Chinese Aero-Engines and Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles

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Missiles and Drones
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HS - Hou Sai (Piston/Propeller Aircraft Engines):
HS-6                           (Copy of) Ivchenko AI-14R, used by CJ-6, Y-11

PF - (Jet/Turbo Aircraft Engines):
PF-1                           (Copy of) Klimov VK-1F, used by JJ-1

WP - Wopen (TurboJet Aircraft Engines):
WP-5                           ?
WP-6                           TurboJet engine, used in Q-5, J-12 (?)
WP-7A       Chengdu            TurboJet engine, used in J-8 (based on R-11)
WP-7BM      Chengdu            TurboJet engine, used in J-7M
WP-8                           ?
WP-9                           ?
WP-10                          ?
WP-11                          TurboJet engine, used in CH-1
WP-12                          ?
WP-13A      Liyang             TurboJet engine, used in J-7III, J-8-II (based on WP-7)
WP-13A-II   Liyang             TurboJet engine, used in J-7III, J-8-II
WP-13F                         TurboJet engine, used in F-7M, F-7MF, F-7MG

WJ - W... (TurboProp Aircraft Engines):
WJ-5A-1     Dongan             TurboProp engine, used in SH-5

WS - W... (TurboFan Aircraft Engines):
WS-5                           ?
WS-6        Wopen (?)          TurboFan engine
WS-6A       Shenyang           TurboFan engine, used in H-7/JH-7
WS-9        Xian               Cinese-built RR Spey TurboJet, used in H-7/JH-7/FBC-1

WZ - W... (TurboShaft Aircraft Engines):
WZ-5                           Turboshaft engine, used in Z-6

Missiles and Drones

Missiles and Rockets (military):
Target Drones:
B-2                            (?)
Changkong IC                   (?)
D-4                            (?)

Unmanned Aerial (Combat) Vehicles (UAV/UCAV):
CH-1                           (Chang Hong 1, copy of AQM-34 Firefly UAV)
WZ-9                           (built by Guizhou, also known as WZ-2000A UCAV)

Anti-Submarine missiles:
CY-1                           (?)

Anti-Tank missiles:
Hong Jian (HJ-x) ==> Red Arrow

HJ-8                           (built by NORINCO, wire-guided)
HJ-13                          (?)

Anti-Ship (cruise) missiles (SSM):
Hai Yang (HY-x) ==> Sea Eagle (also "Hai Ying")
Feilong ==> Flying Dragon
Yeng Yi ==> ?

        C-101                  (?)
        C-201   CSSC-3         (Silkworm / Seersucker)
        C-301                  (?)
HY-1            CSSC-3         (Silkworm)
HY-2  / C-601   CSS-N-2/CSSC-3 (Seersucker, also "Feilong-2", coastal defense missile systems,
                                  anti-ship missile, also air-launched ? (C-601),
                                  based on USSR SS-N-2 Styx, with USSR AS-5 guidance system,
                                  range: 60 miles, warhead/payload: 1,100 lb)
YJ-6  / C-601   CAS-N-1        (Kraken, anti-ship missile)
        C-701                  (short-range anti-ship missile)
YJ-1  / C-801                  (Sardine, also "Yeng Yi", SSM, anti-ship missile, also air-launched,
                                  based on MM.38 Exocet (?), on ES5G class)
      / C-801K                 (air-launched version of C-802)
HY-3                           (?)
HY-4            CSSC-3         (Silkworm/Seersucker ?)
SY-2  / C-802   CSS-N-4/CSSC-8 (Saccade, anti-ship cruise missile, also coastal defense missile
                                  systems, SSM, based on MM.40 (?), built by CPMEIC (?))
YJ-22 / C-802K                 (Land Attack Missile)
YJ-63           LACM           (Land Attack Cruise Missile, based on YJ-6 / C-601, TV-seeker)

Surface-to-Surface missiles, Ship-based (SSM, SLBM):
Ju Lang (JL-x) ==> Great Wave (also Giant Wave)

JL-1            CSS-XN-3       (based on DF-21, SLBM, two stage, solid-fueled,
                                  range: 1,700 km/1,119 miles,
                                  warhead/payload: 600 kg, based on XIA class, also CSS-NX-3 ?)
JL-2            CSS-XN-4       (based on DF-23 or DF-31, SLBM, three stage, solid-fueled,
                                  range: 8,000 km/4,960 miles/4871 miles)

