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QRC - USAF Quick Reaction Capability Programs

QRC-1 Modification of AN/ALA-2 equipment; Hallicrafters, 1953
QRC-2 J band receiver for ERB-29
QRC-3 J band antennas for AN/APS-54 radar warning receiver; Hallicrafters
QRC-4 Automatic VHF communications jammer; Hallicrafters, 1953
QRC-5 J band antennas for AN/APS-54 radar warning receiver; Hallicrafters, 1953
QRC-6 Frequency standard, oscillator 4,000 Hz +/- 0.5%; used as timing source in taking tape recordings of PRF for ELINT system; Rome ADC
QRC-7 VHF receiver; Hallicrafters
QRC-8 HF sweep jammer; Hallicrafters
QRC-9 Travelling wave tube converter, to provide I band capability for EF band eceivers; designed at Stanford University, duplicated and build by Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-10 30/60 MHz Transmitter; designed to simulate an ECM environment for any designated radar; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-11 Selective J band antenna for AN/APS-54 radar warning receiver; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-12 Spiral antennas; Hallicrafters
QRC-13 Mobile ground ECM system; Rome ADC
QRC-14 Delayed opening chaff
QRC-15 Special D/F receiver; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-16 Field intensity meter, a paper tape recorder able to record various nodes of a radar signal as a function of time; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-17 Modification of AN/APN-9 Loran navigation receiver; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-18 Modification of AN/ALA-7 receiver attachment; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-19 Modification of AN/APT-9, motor driven butterfly capacitor to provide unattended sweep jamming; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-20 Ground low frequency receiver; Rome ADC
QRC-21 Ground C through F band interference locator; Rome ADC
QRC-22 VHF jammer; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-23 First US carcinotron jammer, EF bands, later QRC-23A included I band; designed for carriage by drone. A later system included a panoramic receiver. Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-24 Ferret Data Processing Study
QRC-25 Directional antenna system for AN/ALT-4; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-26 Ground signal separator; Rome ADC
QRC-27 Improved antennas and transmission lines for AN/ALT-6 and AN/ALT-8 jammers fitted to B-47; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-28 Pulse repeater system; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-29 Ground Wullenweber direction finding antenna for ELINT; Rome ADC
QRC-30 Infrared decoy flares and dispenser; Hallicrafters
QRC-31 Crystal video warning receiver; forerunner of AN/ALR-27; Hallicrafters, 1954
QRC-32 Infrared range measurement
QRC-33 Power measuring test set for jammers; Hallicrafters
QRC-34 Ground broad band radar signal receiver and recorder; Rome ADC 1954
QRC-35 Infrared decoy flare dispenser; Hallicrafters
QRC-36 Ground remote operations kit; Rome ADC
QRC-36H "Hot Brick 3" Infrared Jammer
QRC-37 ERB-47 reconnaissance system, Missing Link. Comprised an AN/APR-9, AN/APA-4, special video and audio mixers, special time signal generator and Ampex recording equipment; Hallicrafters, 1955
QRC-38 Scan deception device
QRC-39 Ground antenna multicoupler; Rome ADC
