation of alternative strategic forces.
Saber Lancer A study of various alternative strategic force structures by the Air Force.
Saber Launch An examination of pre-launch survivability of AWACS aircraft.
Saber Lift Evaluation of the Air Force tactical airlift capability, cancelled.
Saber Light An analysis of the contribution of the Air Combat Fighter to air defense programs.
Saber Log Mobility forces support of the major deployment of U.S. forces to NATO in Europe.
Saber Maintenance An analysis of maintenance and resupply concepts for wartime support of forces.
Saber Map Military Assistance Program exercise of interdiction campaigns in Europe, cancelled.
Saber Mariner A program to study the vulnerability of U.S. Southeast Asia lift cargo ships, cancelled.
Saber Measures A study of the impact on the war outcomes of alternative force postures, cancelled.
Saber Missile Alternative courses for the U.S. ICBM force.
Saber Mix A resource analysis of TF forces and A/G munitions.
Saber Path Penetration aids for strategic bombers, cancelled.
Saber Penetrator Air Force study of penetration aids for manned bombers, cancelled.
Saber Penetrator III An evaluation of attack concepts for strategic bombers in the 1980s, cancelled.
Saber Penetrator IV Evaluation of PSAC long range stand-off missile concepts, cancelled.
Saber Penetrator V Evaluation of the need for SCAD on the B-1 and on mixed force B-1s and B-52s, cancelled.
Saber Penetrator V-A Evaluation of the need for SCAD on the B-52, cancelled.
Saber Penetrator VI An examination of the contribution of the Air Launched Cruise Missile to Strategic Bomber effectiveness.
Saber Plow See PSEV.
Saber Protector An analysis of the capability of strategic A/D forces to defend against atmospheric threats.
Saber Ranger A strategic bomber range payload study, cancelled.
Saber Raven A numerical measure of ECM effectiveness for selected strategic penetrations.
Saber Readiness Factors affecting the state of preparation of U.S. forces.
Saber Ready A USAF munitions and basing consideration study in Central Europe, cancelled.
Saber Reef A comparison of the cost of delivery of conventional bombs from strategic bombers by the Navy, cancelled.
Saber Refuel Air Force tanker aircraft requirements.
Saber Safe Minuteman pre-launch survivability program.
Saber Scan II A classified Air Force study on the E-3A AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) program demonstrating that it is possible to jam AWACS with low cost enemy equipment.
Saber Scramble A program to study the survivability of air defense intercept capabilities against SLBM attack, cancelled.
Saber Screen Allocations of aircraft in the Counter-air campaign, cancelled.
Saber Secure A Minuteman rebasing program.
Saber Select A comparative analysis of aircraft candidates for the next intercept requirement.
Saber Sensor Study by the Air Force of the effectiveness of the aerial interdiction campaign in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Saber Sentry An analysis of A/D intercept requirement to maintain surveillance in peacetime of the U.S. air space.
Saber Shelter Analysis of NATO tactical aircraft unit in combat operations from a dispersed shelter.
Saber Sigma An analysis of the effectiveness of conventional aerial weapons with various delivery accuracies.
Saber Silencer An analysis of suppression of emitters of an enemy air defense system.
Saber Silo An evaluation of the survival of U.S. ICBMs to 1985 and beyond.
Saber Size An analysis of equipment contained in each type of Army unit.
Saber Sortie An Air Force sortie readiness and selected analysis.
Saber Spike An evaluation of CONUS manned interceptor in an anti-satellite role, cancelled.
Saber Star An evaluation of the concepts for employment of the tactical reconnaissance force.
Saber Stock Cost and capability implications of alternate mixes of A/G munitions, cancelled.
Saber Stol An alternate program for modernizing the tactical airlift force, cancelled.
Saber Streak An evaluation of long range S/AM for CONUS area defense, cancelled.
Saber Stretch An analysis of the proposed stretched FB-111.
Saber Strobe Analysis and evaluation of the measures of electronic warfare effectiveness and support data.
Saber Survivor The survival of aircraft forces as a result of attack by an SLBM.
Saber Sword The selected use of theatre nuclear forces.
Saber Table An air defense force and effectiveness study, cancelled.
Saber Tank An attack of tanks, cancelled.
Saber Tanker An analysis of USAF air refueling requirements, cancelled.
Saber Task A total-force, task-oriented approach to the determination of war-room requirements.
Saber Terminal The low altitude penetration of Soviet surface-to-air terminal missiles.
Saber Thrust A study of the requirements for mobility support forces maintained by the Air Force, cancelled.
Saber Tiger An Air Force study to define the flight envelope characteristics of the AH-1G helicopter, cancelled.
Saber Tiger II A simulation of aircraft attrition to surface based weapons.
Saber Transit An aircraft reception capability of NATO airfields.
Saber Transit B Aircraft reception capability of NATO airfields, cancelled.
Saber Transport A study of the effectiveness of tactical airlift forces.
