Aircraft Redesignations in 1962

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As is well known, the DOD unified all military aircraft designations in 1962 under a common designation system, based on the USAF's. For a detailed description of the post-1962 system, see article on Current Designations Of U.S. Military Aircraft, and for information about the older pre-1962 systems you may refer to Wikipedia.

This article is intended to provide a definitive listing of all redesignations. It is based on the following two official documents:

[1] AFR 66-11, AR 700-26, BUWEPSINST 13100.7 "Designating, Redesignating, and Naming of Military Aircraft" (18 September 1962)
[2] "Model Designation of Military Aircraft" (15 February 1963)

[1] defines the new designation system, includes a compact list of all designations (incl. the old designations), and says that a complete listing of all current designations is to be published at regular intervals. [2] is the first such listing, and contains essentially the same designations, with a few additions and deletions.

General Notes

1. The following listing shows all redesignations defined in [1] or [2]. A [1] in the first column indicates, that the designation was removed from the list in [2], while a [2] means, that the redesignation was missing in [1] (presumably due to an oversight). The few new designations assigned between the publishing of [1] and [2] fall outside the scope of the redesignation listing.

2. [1] contains some designations of Navy aircraft with a "Y" (for prototype) prefix. The corresponding old Navy designations are always written with the uncommon "Y/" prefix (note the slash!). Most of these Navy "Y" designations were removed in [2] anyway.

3. Of course, relatively few USAF aircaft were effected by the redesignations. Most redesignations of USAF aircraft fall into 3 categories:

4. The entry "Navy" in the Service column of the table also includes Marine Corps aircraft.

The List

    New Designation    Old Designation        Service

[2]   A-1D             AD-4NA                 Navy
[2]  EA-1D             AD-5E                  Navy
      A-1E             AD-5                   Navy
     EA-1E             AD-5W                  Navy
[2]  UA-1E             AD-5 (Tow)             Navy
     EA-1F             AD-5Q                  Navy
      A-1G             AD-5N                  Navy
      A-1H             AD-6                   Navy
      A-1J             AD-7                   Navy
      A-2A             AJ-1                   Navy
[1]  YA-3A           Y/A3D-1                  Navy
      A-3A             A3D-1                  Navy
[1] YEA-3A           Y/A3D-1Q                 Navy
     EA-3A             A3D-1Q                 Navy
[1] YRA-3A           Y/A3D-1P                 Navy
[2]  RA-3A             A3D-1P                 Navy
      A-3B             A3D-2                  Navy
     EA-3B             A3D-2Q                 Navy
[1] YRA-3B           Y/A3D-2P                 Navy
     RA-3B             A3D-2P                 Navy
     TA-3B             A3D-2T                 Navy
[1]  YA-4A           Y/A4D-1                  Navy
      A-4A             A4D-1                  Navy
[1]  YA-4B           Y/A4D-2                  Navy
      A-4B             A4D-2                  Navy
[1]  YA-4C           Y/A4D-2N                 Navy
      A-4C             A4D-2N                 Navy
      A-4E             A4D-5 (note 1)         Navy
[1]  YA-5A           Y/A3J-1                  Navy
      A-5A             A3J-1                  Navy
      A-5B             A3J-2                  Navy
      A-5C             A3J-3 (note 2)         Navy
      A-6A             A2F-1                  Navy
     EA-6A             A2F-1H                 Navy

     UB-26J            JD-1                   Navy
     DB-26J            JD-1D                  Navy
     EB-47E            E-47E (note 3)         Air Force
     RB-47E            R-47E (note 3)         Air Force
     RB-47H            R-47H (note 3)         Air Force
     EB-47H           ER-47H (note 3)         Air Force
     RB-47K            R-47K (note 3)         Air Force
     XB-70A           XB-70                   Air Force