QRC-40 Ground film editing device; Rome ADC
QRC-41 Portable ground antenna; Rome ADC
QRC-42 Ground DF line plotter; Rome ADC
QRC-43 Ground special purpose sensing device; Rome ADC
QRC-44 Ground blip-scan recorder; Rome ADC
QRC-45 Ground C band Wullenweber direction-finding antenna for ELINT; Rome ADC
QRC-46 Ground servo controlled amplifier; Rome ADC
QRC-47 Common base clock time converter
QRC-48 High power (800 w) carcinotron EF band jammer driving bitermitron tube; Hallicrafters, 1955
QRC-49 EF band carcinotron jammer, production equipment; Hallicrafters, 1955. QRC-49A covered the I band; went into service on EB-47E
QRC-50 Scimitar antennas
QRC-51 Ground alerter unit; Hallicrafters
QRC-52 Ground receiver-timer; Rome ADC
QRC-53 Ground selecting data receiver; Rome ADC
QRC-54 Barrage jammer, I band; Hallicrafters, 1958
QRC-55 Ground antenna system; Rome ADC
QRC-56 Carcinotron test console, able to analyze operating parameters of two tubes at a time; Hallicrafters, 1955
QRC-57 Ground auxiliary passive detection system; Rome ADC
QRC-58 Airborne signal source for J, K and L band signals for testing the operation of ground and airborne receivers; Hallicrafters, 1955
QRC-59 Ground broad-band receiver; Rome ADC
QRC-60 Ground readout receiver; Rome ADC
QRC-61 Automatic jammer
QRC-62 Ground video Duplexer; Rome ADC
QRC-63 PRF discriminator for AN/APD-4, fitted to RB-47H
QRC-64 Ground radiation suppressor; Rome ADC
QRC-65 VHF communications jammer, production type equipment; fitted to EB-66, EB-47E
QRC-66 Special amplifier
QRC-67 Modified recorder
QRC-68 Reconnaissance subsystem; Hallicrafters, 1955
QRC-68-9 ECM Jammer; developed into AN/SLQ-19
QRC-69 Ground automatic data collector; Rome ADC
QRC-70 Ground data converter; Rome ADC
QRC-71 Side Street (classified); Rome ADC
QRC-72 Cross Walk (classified); Rome ADC
QRC-73 Stop Light (classified); Rome ADC
QRC-74 I band carcinotron jammer, Raytheon, 1958
QRC-75 Video integrator for AI radar
QRC-76 D band 1 kW jammer, employing a carcinotron of French design; Hallicrafters, 1956
QRC-77 Radar receiver, 1958
QRC-78 RF transmission system
QRC-79 Directional antenna for F-102
QRC-80 Ground anti-jamming scope; Rome ADC
QRC-81 Receiver for use with QRC-68; Hallicrafters, 1958
QRC-82 Scimitar antenna cleaner; Hallicrafters
QRC-83 Evaluate moisture effects; Hallicrafters
QRC-84 Aluminum chaff
QRC-85 Glass chaff
QRC-86 AI pulse-to-pulse tuner
QRC-87 IR decoy flare assembly
QRC-88 Ground video recorder; Rome ADC
QRC-89 Barrage jammer
QRC-90 Ground mobile ELINT vans; Rome ADC
QRC-91 Crystal video warning receiver, to 35 GHz; fitted to RB-47H. System had eight horn antennas to provide omnidirectional cover; Hallicrafters, 1957
QRC-92 Radar echo reduction
QRC-93 Ground radomes; Rome ADC
QRC-94 Video correlator
QRC-95 EF band carcinotron barrage jammer, production equipment; formed the basis of the AN/ALT-13; fitted to the EB-47E; Hallicrafters
QRC-96 D band carcinotron barrage jammer, production equipment; fitted to EB-47E; Hallicrafters
QRC-97 Barrage jammer
QRC-98 I band spot and barrage jammer; Raytheon
QRC-99 Spot and barrage jammer
QRC-100 I band automatic set-on receiver for AN/ALT-6B
QRC-101 Chaff dispenser pod; used on F-4
QRC-102 Automatic jammer
QRC-103 Low-frequency barrage jammer; formed basis of AN/ALT-12
QRC-104 Tall Tree (classified); Rome ADC