Saber Utilization Wartime utilization rates and costs of tactical airlift forces.
Saber Value A cost effectiveness methodology for force structural analysis.
Saber View An evaluation of the effectiveness of tactical fighter forces, cancelled.
Saber Volunteer An analysis of problems relating to an all-volunteer Air Force.
Saber Warrior An examination of the effectiveness of tactical Air Force against 1980 central Europe threats.
Saber Wings A study of pilot proficiency flying, cancelled.
Saber Yukon An evaluation of the air defense mission in Alaska.
Sacred Centurion Support of operation CENTURION, cancelled.
Sacred Help A survey of auxiliary Chaplains, cancelled.
Safe Haven A program reserved for the State Department.
Safe Look Acquisition, development, installation, and checkout of specialized equipment for base defense.
Safe Nest Installation of intrusion detection equipment in USAFE.
Safe Paper Declassification of records.
Safe Program An Air Force program for acquiring and deploying security equipment under the Electronic Systems Division.
Safe Ramp An Air Force project on an entry control system to improve and semi-automate the present man-oriented badge-type system. The security system is for SAC alert aircraft.
Safe Wind A down-channel security alerting order.
Safer Guard II An economic analysis of USAF capabilities for Southeast Asia lane defense.
Sailor Hat Simulated nuclear air blasts carried out in Hawaii in 1965. Project Dive Under is a follow-on to this project.
Salty Bee Air Force exercise to demonstrate NATO readiness and give crews and support personnel training in the European environment.
Sandstorm ?
Sauce Pan A classified Naval Electronic Systems Command program. Sanders is thought to be involved.
Savage Arrow Major conventional explosive accidents within USAFSO.
Savage Boxer USAFSO support of an annual attack response exercise, cancelled.
Savage Thunder Tactical air control parties for brigade field training exercise, cancelled. by Cincinnati Electronics for the Defense Communications Agency.
Saville Bancroft A classified family of secure radios being developed by Cincinnati Electronics for the Defense Communications Agency.
Saville Vincent A classified family of secure radios being developed by Texas Instruments for the Defense Communications Agency.
Scenic Harvest A US/Vietnam team in conjunction with the CORONA HARVEST program.
Science Dawn USAF HQ/SAC project, concept study for RLV, 3 different manufactures, 1 SSTO, 2 assisted SSTO
Science Realm USAF HQ project, follow-on to Science Dawn, production of test articles
Scope Barn Retirement of the A-12 aircraft to storage at Lockheed's facility at AF Plant 42, Palmdale, California.
Scope Bit PCM/TDM test and evaluation.
Scope Cap A cable assessment program.
Scope Color A color conversion program.
Scope Control The Air Force's code name for the popularly known Priscilla Ellen full-duplex, point-to-point communications system.
Scope Coral Communications, electronic and meteorological support attending the Presidential aircraft for operation in and out of Homestead AFB, FL.
Scope Creek Test and evaluation of Air Force wideband communications systems, cancelled.
Scope Crown Training of Air Force personnel on Video and Audio Equipment Maintenance.
Scope Dawn An Air Force project involving modification of presidential ground communication terminals.
Scope Dial Air Force program which will replace electromechanical switching systems at 28 bases worldwide with digital telecommunications systems. Funding will be over a five-year period beginning in FY81, with procurement managed by the Sacramento Air Logistics Center. Northern Telecom is the prime contractor.
Scope Digit Feldberg-Augsburg-Coltano digital upgrade program.
Scope Hammer Phase I of a Pacific Air Force interim automated command and control system.
Scope Head A communication support program to the Eastern and Western Test Range.
Scope Light A CINCLANT Airborne Command Post (ABNCP).
Scope Pacer An automatic digital message switch program.
Scope Pattern A communications program of the Sacramento Air Logistics Center.
Scope Payroll A portion of an integrated joint communications system in the Pacific.
Scope Picture TV for the Army in Europe.
Scope Response A US Intelligence program involving European readiness initiatives to enhance our combat readiness in support of NATO.
Scope Safe A system which provides a secure ground-air-ground digital voice and high speed teletype communications system in support of Special Air Mission aircraft, such as those of the president, vice president and other military executive aircraft, cancelled.
Scope Sand Communications between Diyarbakir, Turkey, and Central Europe.
Scope Scoop Communications support for Project 437.
Scope Signal A high frequency single sideband (HF/SSB) radio system for the Worldwide Scope Signal Phase III System configured as three CONUS HF Stations at McClellan AFB, Andrews AFB and Offutt AFB.
Scope Squeek A VHF/UHF communications program, cancelled.
Scope Voh An AUTOVON program.
Sea Cliff Navy program under the David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center.
Sea Drone I An unmanned, self-propelled instrument platform for operation on the surface and to depths of 20,000 feet. It includes two pressure spheres designed to carry a variety of instruments and equipment for various undersea missions and uses a unique acoustical system for guidance and control.
Sea Echo A high-frequency radar program being conducted by the Naval Research Laboratory and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to predict destructive wave activity.