Surface-to-Air (Anti-Aircraft) missiles (SAM):
Hong Nu (HN-x) ==> Red Cherry

HN-5                           (USSR 9K32/9M32 series (SA-7 Grail SAM))
HN-5A                          (modified)

Hong Qi (HQ-x) ==> Red Flag

HQ-2                           (USSR V-750 series ((SA-2 Guideline SAM))
HQ-61                          (medium range SAM, SAR-guided)
HY-61M / RF-61  CSA-N-1        (Navy version of HQ-61)
RF-61A                         (built by CPMIEC)

HOJ                            (new SAM ? [see skunk works mailing list])

....                           (USSR S-300 MPU (SA-10/20 Growler/Grumble/Gargoyle SAM),
                                  based at Zhangzhou, range: 90 km ?)

Air-to-Air missiles (AAM):
Pi Li (PL-x) ==> Thunderbolt

PL-1                           (?)
PL-2                           (license-built by CATIC, from USSR R-13 (AA-2 Atoll), IR-guided)
PL-2A                          (license-built by CATIC, from USSR (AA-2-2 Advanced Atoll))
PL-2B                          (modified PL-2A)
PL-3                           (larger version of PL-2, IR-guided)
PL-4                           (similar to PL-2/PL-3, SAR-guided)
PL-5                           (built by CATIC, AIM-9G look-alike, IR-guided)
PL-5B                          (built by CATIC, modified)
PL-6                           (?)
PL-7                           (built by CATIC, Matra R550 Magic look-alike, IR-guided)
PL-7B                          (built by CATIC, modified)
PL-8                           (IAI Python 3 look-alike, IR-guided)
PL-9                           (built by CATIC, larger version of PL-5, not in service, IR-guided)
PL-10                          (built by CATIC, based on HQ-61 SAM, SAR-guided)

Surface-to-Surface missiles, Land based (SSM, MRBM, IRBM, ICBM):
Dong Feng (DF-x) ==> East Wind (also sometimes "Deng Feng" or "Dong Fang")

      / M-1B                   (Artillery Rocket, range: 80-100 km)

                SS-1A          (Scunner, USSR)
      / 1060    SS-1B          (Scud, USSR)

DF-1  / 1059    SS-2           (Sibling, USSR)
DF-2            CSS-1          (IRBM, single stage, liquid-fueled, in service 1970, range: 1,200 km,
                                  warhead/payload: 1,000 kg)
DF-3            ---            (ICBM, range: 10,000 km, canceled)
DF-3A           CSS-2          (IRBM, single stage, liquid-fueled, range: 2,800 km/1,926 miles,
                                  warhead/payload: 2,150 kg)
DF-4            CSS-3          (ICBM, two stage, liquid-fueled, range: 7,000 km/3,417 miles)
                CSS-3 Mod. 2   (modernized)
DF-5            CSS-X-4        (ICBM, prototype)
                CSS-4          (ICBM, two stage, liquid-fueled, range: 13,000 km/11,000 km/7,457 miles)
                CSS-4 Mod. 2   (modernized, blunt nose, increased range or payload)
DF-6            ---            (ICBM, range: 15,000 km, canceled)
DF-11 / M-11    CSS-X-7        (MRBM, prototype, first flight tested 1990)
                CSS-7          (MRBM, single stage, solid-fueled, range: 300 km/186 miles,
                                  warhead/payload: 500 kg, built by CALT (was BWYIC), in service 1992)
                                  (appr. 50 added per year, 220 - 300 stationed at bases in Fujian and
                                  Jiangxi provinces, appr. 100 at Xianyou, Fujian, 2nd one, detected 2001)
        M-11 Mod. 2            (MRBM, advanced version of M-11 ?, range: 300 km, based at Xianyou)
                               (based at Yonggang, Jiangxi province, 500 km range -- mixup with CSS-6 ???)
DF-14           ---            (ICBM, range: 8,000 km, canceled)
DF-15 / M-9     CSS-X-6        (MRBM, prototype, first tested 1988)
                CSS-6          (MRBM, single stage, solid-fueled, range: 600 km/373 miles,
                                  warhead/payload: 500 kg, built by CALT (was BWYIC), in service 1991,
                                  based at Fujian)
DF-21           CSS-5          (IRBM, two stage, solid-fueled, range: 1,800 km/1,119 miles,
                                  warhead/payload: 600 kg)
DF-22           ---            (ICBM, range: 8,000 km, canceled)
DF-23           ---            (SSM)
DF-25           ---            (IRBM, range: 1,700 km)
DF-31           ---            (ICBM, three stage, solid-fueled, range: 8,000 km/4,871 miles,
                                  warhead/payload: 100 kt, 4th test flight: 08/1999, 5th: expected 06/2000)
DF-41           ---            (ICBM, two stage, liquid-fueled, range: 7,440 miles, warhead/payload: 1 mt)
DF-61           ---            (IRBM, canceled)