     RC-45J            SNB-5P                 Navy
     TC-45J            SNB-5                  Navy
     HC-47A           SC-47A                  Air Force
     EC-47D           AC-47D                  Air Force
     HC-47D           SC-47D                  Air Force
      C-47H            R4D-5                  Navy
     EC-47H            R4D-5Q                 Navy
     LC-47H            R4D-5L                 Navy
     SC-47H            R4D-5S                 Navy
     TC-47H            R4D-5T                 Navy
     VC-47H            R4D-5Z                 Navy
      C-47J            R4D-6                  Navy
     EC-47J            R4D-6Q                 Navy
     LC-47J            R4D-6L                 Navy
     SC-47J            R4D-6S                 Navy
     TC-47J            R4D-6T                 Navy
     VC-47J            R4D-6Z                 Navy
     TC-47K            R4D-7                  Navy
     EC-54D           AC-54D                  Air Force
     HC-54D           SC-54D                  Air Force
     VC-54N            R5D-1Z                 Navy
      C-54P            R5D-2                  Navy
     VC-54P            R5D-2Z                 Navy
      C-54Q            R5D-3                  Navy
     VC-54Q            R5D-3Z                 Navy
      C-54R            R5D-4R                 Navy
      C-54S            R5D-5                  Navy
     VC-54S            R5D-5Z                 Navy
      C-54T            R5D-5R                 Navy
     EC-54U            R5D-4                  Coast Guard
     RC-54V            R5D-3                  Coast Guard
      C-117D           R4D-8                  Navy
     LC-117D           R4D-8L                 Navy
     TC-117D           R4D-8T                 Navy
     VC-117D           R4D-8Z                 Navy
      C-118B           R6D-1                  Navy
     VC-118B           R6D-1Z                 Navy
      C-119F           R4Q-2                  Navy
      C-119J          MC-119                  Air Force
      C-121J           R7V-1                  Navy
     EC-121K           WV-2                   Navy
    YEC-121K         Y/WV-2                   Navy
     EC-121L           WV-2E                  Navy
     EC-121M           WV-2Q                  Navy
     WC-121N           WV-3                   Navy
     DC-130A          GC-130A                 Air Force
     HC-130B          SC-130B                 Air Force
     HC-130E          SC-130E                 Air Force
      C-130F           GV-1U                  Navy
     KC-130F           GV-1                   Navy
     LC-130F           C-130BL                Navy
[1]  HC-130G          SC-130B                 Coast Guard
      C-131F           R4Y-1                  Navy
      C-131G           R4Y-2                  Navy
      C-140C           UV-1                   Navy
      C-1A             TF-1                   Navy
     EC-1A             TF-1Q                  Navy
      C-2A             (none) (note 4)        Navy
[2]  VC-3A             RM-1Z                  Coast Guard

      E-1B             WF-2                   Navy
      E-2A             W2F-1                  Navy

      F-111A           TFX (note 4)           Air Force
      F-111B           TFX (note 4)           Navy
      F-1C             FJ-3                   Navy
     DF-1C             FJ-3D                  Navy
     MF-1C             FJ-3M                  Navy
     DF-1D             FJ-3D2                 Navy
[1]  YF-1E           Y/FJ-4                   Navy
      F-1E             FJ-4                   Navy
[1] YAF-1E           Y/FJ-4B                  Navy
     AF-1E             FJ-4B                  Navy
      F-2C             F2H-3                  Navy
      F-2D             F2H-4                  Navy
[1]  YF-3B           Y/F3H-2                  Navy
      F-3B             F3H-2                  Navy
     MF-3B             F3H-2M                 Navy
      F-3C             F3H-2N                 Navy
      F-4A             F4H-1F                 Navy
      F-4B             F4H-1                  Navy
     RF-4B             F4H-1P                 Navy
      F-4C             F-110A                 Air Force
     RF-4C            RF-110A                 Air Force
      F-5A             N-156 (note 4)         Air Force
      F-5B             N-156 (note 4)         Air Force
[1]  YF-6A           Y/F4D-1                  Navy
      F-6A             F4D-1                  Navy
[1]  YF-7A           Y/F2Y-1 (note 5)         Navy
[1]  YF-8A           Y/F8U-1                  Navy
      F-8A             F8U-1                  Navy
     DF-8A             F8U-1D                 Navy
     QF-8A             F8U-1KD                Navy
[1] YRF-8A           Y/F8U-1P                 Navy
     RF-8A             F8U-1P                 Navy
     TF-8A             F8U-1T                 Navy
      F-8B             F8U-1E                 Navy
[1]  YF-8C           Y/F8U-2                  Navy
      F-8C             F8U-2                  Navy
[1]  YF-8D           Y/F8U-2N                 Navy
      F-8D             F8U-2N                 Navy
[1]  YF-8E           Y/F8U-2NE                Navy
      F-8E             F8U-2NE                Navy
     DF-9E             F9F-5KD                Navy
      F-9F             F9F-6                  Navy
     DF-9F             F9F-6D                 Navy
     QF-9F             F9F-6K                 Navy
     QF-9G             F9F-6K2                Navy
      F-9H             F9F-7                  Navy
      F-9J             F9F-8                  Navy
[1] YAF-9J           Y/F9F-8B                 Navy
     AF-9J             F9F-8B                 Navy
     RF-9J             F9F-8P                 Navy
[1] YTF-9J           Y/F9F-8T                 Navy
     TF-9J             F9F-8T                 Navy
      F-10A            F3D-1                  Navy
      F-10B            F3D-2                  Navy
     EF-10B            F3D-2Q                 Navy
     MF-10B            F3D-2M                 Navy
     TF-10B            F3D-2T2                Navy
[1]  YF-11A          Y/F11F-1                 Navy
      F-11A            F11F-1                 Navy
[2]   F-11B            F11F-1F (note 6)       Navy