Sea Fence A naval program to use small hydrofoils armed with modified SAM-D missiles as picket ships to protect large surface ships from air attack.
Sea Fox Navy planning boat.
Sea Hear A secure digital communications system, studied by Ford Aerospace & Communications for Naval Ship Systems Command.
Sea Knife Study of ship configurations.
Sea Link A series of NATO symposiums conducted at the US Naval Academy.
Sea Lite A Navy program to determine the kill capability of lasers against various targets.
Sea Log A classified Navy project.
Sea Mist Navy submarine program involving Tracor, under Naval Sea Systems Command.
Sea Nettle A mine countermeasures project under SSC (Ship Systems Command) and the Mine Defense Lab at Panama City, FL. Large parts of this project are classified.
Sea Nymph An integrated satellite and shipboard electronic signal collection system that will be developed by the Navy to enable identification of the nature and sources of unknown radar and communications signals collected by destroyers by correlating data with information from satellite sensors. Navy refers to it as a Submarine Electronic Warfare Support System using an AN/WLQ-4.
Sea Rock II A measurement system developed by GTE Sylvania for Naval Electronic Systems Command.
Sea Scout A plan to add a stage to the Polaris missile and make it into a launch vehicle for a recon device.
Sea See A plastic bubble mounted on a catamaran, which can be lowered with up to three people inside to observe marine life near the surface. This project was conducted at the Naval Underseas Warfare Center.
Sea Sense Project SEA SENSE is an in-house evaluation of the Navy's NOMAD (Navy Oceanographic Meteorological Automatic Device), a deep-ocean-moored buoy reporting environmental data. The project is funded by the Naval Air Systems Command. Presently, experimental buoys are located off the California Coast, and in the Gulf of Mexico.
Sea Shed A proposed system for handling oversized cargo on container ships.
Sea Site An Electronic Warfare Simulation program.
Sea Star A concept for having a TV camera in the nose of a probe to send local information back to the launching site.
Sea Truth A NASA project.
Sea Watch A radar beacon that provides radar equipped vessels with accurate range and bearing data and station identification. The system is in service with more than 12 maritime nations.
Sea Watch Office of Naval Research program involving Systems Development Corp. SEAWATCH III involves Softech/Waltham, MA.
Sea Wing A Sylvania built surveillance system, (AN/ALR-40) which enables the three-man crew of the McDonnell Douglas EA-3 aircraft to maintain surveillance of electromagnetic activity, with the majority of threats located in L, S and C bands.
Project Seascan Program associated with NK-121K electronic warfare test aircraft
Seat Back ?
Second Look ?
See Fast A reconnaissance-gathering system for the Air Force which used up to three RB-66 aircraft, two equipped with television, IR (Infrared) and side-looking radar sensors, which transmitted information to a third relay plane; in turn, it sent the information to ground-based Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center (ABCCC) war room for real-time display.
See Hawk A Northrop forward-looking infrared system that will be installed on the HH-65A Dolphin short range recovery helicopters that the Coast Guard is procuring from Aerospatiale.
See Safe Analysis designed to determine aircraft survivability equipment requirements for Army Security Agency special mission aircraft.
See Sam The Air Force AN/ALR-31 Electronic Countermeasures receiver developed by Loral to provide tactical aircraft with a Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) warning and homing capability.
See Saw Airborne electronic warfare equipment.
Seed Bronco Introduction of the Air Force OV-10A aircraft into the inventory.
Seed Circle Believed to be the installation of the Army AN/FLR-9 ECM set at Udorn AFB, Thailand.
Seed Clear Modifications to the Air Force AN/FPS-27 frequency diversity radar used in the 416L system. The modificatons included the addition of a coded pulse anti-clutter system and a side-lobe blanking capability.
Seed Cups The 436M Seed Cups program is a time-phased replacement of the Strategic Air Command computers with third-generation hardware and accompanying software.
Seed Hawk Air Force designation for the Navy's AGM-78A Standard Arm missile.
Seed Joy The AGM-12E Bullpup missile.
Seed Mix A correction by the Air Force of the deficiencies in the interface between the F-105 aircraft and its AGM-12C Bullpup missile.
Seed Proof An improvement program for the AIM-7E and AIM-7E-2 Sparrow missiles. Raytheon performed the work for the Naval Air Systems Command.
Seed Sesame An ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) family of noise jammer pods for Air Force F-4 Phantom aircraft.
Seed Source A secure automatic voice switching system used by the JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff).
Seed Spreader A special automatic message switching system which is part of the 497L Automatic Digital Switch System.
Seed Tango Procurement of the AN/ALQ-71 electronic countermeasures pod by the USAF. The noise jammer is mounted in a pod hung from the wings of F-100, F-105, F-4, F-101 and A-7D aircraft to counter enemy tracking and missile guidance radars.
Seed Tree The Air Force 493L Southeast Asia undersea coastal cable communications system with five shore terminals in Viet Nam and one in Thailand, and tied in with U.S. Defense Communications System.