8610  / M-7     CSS-8          (also Project 8610, based on USSR V-750 series (SA-2 Guideline SAM))

      / M-18                   (SSM)

Type-83                        (eight-tube 273 mm MRL, range: 80 km (older was 40 km))

WS-1                           (artillery rocket, range: 80 km)

Space Launchers

Launch Vehicle (civilian):
Feng Bao (FB-x) ==> Tempest
FB-1                           (build by SBA, based on DF-5, used 1973-1981)

Chang Zheng (CZ-x) ==> Long March (LM-x)
CZ-1            LM-1           (build by CALT, based on DF-3 / CSS-2 or DF-4 / CSS-3, used 1970-1971)
CZ-1D           LM-1D          (build by CALT, modernized version of CZ-1, planned to enter service
                                  in 2001)
CZ-2            LM-2           (build by CALT, old core, based on modified DF-4 / CSS-3, used 1974)
CZ-2A           LM-2A          (same as CZ-2 ?)
CZ-2C           LM-2C          (build by CALT, old core, based on DF-5 / CSS-4)
CZ-2C/SD        LM-2C/SD       (CZ-2C with Smart Dispenser upper stage, also CZ-2C-III/SD)
CZ-2C/TS        LM-2C/TS       (CZ-2C with Top Stage upper stage, planned)
CZ-2D           LM-2D          (build by SBA, new core, similar to DF-31 ?)
CZ-2E           LM-2E          (build by CALT, new core, stretched 2nd stage, 4 liquid-fueled
                                  strap-on booster, with Star 63 or EPKM (SPTM-17) upper stage/kick-motor)
CZ-2EA          LM-2EA         (build by CALT, improved CZ-2E, planned to be tested in next 3 years,
                                  LEO payload: 11,800 kg)
CZ-2F           LM-2F          (build by CALT, improved CZ-2E, used for Shenzhou spacecraft)
CZ-3            LM-3           (build by CALT, GEO launch vehicle, old core, same 2nd stage as CZ-2,
                                  small LOX/LH2 3rd stage)
CZ-3A           LM-3A          (build by CALT, new core, stretched 1st stage, large LOX/LH2 3rd stage)
CZ-3B           LM-3B          (build by CALT, new core, stretched 1st stage, large LOX/LH2 3rd stage),
                                  plus 4 liquid-fueled strap-on booster (as CZ-2E))
CZ-3C           LM-3C          (planned)
CZ-4            LM-4           (build by SBA, 1st stage: 4 YF-20B engines, 2nd stage: 1 YF-22B/YF-23B
                                  engine, 3rd stage: 2 YF-40 engines, same 2nd stage as CZ-2 and CZ-3 ?,
                                  conventional 3rd stage)
CZ-4A           LM-4A          (same as CZ-4 ?)
CZ-4B           LM-4B          (build by SBA, N2O4/UDMH engine(s))
CZ-?            LM-?           (planned heavy launch vehicle, LEO payload: 23,000 kg, GTO payload: 11,000 kg,
                                  height: 50-55 m, weight: 800,000 kg, 2 stages, Kerosene/LH2/LOX, 4 LP booster)

Rocket Engines:
SPTM-17                        (EPKM perigee kick motor)

YF-20                          (LOX/UDMH engine)
YF-20B                         (LOX/UDMH engine, four in first stage of CZ-4A)
YF-21                          (LOX/UDMH engine)
YF-22                          (LOX/UDMH engine)
YF-22B                         (LOX/UDMH engine, one in second stage of CZ-4A)
YF-23                          (LOX/UDMH engine)
YF-23B                         (LOX/UDMH engine, one in second stage of CZ-4A)
YF-24                          (LOX/UDMH engine)
YF-25                          (or FY-25 ?, solid apogee motor, used by Beidou satellite)
YF-40                          (LOX/UDMH engine, two in third stage of CZ-4A)