     UH-1              HU-1 (note 7)          Army
     UH-1A             HU-1A                  Army
[2] YUH-1B             XH-40A                 Air Force
     UH-1B             HU-1B                  Army
     UH-1D             HU-1D                  Army
     UH-1E             HU-1E                  Navy
     UH-2A             HU2K-1                 Navy
     UH-2B             HU2K-1U                Navy
[1] YSH-3A           Y/HSS-2                  Navy
     SH-3A             HSS-2                  Navy
     VH-3A             HSS-2Z                 Navy
     OH-4A             HO-4                   Army
     OH-5A             HO-5                   Army
     OH-6A             HO-6                   Army
     OH-13E            H-13E                  Army           
     OH-13G            H-13G                  Army
     OH-13H            H-13H                  Army
     UH-13H            H-13H                  Air Force
     UH-13J            H-13J                  Air Force
     OH-13K            H-13K                  Navy
     TH-13L            HTL-4                  Navy
     TH-13M            HTL-6                  Navy
     TH-13N            HTL-7                  Navy
     UH-13P            HUL-1                  Navy
     HH-13Q            HUL-1G                 Coast Guard
     UH-13R            HUL-1M                 Navy
[2]  HH-19A           SH-19A                  Air Force
[2]  UH-19A            H-19A                  Air Force
     HH-19B           SH-19B                  Air Force
     UH-19B            H-19B                  Air Force
     UH-19C            H-19C                  Army
     UH-19D            H-19D                  Army
     CH-19E            HRS-3                  Navy
     UH-19F            HO4S-3                 Navy
     HH-19G            HO4S-3G                Coast Guard
     CH-21A            H-21A                  Air Force
     CH-21B            H-21B                  Air Force/Army
     HH-21B           SH-21B                  Air Force
     CH-21C            H-21C                  Army
     OH-23B            H-23B                  Army
     OH-23C            H-23C                  Army
     OH-23D            H-23D                  Army
     OH-23F            H-23F                  Army
     UH-25B            HUP-2                  Navy
     UH-25C            HUP-3                  Navy
     CH-34A            H-34A                  Army
     CH-34C            H-34C                  Army
     LH-34D            HUS-1L                 Navy
     UH-34D            HUS-1                  Navy
     VH-34D            HUS-1Z                 Navy
     UH-34E            HUS-1A                 Navy
     HH-34F            HUS-1G                 Coast Guard
[1] YSH-34G          Y/HSS-1                  Navy
     SH-34G            HSS-1                  Navy
     SH-34H            HSS-1F                 Navy
[1] YSH-34J          Y/HSS-1N                 Navy
     SH-34J            HSS-1N                 Navy
     CH-37A            H-37A                  Army
     CH-37B            H-37B                  Army
     CH-37C            HR2S-1                 Navy
     NH-41A           YH-41                   Army
     UH-41A            H-41                   Air Force
     HH-43A            H-43A                  Air Force
     HH-43B            H-43B                  Air Force
     UH-43C            HUK-1                  Navy
     OH-43D            HOK-1                  Navy
[2]  TH-43E            HTK-1                  Navy
     CH-46A            HRB-1                  Navy
    XCH-46B            HX/H-2 (note 4, note 8)Air Force
     CH-46C            HC-1A                  Army
     CH-47A            HC-1B                  Army
     XH-48A            HX/H-1 (note 4)        Air Force
     QH-50A            DSN-1                  Navy
     QH-50B            DSN-2                  Navy
     QH-50C            DSN-3                  Navy
     XH-51A            (none)                 Navy

      O-1A             L-19A                  Army
      O-1B             OE-1                   Navy
      O-1C             OE-2                   Navy
     TO-1D            TL-19D                  Army
      O-1E             L-19E                  Army

(note 9)
      P-2D             P2V-4                  Navy
      P-2E             P2V-5F                 Navy
     DP-2E             P2V-5FD                Navy
     EP-2E             P2V-5FE                Navy
     SP-2E             P2V-5FS                Navy
      P-2F             P2V-6                  Navy
     MP-2F             P2V-6M                 Navy
     TP-2F             P2V-6T                 Navy
      P-2G             P2V-6F                 Navy
[1]  YP-2H           Y/P2V-7                  Navy
      P-2H             P2V-7                  Navy
     SP-2H             P2V-7S                 Navy
     LP-2J             P2V-7LP                Navy
     YP-3A           Y/P3V-1                  Navy
      P-3A             P3V-1                  Navy
     QP-4B             P4Y-2K                 Navy
      P-5A             P5M-1                  Navy
     SP-5A             P5M-1S                 Navy
     TP-5A             P5M-1T                 Navy
      P-5B             P5M-2                  Navy
     SP-5B             P5M-2S                 Navy
(note 10)