QRC-105 Interference suppressor for AN/APR-9
QRC-106 Signal generator test equipment for AN/ALA-15; Hallicrafters, 1959
QRC-107 Barrage jammer
QRC-108 Ground IF recorder; Rome ADC
QRC-109 Evaluation of B-47 cooling
QRC-110 New Look (classified)
QRC-111 Barrage jammer
QRC-112 Ground receiving and date conversion equipments; Rome ADC
QRC-113 Carcinotron jammer; Hallicrafters, 1959
QRC-114 TWT barrage jammer; forerunner of AN/ALT-16; Hallicrafters, 1959
QRC-115 ECM antennas for B-47 and B-66 aircraft; Hallicrafters, 1959
QRC-116 Modification of AN/APR-9 receiver, Bonus Baby; Hallicrafters, 1960
QRC-117 Radio repeater system
QRC-118 Ground handling device
QRC-119 Passive receiver system
QRC-120 Line fault and testing equipments; Rome ADC
QRC-121 Receiver analyzer; Rome ADC
QRC-122 Dip Stick (classified); Rome ADC
QRC-123 Cloverleaf antennas; Hallicrafters, 1960
QRC-124 Barrage jammer, 1961
QRC-125 Scanning IR warning receiver; Westinghouse, 1961
QRC-126 Fixed field of view IR warning receiver; Hughes, 1961
QRC-127 IR flare assembly
QRC-128 "Combat Martin" VHF communications jammer; variant of AN/ALQ-59; Hallicrafters, 1961. Fitted in some F-105F, A-1E and EB-66 this was used in support of operations over North Vietnam
QRC-129 Fast readout, for use with AN/FPS-17 ground radar; Rome ADC
QRC-130 Automatic search-lock-jammer, using AN/ALT-68 as transmitter and AN/ALR-18 as receiver; General Electric/Transco
QRC-131 Ground radio frequency system analyzer; Rome ADC
QRC-132 Modification of AN/ALT-6B; Hallicrafters, 1960
QRC-133 Forerunner of the AN/ALT-13 barrage jammer
QRC-134 Ground engine simulator; Rome ADC
QRC-135 Ground radar signal separator; Rome ADC
QRC-136 Ground two-way communications; Rome ADC
QRC-137 Nancy Rae (classified)
QRC-138 Ferret device
QRC-139 Fitted to EB-47E, modulator for AN/ALT-22 to make it more effective against the Fansong radar
QRC-140 Digitized control for remote display of a radar image; manufactured by General Electro Dynamics
QRC-141 Ground miniature converter; Rome ADC
QRC-142 Forward-fired chaff rocket for use with AN/ALE-25 for carriage by B-52; forerunner of ADR-7 and ADR-8
QRC-143 Ground study of acoustic problem; Rome ADC
QRC-144 Ground mapping project; Rome ADC
QRC-145 Adaptation of the AN/ALE-11 pneumatic chaff dispenser; Webcor
QRC-146 Passive instrumentation receiver
QRC-147 Airborne reconnaissance simulator; Hallicrafters, 1960
QRC-148 Direction finder group; Hallicrafters, 1960
QRC-149 Bandpass filter; Hallicrafters, 1960
QRC-150 RFR kit; Rome ADC
QRC-151 I band automatic jamming training system; forerunner of Raytheon AN/ALQ-70
QRC-152 Ground readout equipment for AN/ASQ-32; Rome ADC
QRC-153 Competitive study program (Sperry, General Electric and Hallicrafters) of ECM payload for ballistic missile reentry vehicle
QRC-154 Language translator; Rome ADC
QRC-155 Antenna modification kit for QRC-45; Rome ADC
(156) Number believed not allocated
QRC-157 Magnetron L-3223-B
QRC-158 ECM antennas for EB-66 and other aircraft
QRC-159 Reconnaissance system FM heads; Hallicrafters, 1961
QRC-160-1A Jamming pod, S/C (later L) band; forerunner of AN/ALQ-71; General Electric
QRC-160-2 Jamming pod, I band; forerunner of AN/ALQ-72; General Electric
QRC-160-4 Jamming pod, 65 to 100 MHz direct noise amplification; General Electric
QRC-160-5 Jamming pod, C band; Hallicrafters
QRC-160-7 Jamming pod for RF-101 airplane