Spacecraft and Satellites

Project 926 (Shenzhou) ("Magic Vessel" or "Divine Ship") (launched 1999/11/19 on CZ-2F-1 for CASC)

Dong Fang Hong (DFH-x) ==> East Is Red (also "Dong Feng Hong")
DFH-1                          (launched 1970/04/24 on CZ-1-1)
DFH-2 (Shiyong Tongbu Tongxin) (launched 1986/02/01 on CZ-3-3, "Shiyong Tongbu Tongxin Weixing")
DFH-2A (DFH-2-1)               (launched 1988/03/07 on CZ-3-4)
DFH-2A-2 (Zhongxing 2)         (launched 1988/12/22 on CZ-3-5)
DFH-2A (Zhongxing 3)           (launched 1990/02/04 on CZ-3-6)
DFH-2A-4 (Zhongxing 4)         (launched 1991/12/28 on CZ-3-8, stranded)
DFH-3 mockup (Kua Fu 1)        (Dummy Sat, launched 1994/02/08 on CZ-3A-1)
DFH-3                          (ComSat, launched 1994/11/29 on CZ-3A-2, built by Germany)
DFH-3 (Zhongxing 6)            (ComSat, launched 1997/05/11 on CZ-3A-3)
ChinaSat 7 (Zhongxing 7)       (ComSat, launched 1996/08/18 on CZ-3-11)
DFH (Zhongxing 22)             (ComSat, launched 2000/01/25 on CZ-3A-4)
Beidou (1)                     (Experimental Navigation Technology Sat, launched 2000/10/30 on CZ-3A-5,
                                  built by CAST/Beijing, based on DFH-3, Beidou => "Northern Dipper" or
                                  "Ursa Major")
Beidou (2)                     (Experimental Navigation Technology Sat, launched 2000/12/20 on CZ-3A-6)

Fanhui Shi Weixing (FSW-X) ==> Recoverable Test Satellite
FSW                            (launch failed 1974/11/05 on CZ-2A-1)
FSW-1-1                        (launched 1975/11/26 on CZ-2C-1)
FSW-1-2                        (launched 1976/12/07 on CZ-2C-2)
FSW-1-3                        (launched 1978/01/26 on CZ-2C-3)
FSW-1-4                        (launched 1982/09/09 on CZ-2C-4)
FSW-1-5                        (launched 1983/08/19 on CZ-2C-5)
FSW-1-6                        (launched 1984/09/12 on CZ-2C-6)
FSW-1-7                        (launched 1985/10/21 on CZ-2C-7)
FSW-1-8                        (launched 1986/10/06 on CZ-2C-8)
FSW-1-9                        (launched 1987/08/05 on CZ-2C-9)
FSW-1-10                       (launched 1987/09/09 on CZ-2C-10)
FSW-1-11                       (launched 1988/08/05 on CZ-2C-11)
FSW-1-12                       (launched 1990/10/05 on CZ-2C-12)
FSW-1-13                       (launched 1992/10/06 on CZ-2C-13)
FSW-1-14 (Jian Bing 93)        (launched 1993/10/08 on CZ-2C-14)
FSW-2-1                        (launched 1992/08/09 on CZ-2D-1)
FSW-2-2                        (launched 1994/07/03 on CZ-2D-2)
FSW-2-3                        (launched 1996/10/20 on CZ-2D-3)

Feng Yun (FY-x) ==> Wind and Cloud (also "Fengyun")
FY-1                           (launched 1988/09/06 on CZ-4-1)
FY                             (launched 1990/09/03 on CZ-4-2)
FY-1C                          (launched 1999/05/10 on CZ-4B-1, with SJ-5)
FY-2 (1)                       (launched 1997/06/10 on CZ-3-12)
FY-2 (2)                       (launched 2000/06/25 on CZ-3-..)

