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Appendix 3: Space Vehicles
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The MightySat series of military satellites were launched to undertake technology objectives. These satellites did not receive a designation in the S-for-Satellite series.

Name Intl. Designation Launch Re-entry Notes
MightySat 2-12000-042A19-Jul-200012-Nov-2002  

Launch dates of the MightySat series


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MightySat-1 (1998-069C)

Launched on 15 December 1998, MightySat-1 was a 60 kg satellite to test advanced technologies for autonomous micro satellites. The experiments were:

Also known as P97-2, the satellite was spring released from a Hitchiker canister on STS-88 Space Shuttle flight.

MightySat 2-1

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MightySat 2-1 (2000-042A)

Also known as P99-1 and Sindri, MightySat 2-1 was a 120 kg technology satellite to test advanced space systems technologies. It was launched on 19 July 2000. The instruments included:

In addition the spacebus itself demonstrated new technology in flexibility, modularity and thermal control whilst on 7 September 2001 it released the Picasat-7 and -8 nanosatellites.

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