Seed Weasel An improvement program associated with the AGM-45 Shrike missile.
Seeded Jammer An Army project under the Harry Diamond Laboratories.
Seek Able The Air Force designation for the Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center.
Seek Angel An evaluation of actions necessary to improve the combat aircrew recovery capability of the Air Force, cancelled.
Seek Axle ?
Seek Bandit Classified Air Force program.
Seek Bang Nuclear-armed Walleye guided weapon (Walleye MK 6 MOD 0)
Seek Baron Investigation of vulnerability of Have Quick radios to jamming
Seek Bat XAIM-97A air-to-air missile; modified AGM-78 with infrared seeker
Seek Beer Systems improvements to the AN/APX-85 on EC-121T aircraft.
Seek Birdie A 1st Air Force aircraft munitions and stores compatibility certification program.
Seek Bogey A 1st Air Force aircraft munitions and stores compatibility certification program.
Seek Burst A test and evaluation program for a Digital Message Entry System (DMESO).
Seek Bus Now called JTIDS; it was a program to develop and demonstrate a time ordered, secure, jam resistant digital ground-air-ground and air-air communications system. It was program 634B of the Air Force Systems Command/Electronic Systems Division.
Seek Cap A term for the International fighter aircraft.
Seek Cargo An Air Force ground communications system to improve management of combat airlift in SEA (Southeast Asia). It was intended to facilitate the command and control of airlift forces during resupply and evacuation operations at airfields in austere combat areas. The solid state, miniaturized system is compact and simple to operate.
Seek Century/Sentry Iranian air defence improvement programme; AN/FPS-113, AN/TPS-32, AN/TPS-43, AN/TSQ-73; formerly Peace Crown
Seek Charlie A ground-air detection system.
Seek Cliff A classified Air Force project.
Seek Clock USAF tactical program
Seek Cloud A modification of 12 C-130B aircraft for storm reconnaissance, cancelled.
Seek Comm An antijam system being developed for the Air Force at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
Seek Data A comprehensive command and control system for tactical air operations in Southeast Asia. Under contract to the Air Force, Control Data will improve and enhance the capability of operating units and commanders by evolving and putting into operation a complete system of computers, including software.
Seek Dawn The 416P Southeast Asia high-frequency communications system for air intercept control and linked with other Air Force communications systems in Southeast Asia.
Seek Digit A program to define advanced tactical command and control capabilities. Its emphasis is on modernization of the Advanced Command & Control Function, improving the response time of the Tactical Air Control Systems (TACS).
Seek Dust A low altitude parachute extraction system (LAPES) for use in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
Seek Eagle Munitions qualification (including: JSOW, JASSM, and GAM) using predictive techniques & wind tunnel tests; A-7D, A-10, F-4, F-15
Seek Face An interface between KG-35 aircraft and a digital communications system.
Seek Flex A program to develop secure automated tactical air control centers for use by the Tactical Air Command. Believed to be linked to the 407L Tactical Air Control System (TACS).
Seek Four A B-52 re-engine study.
Seek Freely An Air Force program. Raytheon is currently under contract to Aeronautical Systems Division for classified development work.
Seek Frost A program to replace the existing Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line with a system of totally unattended short-range radars and support equipment, providing enhanced coverage and higher probability of detection of bomber attack in the northern approach regions to the North American continent. (AN/FPS-117, AN/FPS-124)
Seek Gas An in-flight refueling device for the use of HH-3 helicopters from HC-130 tankers, cancelled.
Seek Glide Celesco Industries is conducting flight tests of a modular guided glide bomb (MGGB) for the Air Force under this code name.
Seek Gun A program related to a gun pod.
Seek Handle An R&D program for materials, cancelled.
Seek High A tactical airborne fusion system.
Seek Ice AN/ALQ-119A
Seek Igloo A radar system, relatively maintenance free, to perform surveillance and height finding capability for the Air Force Systems Command. It will enhance the DEW (Distant Early Warning System). It is also known as Robot Radars. Involves AF Electronic Systems Division and ITT Gilfillan and Westinghouse.
Seek Launcher A test project integrated program for air base defense.
Seek Lift Part of the SEEK CARGO program.
Seek Long An Over-The-Horizon Radar for use in Southeast Asia.
Seek Match The addition and interface of AN/GPA-125 to AN/TPS-43.
Seek Mate Radios for EC-121T aircraft for Southeast Asia.
Seek Max F-4E leading edge slats.
Seek Need Development of a manpacked, ground-based radar bombing system.
Seek Night A multiple integrated systems test program.
Seek Orange Classified Air Force program.
Seek Par A 1st Air Force aircraft munitions and stores compatibility certification program.
Seek Place An Air Force program to install LORAN-C/D avionics equipment in aircraft.
Seek Point Design, development and fabrication of AN/TPB-1A radar system to improve tactical bombing capabilities. It is program 642A of the Air Force Systems Command/Electronic Systems Division.