J... S... S... Weixing (JSSW-x)
JSSW-1                         (launch failed 1973/09/18 on FB-1-2)
JSSW-2                         (launch failed 1974/07/14 on FB-1-3)
JSSW-3                         (launched 1975/07/26 on FB-1-4)
JSSW-4                         (launched 1975/12/16 on FB-1-5)
JSSW-5                         (launched 1976/08/30 on FB-1-6)
JSSW-6                         (launch failed 1973/09/18 on FB-1-7)

Shi Jian (SJ-x)
SJ                             (launched 1971/03/03 on CZ-1-2)
SKW (SJ)                       (launch failed 1979/07/28 on FB-1-10)
SJ-2A (SJ-2)                   (launched 1981/09/19 on FB-1-11, with SJ-2B and SJ-2C)
SJ-2B (SJ-2A)                  (launched 1981/09/19 on FB-1-11, with SJ-2A and SJ-2C)
SJ-2C (SJ-2B)                  (launched 1981/09/19 on FB-1-11, with SJ-2A and SJ-2B)
SJ-4                           (Science Sat, launched 1994/02/08 on CZ-3A)
SJ-5                           (launched 1999/05/10 on CZ-4B-1, with FY-1C)

Shiyan T... Weixing (STW-x)
STW-1 (Shiyan Weixing)         (launched 1984/01/29 on CZ-3-1, "Shiyan Weixing")
STW   (S. Tongbu Tongxin W.)   (launched 1984/04/08 on CZ-3-2, "Shiyan Tongbu Tongxin Weixing")

Zi Yuan (ZY-x)
ZY-1 (CBERS)                   (Remote Imaging Sat, launched 1999/10/14 on CZ-4B-2 ? for CASC/INPE,
                                  "China-Brasil Earth Resource Satellite")
ZY-2                           (Remote Imaging Sat, launched 2000/09/01 on CZ-4B-3 ? for CASC)

Commercial Satellites (including tests):
Agila 2 (Mabuhay)              (launched 1997/08/19 on CZ-3B-2 for MPSC)

Apstar 1 (APSTAR 1)            (launched 1994/07/21 on CZ-3-9 for APT)
Apstar 1A                      (launched 1996/07/03 on CZ-3-10 for APT)
Apstar 2                       (launch failed 1995/01/25 on CZ-2E-5 for APT)
Apstar 2R                      (launched 1997/10/16 on CZ-3B-3 for APT)

Asiasat 1 (Asiasat)            (launched 1990/04/07 on CZ-3-7 for Asiasat)
Asiasat 2                      (launched 1995/11/28 on CZ-2E-6 for Asiasat)

Echostar 1                     (launched 1995/12/28 on CZ-2E-7 for TCI)

HS-601 Model                   (launched 1990/07/16 on CZ-2E-1 for MAI)

Intelsat 708                   (launch failed 1996/02/14 on CZ-3B-1 for Intelsat)

Iridium MFS 1                  (launched 1997/09/01 on CZ-2C-III/SD (CZ-2C-15) for Iridium)
Iridium 42 (SV042)             (launched 1997/12/08 on CZ-2C-III/SD (CZ-2C-16) for Iridium)
Iridium 51 (SV051)             (launched 1998/03/25 on CZ-2C-III/SD (CZ-2C-17) for Iridium)
Iridium 69 (SV069)             (launched 1998/05/02 on CZ-2C-III/SD (CZ-2C-18) for Iridium)
Iridium 3 (SV078)              (launched 1998/08/19 on CZ-2C-III/SD (CZ-2C-19) for Iridium)
Iridium 11A (SV088 ?)          (launched 1998/12/19 on CZ-2C-III/SD (CZ-2C-20) for Iridium)
Iridium 14A (SV090 ?)          (launched 1999/06/11 on CZ-2C-III/SD (CZ-2C-21) for Iridium)

Optus B1                       (launched 1992/08/13 on CZ-2E-2 for Optus)
Optus B2                       (launched 1992/12/21 on CZ-2E-3 for Optus)
Optus B3                       (launched 1994/08/27 on CZ-2E-4 for Optus)

Sinosat                        (launched 1998/07/18 on CZ-3B-5 for Eurasspace)

Zhongwei 1 (ChinaStar 1)       (launched 1998/05/30 on CZ-3B-4 for China Orient)


