Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles
Appendix 1: Early Missiles and Drones
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The designation XQ-6 was allocated in late 1953 to a projected medium performance drone, which was to be developed by the USAF's WADC (Wright Air Development Center). The XQ-6 was to be designed for use by all military services, and was to be used for gunnery training as well as evaluation and test of fire control systems. Preliminary specifications called for remotely controlled parachute-recoverable vehicle powered by a turbocharged piston engine.

It seems that the Q-6 program was terminated before a development of a specific vehicle was begun. A possible reason is that the operational requirement looks like it could be fulfilled by the OQ-19/KD2R family of drones, which was in use in large numbers at that time.


Most likely no specific design had been developed before the termination of the Q-6 program.

Main Sources

[1] USAF Aircraft Nomenclature Records

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