Seek Prime A precedence rating for select critical items.
Seek Pulse A nuclear survivability evaluation of Air Force systems.
Seek Ram Upgrade of AN/ALQ-131
Seek Sail Phased array radar for SPADATS (Space Detection & Tracking System)
Seek Scad Research and Development of the Air Force AGM-86A Subsonic Cruise Armed Decoy (SCAD).
Seek Score Bombing run scoring system for SAC; AN/TPQ-43
Seek Scrap An improved ECM system.
Seek Screen An in-house development at Rome Air Development Center aimed at testing the vulnerability of surface radars to electronic countermeasures. Tested were the AN/TPS-43 and AN/TPS-44 radars.
Seek See An air-to-air identification program.
Seek Set A dual band radar beacon program.
Seek Shield Modifications to increase range of AN/TRC-97 troposcatter system; 102' antenna towers, 15' parabolic reflectors
Seek Silence Secure speech equipment for Tactical Air Command air-to-ground communication.
Seek Sin Program 474N of the Air Force Systems Command/Electronic Systems Division. It provides a computer programming support facility at Laredo, TX, for further development of Surface-Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) software and associated training. It also provides a back-up capability for SLBM operational data processing subsystem.
Seek Sky Project Mentor.
Seek Skyhook USAF/DARPA program comprising anchored balloon fitted with the Westinghouse Pocket Veto surveillance radar; also mounted on UH-1 helicopters; AN/DPS-5, AN/TPS-61
Seek Snoop An air-launched missile for aircraft defense.
Seek Soc A defense suppression program.
Seek Spectre Air Force program under the Electronic Systems Division.
Seek Spinner YCGM-121B mini-drone for use against air-defence radars; development of YCQM-121A Pave Tiger
Seek Star Conflict?
- A multi-mode communications transmission system development associated with the TRI-TAC program.
- Satellite-oriented information bus
Seek Storm A weather radar development effort underway by the Air Force with the objective of providing forecasters information to predict more accurately where storms will strike and to provide maps showing where heaviest rainfalls will occur.
Seek Straw An Air Force project for the planning and preparation and support of nuclear weapons tests.
Seek Switch An Iranian military command and control communications network.
Seek Talk Jamming-resistant UHF air-to-air and air-to-ground communications
Seek Tell A telemetry system for testing air-to-air missiles, to monitor critical missile subsystems such as guidance and fuze and detect any failure during flight.
Seek Tie A global data link.
Seek Time A demonstration of overland radar techniques aboard an Air Force EC-121K aircraft.
Seek Wheels An F-4 development & test program.
Senior Ball Shipment of material directed by USAF.
Senior Blade Senior Year ground station (a van capable of exploiting U-2R digital imagery)
Senior Blue Air-to-Air Anti-Radiation Missile (?)
Senior Book U-2R COMINT system, used on flights from OL-20, 1970s - 1980s
Senior Bowl 2 B-52Hs '60-0021' and '60-0036', modified to carry 2 Lockheed D-21B "Tagboard" reconnaissance drones
Senior Cejay Northrop B-2A stealth bomber; continuation of Senior Ice (name changed, when the development contract was awarded to Northrop on 4 November 1981). Sometimes quoted as Senior CJ.
Senior Chevron Senior Year-related program.
Senior Citizen Classified program; probably a projected Special Operations stealth and/or STOL transport aircraft
Senior Class Shipment of material directed by Headquarters USAF.
Senior Club Low-observable anti-tamper advanced technology systems assessment.
Senior Crown SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft, based on CIA-sponsored A-12 "Oxcart"
Senior Dagger A test & evaluation exercise performed by Control Data Corp. for Air Force Rome Air Development Center for purposes of reconnaissance. It may involve flights of Lockheed SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft in Southeast Asia.
Senior Dance ELINT/SIGINT program, maye U-2 related ?
Senior Game A military item shipping designation.
Senior Glass U-2 SIGINT sensor package upgrade combing Senior Spear and Senior Ruby
Senior Guardian Grob/E-Systems D-500 Egrett, high-altitude surveillance / reconnaissance aircraft, German-US cooperation, 1980s
Senior High Study program for potential stealth applications in 1978, which led to the F-117A, B-2A and other stealth aircraft
Senior Hunter C-130E/Hs used for Senior Scout reconnaissance/ELINT missions, and/or maybe support aircraft for EC-130E(RR) / EC-130E(CL) Commando Solo missions;
Conflict? Support of the shelters used by Rivet Rider, Volant Solo, Senior Scout
Senior Ice ATB (Advanced Technology Bomber) stealth bomber design by Northrop; won design competition against Lockheed Senior Peg and was developed as B-2A under Senior CJ program
Senior Jade USAF Special Access Program
Senior Jump U-2 ELINT/SIGINT program, related to Senior Book
Senior Keystone Related to classified information warfare
Senior Lance U-2R with Goodyear SAR in inflatable dome
Senior Mace SIGINT exploitation system
Senior Match Shipment of supplies.