Designations and Names:
CJ / BT      = Chuji Jiaolianji / Basic Trainer
CZ / LM      = Chang Zheng / Long March
DF           = Dong Feng / East Wind (also "Deng Feng" or "Dong Fang")
DFH          = Dong Fang Hong / East Is Red (also "Dong Feng Hong")
FB           = Feng Bao / Tempest
             = Feilong / Flying Dragon
FSW          = Fanhui Shi Weixing / Recoverable Test Satellite
FY           = Feng Yun / Wind and Cloud
H / B        = Hongzhaji / Bomber
HJ           = Hongzhaji Jiaolianji / Bomber Trainer
HJ           = Hong Jian / Red Arrow
HN           = Hong Nu / Red Cherry
HQ           = Hong Qi / Red Flag
HS           = Hou Sai / (Piston/Propeller Aircraft Engines ?)
HY           = Hai Yang / Sea Eagle (also "Hai Ying")
HZ           = Hongzhaji Zhenchaji / Reconnaissance Bomber
J / F        = Jianjiji / Fighter
             = Jian Bing / ???
JH / FB      = Jianjiji Hongzhaji / Fighter-Bomber
JJ / FT      = Jianjiji Jiaolianji / Fighter Trainer
JL           = Ju Lang (Julang) / Great Wave (also Giant Wave)
JSSW         = J... S... S... Weixing / .... Satellite
JZ           = Jianjiji Zhenchaji / Reconnaissance Fighter
KF           = Kua Fu / ???
PF           = P... F... (Jet/Turbo Aircraft Engine ?)
PL           = Pi Li / Thunderbolt
Q / A        = Qiangjiji / Attack
SH / PS      = Shuishang Hongzhaji / Maritime Bomber
SJ           = Shi Jian / ???
SKW          = S... K... Weixing / .... Satellite
             = Shiyan Tongbu Tongxin Weixing / .... Satellite
STTW         = Shiyong Tongbu Tongxin Weixing / .... Satellite
STW          = Shiyan T... Weixing / .... Satellite
WJ           = W... J... / (TurboProp Aircraft Engines ?)
WP           = Wopen (?) / (TurboJet Aircraft Engines ?)
WS           = W... S... / (TurboFan Aircraft Engines ?)
WZ           = W... Z... / (TurboShaft Aircraft Engines ?)
X            = Xiangji / Glider
YJ           - Y... J... / ???
YY           = Yeng Yi / ???
Y            = Yunshuji / Transport
Z / H        = Zhishengji / Helicopter/VTOL
             = Zhongwei / (China Star) ?
             = Zhongxing / (China Sat) ?
ZY           = Zi Yuan / ???

NATO/USA designations:
CAS-N-x (or CAS-XN-x) ==> Chinese Air-to-Surface Missile, Navy, (eXperimental/under development)
CSS-x   (or CSS-X-x)  ==> Chinese Surface-to-Surface Missile, (eXperimental/under development)
CSS-N-x (or CSS-XN-x) ==> same, for Navy
CSA-N-x (or CSA-XN-x) ==> Chinese Surface-to-Air Missile, Navy, (eXperimental/under development)
CSSC-x  (or CSSC-X-x) ==> Chinese Surface-to-Surface Coastal-defense / Cruise Missile, (eXperimental/under development)

Asiasat      = (satellite operator)
AVIC         = Aviation Industries of China / China Aviation Industry Corp. (comprises 15 different enterprises)
CAAC         = Civil Aviation Administration of China
CAC          = Chengdu Aircraft Corporation
CAC/CASC     = China Aerospace Corp. (Chinese National Space Agency)
CALT         = China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, Beijing
CALT/Shaanxi = China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, Shaanxi
CAST         = China Academy of Space Technology, Beijing
CATIC        = China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corp. (manufacturer)
CHAIC        = C... (Jingdezhen)
Chinasat     = (satellite operator)
China Orient = (satellite operator)
CGWIC        = China Great Wall Industry Corp.
CNA          = China Nanchang Aircraft (manufacturer)
CPMEIC       = (or CPMIEC ?) China ...
GAIC         = G... (Anshun)
HAMC         - Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
MAI          = M...
NAMC/HAIC    = Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
NORINCO      = N...
SAC          = Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, Mukden, Shenyang
SAC/Shaanxi  = Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, Shaanxi
SAP          = Shijiazhuang Aircraft Production Plant (?)
SBA          = Shanghai Bureau of Astronautics, Shanghai
SISE         = Shanghai Institute for Satellite Engineering, Shanghai
XAC          = Xian Aircraft Corporation, Mukden, Shenyang

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