QRC-160-8 Jamming pod; forerunner of AN/ALQ-87; Hallicrafters
QRC-160-9 Jamming pod, modification of QRC-160-1
QRC-161 Ground receiver system; Rome ADC
QRC-162 Ground scan converter; Rome ADC
QRC-163 Silver Ball (classified); Rome ADC
QRC-164-1 Modification of ten QRC-81 equipments; Hallicrafters, 1961
QRC-165 IFF jammer for B-66 airplane; Hallicrafters, 1961
QRC-166 Ground preamplifiers; Rome ADC
QRC-167 Conflicting data:
- Ground radar reflector amplifiers; Rome ADC
- Navigational radio beacon; Sylvania
QRC-168 Multichannel barrage jammer
QRC-169 Conflicting data:
- Transmitting antenna for QRC-128 and AN/ALQ-59 communications jammer
- AGTELIS (Automatic Ground Transportable Emitter Location & Identification System; U.S. Army ECM system); AN/TSQ-105 (consisting of AN/GSQ-189, AN/TSQ-115, AN/TYQ-17)
QRC-170 Ground transportable jammer; Rome ADC
QRC-171 Ground navigation aid; Rome ADC
QRC-172 Modification of Model 555 scope
QRC-173 Ground panoramic modification kit; Rome ADC
QRC-174 Test equipment for B-47 and B-52
QRC-175 Training chaff
QRC-176 Ground photo interpretation kit; Rome ADC
QRC-177 Ground image quality meter; Rome ADC
QRC-178 Ground film cleaner and waxer; Rome ADC
QRC-179 Ground photo surveillance kit; Rome ADC
QRC-180 In-flight processing system
QRC-180-1 Noise Jamming Pod; related to AN/ALQ-71/72
QRC-181 Preamplifiers; Rome ADC
QRC-182 Wind tunnel test
QRC-183 Low altitude camera
QRC-184 Jammer analysis; Hallicrafters, 1961
QRC-185 Data processor; Hallicrafters, 1962
QRC-186 Data converter; Rome ADC
QRC-187 Search-lock jammer for training purposes; fitted to the EB-57E; Melpar
QRC-188 Modification to AN/SLR-8 receiver; Rome ADC
QRC-189 Receiver subsystem
QRC-190 Preamplifiers
QRC-191 Pulse analyzer
QRC-192 EF band automatic crystal video receiver, with frequency determination and direction-finding capability. Data recorded on magnetic tape, for conversion and redaction by special ground facility. Weight 30 pounds, fitted in one-cubic-foot box. Fitted to U-2s and some F-4s
QRC-193 Modification to AN/ARA-36
QRC-194 Pulse repeater
QRC-195 Ground panoramic photo rectifier; Rome ADC
QRC-196 Ground tape duplicator; Rome ADC
QRC-197 Classified ground ECM program; Rome ADC
QRC-198 Alphanumeric display system
QRC-199 Tape duplicating equipment
QRC-200 Long Range, ECCM equipment
QRC-201 Radar test support; Hallicrafters, 1961
QRC-202 Microfilm camera; Rome ADC
QRC-203 Enlarging equipment; Rome ADC
QRC-204 IR cooling equipment
QRC-205 35 mm copy camera; Rome ADC
QRC-206 Flexowriter modification kit; Rome ADC
(207) Number believed not allocated
QRC-208 Modification kit to AN/FLR-3 ground ELINT equipment; Rome ADC
QRC-209 Time readout equipment; Rome ADC
QRC-210 Improved LOROP
QRC-211 Log electronic printer; Rome ADC
QRC-212 Modification to AN/MPS-14; Rome ADC
QRC-213 Peanut Pod podded ELINT receiver (airborne reconnaissance and analysis system); forerunner of AN/ALQ-124 TEREC equipment
QRC-214 Pulse recorder and reproducer
QRC-215 Photo flash unit; Rome ADC
QRC-216 IR ranging device; Rome ADC
QRC-217 Five Aces (classified) test program; Rome ADC
QRC-218 Modulator for AN/ALT-13; went into production and installed in operational B-52s and EB-66s; Hallicrafters
QRC-219 Monitor receiver; Rome ADC
QRC-220 AN/ALT-16 modified for operation against US radars, for use in training exercises; Hallicrafters, 1963
