Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missiles
Appendix 1: Early Missiles and Drones
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Temco KDT Teal

In 1955 the U.S Navy issued a requirement for a low-cost expendable high-performance target drone. The design competition was won by Temco, who was awarded a contract for a small quantity of XKDT-1 Teal targets for evaluation purposes. The first flight of an XKDT-1 occurred in September 1957.

Image: Vought

The XKDT-1 was powered by an Astrodyne two-stage (boost/sustain) solid-fueled rocket motor, and was air-launched from fighter aircraft (typically the F3H-2M Demon). Once launched, the Teal's guidance system maintained a constant course and altitude at a speed of Mach 0.95 for about eight minutes. The target was non-recoverable and was destroyed at the end of the mission. The XKDT-1 had conventional flying surfaces except for a ventral vertical fin to facilitate lauching from underwing pylons. However, there is photographic evidence that at least some Teals were also fitted with a dorsal tailfin. To present itself as a suitable target for the then current anti-aircraft weapons, the XKDT-1 was equipped with radar reflectors, an IR source and flares for visual tracking.

Photos: Vought

When the evaluation of the XKDT-1 was completed, no full-scale production contract for the Teal was awarded. It's not unlikely that a subsonic target was no longer suitable in the late 1950s, and in 1959, the Navy and Air Force actually initiated a design competition for an expendable supersonic drone, which eventually led to the Beech KD2B/AQM-37.


Note: Data given by several sources show slight variations. Figures given below may therefore be inaccurate!

Data for XKDT-1:

Length3.60 m (11 ft 10 in)
Diameter25 cm (10 in)
Wingspan1.50 m (4 ft 11 in)
Weight160 kg (350 lb)
SpeedMach 0.95
Ceiling16000 m (52500 ft)
Endurance8 min
Propulsion1st stage: Astrodyne 4NS150 solid-fueled rocket; 666 N (150 lb) for 3.8 s
2nd stage: Astrodyne 480NS50 solid-fueled rocket; 222 N (50 lb) for 480 s

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