(note 11)
[1]  YS-2A           Y/S2F-1                  Navy
      S-2A             S2F-1                  Navy
     TS-2A             S2F-1T                 Navy
      S-2B             S2F-1S                 Navy
      S-2C             S2F-2                  Navy
     RS-2C             S2F-2P                 Navy
      S-2D             S2F-3                  Navy
      S-2E             S2F-3S                 Navy
[2]   S-2F             S2F-1S1                Navy

      T-1A             T2V-1                  Navy
[1]  YT-2A           Y/T2J-1                  Navy
      T-2A             T2J-1                  Navy
      T-2B             T2J-2                  Navy
     DT-28B            T-28BD                 Navy
     ET-29C           AT-29C                  Air Force
      T-33B            TV-2                   Navy
     DT-33B            TV-2D                  Navy
     DT-33C            TV-2KD                 Navy
[1]  YT-34B          Y/T-34B                  Navy
      T-39D            T3J-1                  Navy

      U-1B             UC-1                   Navy
      U-6A             L-20A                  Air Force/Navy/Army
      U-7A             L-21A                  Air Force
      U-8D             L-23D                  Army
     RU-8D            RL-23D                  Army
      U-8E             L-23E                  Army
      U-8F             L-23F                  Army
      U-9B             L-26B                  Army
      U-9C             L-26C                  Army
     RU-9D            RL-26D                  Army
      U-10A            L-28A                  Air Force
      U-11A            UO-1                   Navy
(note 12)
     HU-16A           SA-16A                  Air Force
     HU-16B           SA-16B                  Air Force
     HU-16C            UF-1                   Navy
     LU-16C            UF-1L                  Navy
     TU-16C            UF-1T                  Navy
     HU-16D            UF-2                   Navy
     HU-16E            UF-2G                  Coast Guard

     OV-1A             AO-1A                  Army
     OV-1B             AO-1B                  Army
     OV-1C             AO-1C                  Army
[1]  CV-2A             AC-1                   Army
     CV-2B             AC-1A                  Army
     XV-3A             (none) (note 13)       Army
     XV-4A             VZ-10                  Army
     XV-5A             VZ-11                  Army
     XV-6A             VZ-12                  Army
     CV-7A             AC-2                   Army

      X-13A            X-13                   Air Force
      X-15A            X-15                   Air Force
      X-20A            X-20                   Air Force
      X-21A            X-21                   Air Force

     EZ-1B             ZPG-2W                 Navy
     SZ-1B             ZPG-2                  Navy
     EZ-1C             ZPG-3W                 Navy


1. A-4D was skipped. This was probably done to avoid confusion with the old A4D basic designation. In the F-4 series, the F-4H designation was also skipped later on. On the other hand, the F-9F was used in redesignations of the F9F series.

2. RA-5C is not listed. This means that the often quoted A3J-3P old designation was never officially assigned before 1962.

3. The R-47 and E-47 designations didn't conform to the USAF system, but had apparently been officially assigned to some RB-/EB-47s before 1962.

4. A few aircraft received their first official designations during preparation for the redesignation effort. For these types, either no or a non-standard old designation is quoted in [1].

5. The F2Y Sea Dart was included in the redesignation process, because a single YF2Y-1 had not yet been formally stricken from the Navy's inventory by June 1962 (when the process of selecting the new designations for all existing aircraft had already been completed).

6. The question whether the F11F-1F Super Tiger was ever redesignated as F-11B or not has been answered differently by various authors. The sources [1] and [2] seem to indicate, that the Navy initially chose not to include it in the joint designation system, but later decided otherwise!

7. UH-1 is the only new designation listed in [1] or [2] without a model suffix letter. It seems that an exception was made to avoid having to "shift up" all the existing model suffixes A ... E to B ... F.

8. The HX/H-2 was very briefly designated as XH-49A before finally becoming the XCH-46B.

9. The P-1 designation was not used, presumably because it was very convenient to assign P-2 through P-5 to P2V, P3V, P4Y and P5M.

10. The P-6 designation, which is generally regarded as the post-1962 designation of the P6M SeaMaster, is missing in both sources. In fact, official DOD aircraft nomenclature records say that P-6 was skipped in 1962 at the request of the Navy (probably to avoid any confusion with the P6M). Source [1] explicitly says the next available design number in the P-series would be P-7A.

11. The S-1 designation was not used, presumably because it was very convenient to assign S-2 to the sole existing S-aircraft, the S2F.

12. The designations U-12 through U-15 were not used, probably to keep the number 16 for the SA-16.

13. The entry "none" for the old designation of the XV-3A is surprising, because the aircraft was previously designated XV-3.

Comments and corrections to: Andreas Parsch

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