QRC-221 Electronic flash equipment
QRC-222 Code-Clarion (classified); Rome ADC
QRC-223 Classified equipment; Rome ADC
QRC-224 Excitation unit; Rome ADC
QRC-225 Repeater
QRC-226 Line Buck (classified); Rome ADC
QRC-227 White Orchid (classified); Rome ADC
QRC-228 Investigation of jamming techniques
QRC-229 Relay checker; Rome ADC
QRC-230 Red Chief (classified)
QRC-231 Modification to ERB-47 receiver; Hallicrafters, 1963
QRC-232 Modification to QRC-160 pods
(233...244) (No information)
(246...247) (No information)
QRC-248 Special interrogator for use against Soviet type IFF; used on EC-121; 1967
(249...252) (No information)
QRC-253-2 Homing equipment installed in F-100F aircraft (four antennas mounted around the intake) participating in Exercise Goldfire in 1964; tested against HAWK SAM site; probably a forerunner for some of the later Wild Weasel equipment used on F-105F/G
(254...258) (No information)
Microwave Collection System (Panoramic Receiver); used in EC-121, EC-135 "Rivet Joint"; related to AN/APR-34; Watkins-Johnson
(260...278) (No information)
(280...287) (No information)
QRC-288 Travelling Wave Tube Repeater/Noise Jammer; used in F-4, RF-4
(289...293) (No information)
QRC-294 Airborne system to jam commercial TV and radio broadcast stations operated by hostile nations; able to disrupt stations operating on frequencies between 5 and 350 MHz; fitted to four Lockheed C-121C "Coronet Solo" aircraft
(295...307) (No information)
QRC-308 Special telemetry for Advanced Range Instrumentation Ships (ARIS); 1968
(309...313) (No information)
QRC-314 Fuze Jammer
QRC-315 Receiver for detection of signals; fitted to EB-66B
(316) (No information)
QRC-317 "SEE-SAM" (Search, Exploit and Evade SAMs); Airborne receiver to indicate when the aircraft was in center of main beam of Fan Song missile control radar; used with AN/APR-25/26 in F-105F/G
(317...319) (No information)
QRC-320 Forerunner or development of AN/APS-107 Radar Homing And Warning Set
QRC-321 used in F-105
(322...323) (No information)
QRC-324 J/Ku-Band Tracking Jammer; similar to AN/ALR-18 + AN/ALT-6B; related to AN/ALQ-93; evaluated in EB-57
QRC-325 Possibly forerunner of AN/APS-107A Radar Homing And Warning Set; used on F-4D; 1967
(326...327) (No information)
QRC-328-1 related to AN/ALQ-75
QRC-328-2 Digitalized Noise/Deception Jamming System; used on B-52, RB-66, B-1A
QRC-329 Electronic Warfare Simulator; related to AN/ALQ-T34
QRC-330 Fuze Jammer
(331...332) (No information)
QRC-333 Low Frequency Homing Receiver
QRC-334 "Compass Strike" Airborne ELINT System; used in F-4
"Compass Steer" (with QRC-374, QRC-385) System (detection and location of radiators by time of arrival techniques); used in KC-135, F/RF-4C; IBM
QRC-335 Jamming pod (project "Sesame Seed", 1966), combined noise jamming and deception system; forerunner of the AN/ALQ-101 jamming pod (first production pods designated as QRC-335A/101-1); used on F-4D, F-105F/G, AQM-34H; Westinghouse
(336...340) (No information)
QRC-341 Infrared Tail Warning System; tested on B-57
(342...345) (No information)
QRC-346 Jamming system on EC-47N/P (related to AN/ALR-34)
(347...349) (No information)
QRC-350 "Compass Home"; modification of F-4D/E fire-control radar to detect and range a "Fan Song" radar; possibly also related to SADRAM (Search And Destroy Radar-Assisted Missile) project?