Senior Needle Support for the Advanced Cruise Missile (AGM-129) program
Senior Nike Big Safari-managed Special Access Program
Senior Open U-2R with rotating LOROP camera nose system
Senior Pace A headquarters USAF directed support project.
Senior Peg ATB (Advanced Technology Bomber) stealth bomber design by Lockheed; lost design competition against Northrop Senior Ice
Senior Pennant Classified stealthy air-launched cruise missile; USAF study under JTACMS (Joint Tactical Missile System) program; evolved into AGM-137 TSSAM (Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile)
Senior Play A headquarters USAF directed shipment of material.
Senior Prom Stealthy air-launched cruise missile by Lockheed
Senior Ruby U-2R with E-Systems ELINT/SIGINT gear; was integrated into Senior Glass
Senior Saber ELINT/SIGINT program, maybe U-2 related ?
Senior Scout PHOTINT/ELINT package/modification (a roll-on/roll-off shelter, fitted with DCPS - Data Collection & Processing System) for C-130E/Hs, including: EC-130E(CL) '63-7815', C-130H '74-2134', C-130H '89-1185'
Senior Shuffle ELINT/SIGINT program, maybe U-2 related ?
Senior Sky ATF (F-22) development of stealth fighter, Lockheed
Senior Smart DOD unified SIGINT system and advanced tactical architecture for the Joint Signals Intelligence Avionics family
Senior Span U-2R satellite data link, aka 'C-Span III'
Senior Spear U-2R with ELINT/SIGINT pods, at least 4 different Phases: I, II, III, IV, 1980s; integrated into Senior Glass
Senior Spur U-2 beyond-line-of-sight configuration; part of Senior Year
Senior Star A DX production rating for a classified project.
Senior Stretch U-2R with ELINT/SIGINT pods; became Senior Span
Senior Surprise AGM-86C CALCM (for Operation Desert Storm in 1991)
Senior Suter Big Safari-managed Special Access Program: Air Intelligence Agency airborne capability for cyber-warfare attack of time-critical targets and integrated air defense systems involving remote penetration of enemy computer systems, manipulation of information and databases, and the planting of false targets and messages.
Senior Team A headquarters USAF directed support project.
Senior Trend Lockheed F-117A stealth fighter, follow on to Have Blue
Senior Troupe AN/AIC-38(V)2 communication system
Senior Warrior Marine Corps PITINT/ELINT system; uses Air Force Senior Scout on USMC C-130s
Senior Year SYPO (Senior Year Projects Office), located at Warner-Robbins AFB, GA, (oversees all SENIOR programs, not all are on aircraft; the U-2 main logistics support depot is also at Warner-Robbins)
SYERS (Senior Year Electro-optical Reconnaissance System, not only used for U-2s
Sentinel Alloy Land gravity surveys in support of the Minuteman system, cancelled.
Sentinel Baby Retention of records of foreign air attache personnel accredited to the U.S.
Sentinel Bright A Voice Processing Training System being developed for the Air Force under the Electronic Systems Division. This system will modernize cryptologic voice processing training capabilities.
Sentinel Camel Identifies certain projects and associated resources.
Sentinel Celt Acquisition of foreign materiel.
Sentinel Chance .Identified certain programs and projects for funding purposes, cancelled.
Sentinel Cope A specialized positioning experiment, cancelled.
Sentinel Date A non-deployable geodetic photographic data base.
Sentinel Eagle The USAF portion of a joint Army/ Air Force project, cancelled.
Sentinel Friend Restructure of an Air Force Human Intelligence system, cancelled.
Sentinel Gal A helicopter gravity measuring system, cancelled.
Sentinel Globe Identifies certain projects and associated resources.
Sentinel Jet A study and development of world-wide concepts of Air Force intelligence operations.
Sentinel Keep A photographic processing program.
Sentinel Lace Improved positional accuracies in support of USAF programs, cancelled.
Sentinel Leo Identification of a certain program and project for funding purposes, cancelled.
Sentinel Lock A deployable geodetic photographic data base.
Sentinel Mark A photographic processing program.
Sentinel Mist Currently the COBRA MIST program.
Sentinel Mix Realignment of functions program.
Sentinel Moose Identified certain projects and associated resources.
Sentinel Mother Development of E&E aids, cancelled.
Sentinel Pad A mensuration project at ACIC, cancelled.
Sentinel Panda Identified certain projects and associated resources.
Sentinel Pay A highly classified intelligence project for which funds were used to update obsolete equipment.
Sentinel Robot Biographical data on one time source and refugees, cancelled.
Sentinel Rouge An assessment of the Soviet general war system.
Sentinel Salvage Identified certain projects and associated resources
Sentinel Sam Identified certain projects for funding purposes.
Sentinel Sara Modification and deployment of special purpose platforms, cancelled.
Sentinel Score A management concept for acquisition, utilization and career development of human intelligence personnel.
Sentinel Scramble A visit abroad of the Air Tactics Team, cancelled.
Sentinel Seek Identified certain projects and associated resources.
Sentinel Shotgun Identified certain projects for funding purposes.
Sentinel Sigma A photographic standardization program.
Sentinel Signal A special intelligence training program.
Sentinel Slam Provided for navigational systems support to the Air Defense Command, cancelled.
Sentinel String A special modification of the CT-29 aircraft, cancelled.
Sentinel Study Identified certain projects and associated resources.
Sentinel Swoop Airlift program in support of special requirements, cancelled.
Sentinel Tar A tactical air intelligence review, cancelled.
Sentinel Tuna Identified certain projects and associated resources.
Sentry Keep Temporary storage of F-100 aerospace ground equipment at a Savannah, GA training site, cancelled.
Sentry Sabre Air National Guard F-100 temporary storage at Tucson, AZ.
Service Burst A comparison test of M427 and MK-352 fuzes, cancelled.
Service Dorm Logistics actions relating to all volunteer Air Force personnel, cancelled.
Service Shift War-room I project Code 121-war consumables.
Service Ski A spares kit improvement and USAF war readiness kit study, cancelled.
Service Stamp Standard air munitions packages for mobility support.
Service Star A program to test reliability of the ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) re-entry system.
Service Volunteer Logistic actions relating to an all volunteer Air Force, cancelled.
Sesame Seed An electronic counter-measures system manufactured by Westinghouse for Air Force F-4 aircraft.
Seven Bags A survey of USAF commissaries, cancelled.
Seven Bears Special technical security support for SAF.
Seven Bucks Incentive awards for narcotics investigations.
Seven Bulldogs Special OSI criminal operation.
Seven Charges A survey of AAFES Braniff air travel credit cards, cancelled.
Seven Diamonds Special OSI criminal investigations.
Seven Dollars Incentive awards for criminal investigations.
Seven Eastside Special personnel security investigations project.
Seven Eras Specialized activities in connection with technical surveys.
Seven Fields Specialized activities in connection with technical surveys.
Seven Floods A line between the Republic of Korea and Japanese police authorities.
Seven Hawk AFPMR name checks, cancelled.
Seven High A preliminary report.
Seven Interns AFOSI project for AF/IN.
Seven Keys Technical security survey of secure communication centers.
Seven Lanes AFOSI CI/DVP training in the Philippines.
Seven Ledgers A survey of USAF non-appropriated funds, cancelled.
Seven Pages An OSI-DOD security project.
Seven Parks A security project for AFCVAFL.
Seven Pennies CY74 fraud investigative surveys.
Seven Reels A worldwide investigative survey, cancelled.
Seven Roses A special technical survey, cancelled.
Seven Savings A survey of AAFES facilities CY74.
Seven Sheckles A survey of USAF non-appropriated funds 1973, cancelled.
Seven Ships Dignitarial protection training for the Panama National Guard, cancelled.
Seven Stud An operation in support of AAFES.
Seven Stuffings Shipments of AAFES merchandise by vendors, cancelled.
Seven Tales A survey of AAFES facilities CY73, cancelled.
Seven Times Recurring technical security surveys under AFR-124-14.
Seven Travels A survey of temporary duty travel of PACES civilian personnel, cancelled.
Seven Warriors Project homecoming interviews.
Seven Windmills A Dutch forces countermeasures training program.
Shed Light The overall Air Force designation for R&D and production effort in some 75 programs to develop night time sensor, illumination and weapons systems to improve the capability of aircraft to find, target and attack hostile forces, or facilitate attack by ground forces.
Sheepwalk US Army, classified intelligence program
Shining Brass Team/Program, infiltration of US and South Vietnamese SOF into Laos, to monitor the 'Tiger Hound' sector of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, 1965-
Shining Hope Operation, UN/NATO, US-led, part of Kosovo Campaign, 04/04/1999 - 07/10/1999, coincided with Operation Sustain Hope
Ship Teaser The AN/ALQ-91 Electronic Counter-Measure set built by Magnavox for Air Force aircraft but also installed on ships.
Short Spike A shortened version of the Pave Spike laser designator pod, proposed by Westinghouse for mounting under the fuselage of the F-16 aircraft.
Short Trip Testing of conventional air dropped munitions.
Silent Joe 2 Part of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency effort to locate and destroy hard targets by clandestine means, including unmanned airships.
Silent Sentry The AN/PPS-3 and -4 portable surveillance radar developed by Sperry and produced by the company, as well as by Aeronca, for the Army. Weighing approximately 140 pounds, it provides target information to the operator via a doppler tone and is limited to one target at a time. Steering of the signal is performed manually.
Silk Purse SAC EC-135H Airborne Command Posts deployed in Europe
Silver Ball An ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) related project connected with the Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program in the Air Force.
Silver Dawn [...]
Silver Dollar Three Air Force planes set aside as National Emergency Airborne Command Posts. At present the fleet consists of Boeing 707s, but the Air Force wants to switch to 747s.