(351...352) (No information)
QRC-353 Photo-Flash Dispenser
QRC-354 Fuze Jammer
(355...358) (No information)
(360) (No information)
QRC-361 Improvement of QRC-160-1 and AN/ALQ-71 ECM pods
QRC-362 "Big Mother"; used in EC-130
(363...369) (No information)
QRC-370 Evaluation of low frequency chaff
(371...372) (No information)
QRC-373 Noise jammer located inside the radome on F-105F/G; forerunner of AN/ALT-34
QRC-374 Airborne ELINT System; used with QRC-334, QRC-385 in "Compass Steer"; used in F-4, KC-135; AIL
(375...376) (No information)
QRC-377 related to AN/ALQ-51
QRC-378 "Button Hook" Jammer
QRC-379 Environmental Signal Simulator
QRC-380 Conformally mounted Deception Repeater System on F-105G; forerunner of AN/ALQ-105
QRC-381 related to AN/ALM-85
(382) (No information)
QRC-383 used with/related to AN/ALM-79
(384) (No information)
QRC-385 Airborne ELINT System; used with QRC-334, QRC-374 in "Compass Steer"; used in F-4, KC-135; IBM
(386...419) (No information)
QRC-385 ELINT System; used in F-4, KC-135; development of QRC-334, QRC-374
(386...398) (No information)
QRC-399 Active Infrared Countermeasures System; developed into AN/AAQ-4
QRC-400 Fuze Jammer
(401...412) (No information)
QRC-413 Voice Jammer; used on F-105, F-4
(414...419) (No information)
QRC-420 related to AN/ALR-34, AN/ALR-36, AN/ALR-38; Sanders
(421...428) (No information)
QRC-429 Chaff Dispensing System; used on F-4
(430...448) (No information)
QRC-449 I-band Receiver; developed into QRC-527-1
(450...457) (No information)
QRC-458 Long-Range Homing Receiver; became AN/ALR-53
(459) (No information)
QRC-460 Autotrack Check System; used on Advanced Range Instrumentation Ships (ARIS); RADC, 1969
(461...489) (No information)
QRC-490 related to AN/ALE-36
(491...493) (No information)
QRC-494 related to AN/ALQ-75, AN/ALQ-76
(495) (No information)
QRC-496 SNOE (Smart Noise Equipment); used with/related to AN/ALQ-122; used on B-52 "Rivet Ace" update
(497...500) (No information)
QRC-501 High Gain Direction Finder
(502...512) (No information)
QRC-513 Countermeasures Jammer; used in F-4C
(514) (No information)
QRC-515 Frequency-controlled development of AN/ALT-28; part of B-52 "Rivet Ace" update; tested with AN/ALQ-117 in 1974
(516...521) (No information)
QRC-522 Three-Band Jamming System (similar to QRC-335-8); developed into AN/ALQ-119; Westinghouse, 1970
(523...526) (No information)
Modified QRC-449 receiver; QRC-527-1 used with QRC-335 jammer; QRC-527-2 used with AN/APS-109; processor used in Project 7206
(528...529) (No information)
QRC-530 Lightweight Chaff Array
(531...534) (No information)
QRC-535 Extended coverage AN/APR-37; used on B-52
QRC-536 "Spin & Aft" Tail Jammer (AN/ALQ-94 with additional coverage); used on F-111
(537) (No information)
QRC-538 Re-packaged, updated version of AN/ALQ-94; used on F-111A
(539...545) (No information)
QRC-546 AN/ALR-31 homing receiver integrated with QRC-335 jammer
(547...557) (No information)
QRC-558 D-band extension to AN/ALR-41
QRC-559 ECM Pod; developed into AN/ALQ-131; used on F-15; Westinghouse

QRC 73-15 Countermeasures Transmitter
QRC 76-01 SLAR Data Link; used with AN/APQ-102 on RF-4C
QRC 80-01 ECM pod (variant of AN/ALQ-119); used on AC-130H, MC-130H, F-4E
QRC 81-01 "Ten High" Infrared Countermeasures
QRC 83-05 IRCM system on H-53 (MH-53?); manufactured by Northrop Grumman; QRC 83-05 originated in an internally mounted IRCM system that was installed aboard US Air Force EB-66 aircraft deployed to SE Asia
QRC 84-02 IRCM pod; manufactured by Northrop Grumman; used on MC-130H, AC-130U; intended for A-7, C-130, F-4, F-5E, Mirage F-1C
QRC 84-04  
QRC 84-05 EW receiver; used in parallell with AN/APR-46A; used on AC-130H, MC-130E/H
QRC 84-32  
QRC 84-34 Pulse Analyzer

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