Silver Slipper Code name for the ground system of Iran's IBEX ground-based electronic intelligence system.
Silverplate [...]
Skoshi Tiger Evaluation of USAF F-5 Tigers in SE Asia, based in Thailand
Sky Anvil Operation, "NATO putting pressure on Yugoslavia to settle the turmoil in Kosovo", including: 6 F-15C of 493rd FS, RAF Lakenheath, UK, deployed to Cervia AB, Italy, 10/1998 - 11/1998+
Sky Bird Collective unclassified call sign for all SAC command posts
Sky King Collective unclassified call sign for all airborne SAC aircraft
Skyhook part of Combat Talon, 17 Skyhook C-130E-I, 14 plus 1 additional later to MC-130E-C Rivet Clamp '64-0508', '64-0523', '64-0547', '64-0551', '64-0555', '64-0558', '64-0559', '64-0561', '64-0562', '64-0563', '64-0566', '64-0567', '64-0568', special operations aircraft with Fulton STARS, 1965-1970, to Rivet Clamp
Skyscraper [...]
Skytop [...]
Sleigh Ride [...]
Smart Wing (I) ?
Smart Wing II Smart Materials and Structures Demonstration program, $8 million contract, for UAV/UCAV/UTA, NGC, USAF
Sneaky Pete C-130 ELINT missions, 1960s
Solid Shield Special project under the Army Communications Command.
Solid Shield A series of joint exercises under the US Atlantic Command, including Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force units, to emphasize command and control of forces in a unified operation.
South Bay Update of 28 B-52F to cary up to 24 M117 750 lb bombs externally, similar to Sun Bath, 06/1964-08/1964
Southern Cross The Navy's early program for shipboard-to-satellite communications which has grown into the present ADSCOM program.
Southern Watch Operation, "OSW", enforcing the UN-sanctiond no-fly zone over Iraq, south of the (38°) parallel, 199x - 1998
Speckled Trout also Pacer Speckled Trout, KC-135A '55-3126' (mid 1960s-1974), and later (1975-today) C-135C '61-2669', Avionics Testbed, named after Faye Trout, the civilian program monitor at the Lab, 'who had a lot of freckles'
Spectre Laser Air Force project for which Kirtland Contracting Center is the contracting agent.
Speed Light KC-135A '55-3121', '59-1465' (maybe 'Alpha'), '59-1414' ('Delta'), 1961, used for recon, modified under Big Safari
Square Deal A joint US/UK Northern Atlantic ocean acoustic measurement exercise used as a basis for assessment of surveillance system options.
Squeeze Play An ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) exercise
Stabilise Operation, logistics and other support of INTERFET (UN peacekeeping forces in East Timor), 10/1999
Stable Door Code name for harbor defense function in Vietnam.
Standard Rendezvous A classified Air Force program associated with TRACALS (Traffic Control Approach and Landing System).
Star Cast Optical tracking and collection system on WC-135B (see also Cast Glance); also involved a C-130 at the Pacific Missile Test Center at NAS Point Mugu
Starfish ?
Stargazer ?
Stay On Operations, [...]
Steel Tiger OpOrd for B-57 night attacks in Laos, 04/01/1965 - 1970+
Stepmother [...]
Story Teller P-3C C3I/SIGINT system
Stray Goose OpOrd for 4+ C-130E-I Combat Talon I, leaflet dropping, inserting and re-supply of special operations teams, and other missions, over North Vietnam, 1966 - 1968 ?; crew 'S-01' (11 crew members) lost 12/28/1967, over North Vietnam
Strong Express A NATO joint exercise held in the Northern Atlantic in 1972.
Strong Point One of the names associated with a part of the McNamara Line in Vietnam.
Sugar Shack A Navy developed program aimed at a shipboard communications jamming system capable of attenuating the communications of unfriendly ships observing naval fleet operations, such as launchings of aircraft from carriers. TRW Systems conducted initial studies.
Sugar Tree Army Security Agency electronic data-collection/communications intelligence system with work performed by Sylvania.
Suitcase Ranger The first prototype ruby rangefinder which was capable of three miles range and +30 meters resolution.
Sun Bath Update of 46 B-52F to cary up to 24 M117 750 lb bombs externally, similar to South Bay, 06/1965-07/1965
Sun Run OpOrd or modification program, RF-101C '56-0165', and others ?
Sun Valley (I) OpOrd for C-130A-II Rivet Victor I COMINT/ELINT missions ?
Sun Valley II OpOrd for C-130B-II / RC-130B Rivet Victor II COMINT/ELINT missions ?
Superman [...]
Sure Thing [...]
Surprise Package AC-130A '55-0011', modified to Pave Pronto gunship prototype, 1969
Sustain Hope Operation, UN/NATO, US-led, part of Kosovo Campaign, 04/04/1999 - 07/10/1999, coincided with Operation Shining Hope
Swiftlift [...]

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